[CQ-Contest] WPX CW

Brett Graham vr2bg at harts.org.hk
Sat Jun 8 23:43:11 EDT 2013

Still laughing since reading this:

> They will be "held accountable" when people are willing to name calls 
> in these public complaints...

Being said about somebody firing up within a hundred cycles or so of 
NR4M's run frequency.  Is this for real?

I remember that call suddenly appearing inside my receiver's passband 
once, CQing a tad bit off the frequency I had been running on for a 
while.  Couldn't hear a single station that called me.  Nor me.  
Frequency fights always start like that.

Although I do believe that sort of doesn't-seem-so-innocent push-&-shove 
on the bands pushes NR4M off his run frequency a lot less often than it 
did me & as much as I wish it didn't happen to anyone, it pales in 
comparison to:


The how-to using SH5 to massage B7P's 2007 CQWW CW entry has moved to:


Interesting contrast here:


As I also thought log-massaging would qualify as unsportsmanlike 
conduct.  Instead, nothing happens until years later & all that was is 
to specifically mention in the rules that log-massaging is a no-no & 
moving the submission deadline forward a little.

Also, instead of penalties, I suggest a bonus for Bravoland entrants 
that cock anything up.  It would go down really well with folks around 
here & you really do need to keep them sweet - the last thing anyone 
should want to do would be to do anything that drives any of them away 
from participating.


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