[CQ-Contest] CQ-Contest Digest, Vol 126, Issue 12

Pedro Colla lu7hz at qsl.net
Fri Jun 7 12:43:40 EDT 2013

> Anyone operating the WWSA CW contest this weekend????
> It seems to have rules similar to the CQ WW contest, though they don't
> drone on and on as CQ is wont to do.
> Maybe the folks in Argentina will drum up enough support to rival CQ WW
> in the future?

I do plan to participate as LU7HZ.
Although the exchange rules are similar to those of CQWW the scoring criteria makes is really a South Americavs. Everybody else kind of contest. Actually results are given in this way, South American and World.
As any contest it will provide more fun to everyone involved as the number of participant go up.
73 de Pedro LU7HZ
Dr. Pedro E. Colla 
Va.Belgrano-Ciudad de Cordoba 
Cordoba- Argentina
"La vida no es esperar a que pase la tormenta, es aprender a bailar bajo la lluvia". Anonimo 		 	   		  

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