[CQ-Contest] Enhancements to the CW Pile Up Practice Application

Charles Sanders no5w.chuck at gmail.com
Mon Jun 10 16:40:16 EDT 2013

It's probably a bit early to be practicing for the Dayton 2014 KCDXC CW
Pile Up Competition but I've made the following enhancements to the
PileUpNet practice application that may prove useful in reviewing Dayton
2012 and 2013 results.

Replay feature - This adds the capability to replay the Dayton 2012-2013
competitions showing, in Morse Race fashion as the contest progresses, the
top five players, a user-selected player from those who participated at
Dayton, the average of all players who participated at Dayton, and the best
practice run of the user.

Rate Review feature -This shows, for each of the above participants, the
number of characters from correct calls added  in each of the twenty-second
intervals of the contest and includes the ability to review the pile up
audio corresponding to any user-selected twenty-second interval. Also
included in the rate review is the average rate and rate deviation for each
player as well as those intervals where the player gained or lost ground
against the minimum score required to secure a position in the top five box

These enhancements are available as Patch 180-02 on the PileUpNet Practice
page at


If you haven't already done so be sure to apply Patch 180-01 before
applying 180-02.


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