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Wed Jun 12 11:19:29 EDT 2013

That is the PRIME reason that I log the confirmation number
of all my submissions.
I transfer the contest log to my consolidated log 
(nothing more than an OpenOffice SS)
and have a specific place that I record the conf number.
That way I KNOW the robot received and acknowledged the reception of the log.

bill    KB3LIX
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Since it was not correctly addressed to a valid postbox at ARRL.ORG,
the ARRL email server couldn't/wouldn't reply - I'm certain that domain
(and every email domain) gets sent THOUSANDS of emails sent to 
"something"@xxxx.com", as spammers iterate that "something" trying
to find a valid address, and it's certainly not in anyone's interest
to send back another email that their "something" is not valid.

Barry, EI/W5GN

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I'm pleased to note that more and more contest organisers have a log upload facility rather than just accepting log email attachments. In view of what happened to me recently I will be uploading when ever possible.

My wee tale of woe - as usual operated in the 2012 ARRL 10m contest, sent my log by email and sat back. Having just checked the scores I noted my log was not counted. A little research revealed that I had sent my log to 10m at arrl.org instead of 10meter at arrl.org. Okay it's all my fault, but surprisingly the ARRL email server didn't send me a "your email is undeliverable" message.

I'm annoyed with myself because my log of 919 contacts and claimed score of 441,100 would have been the second highest DX CW HP score.

Had a quad heart bi-pass operation just four weeks before the contest, so was feeling quite pleased with myself that I had managed to operate for 30 hours.

Oh well, there's always another year, but you can betcha I'll be uploading my log not emailing it!

73, Frank ZM2B/ZL2BR
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