[CQ-Contest] ARRL FD Rule 4 Opinion?...

Gerry Hull gerry at yccc.org
Wed Jun 5 13:19:50 EDT 2013

There was already a discussion about the new addition to rule 4:
"The use of switching systems that allow for lockouts
in order to use multiple transmitters (i.e., an “octopus”) in an attempt to
enter a lower-number-of-transmitters
class are prohibited (i.e. using 2 transmitters that can transmit
simultaneously, with two operators, and a lock-out
system and entering class 1A)."

However, it's not clear to me:

If I use something like an Acom commutator to feed two radios to a single
antenna, and only one radio can transmit at a time (no simultaneous
transmission), does this satisfy the rule?

FD Categories say nothing about the number of receivers...

73, Gerry W1VE

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