[CQ-Contest] PJ3CC in 1967 CQWW CW Contest

Jeffrey Maass K8ND jmaass at k8nd.com
Sun Jun 16 14:15:01 EDT 2013

An article in the October 1968 issue of CQ Magazine by John Thompson W1BIH
(sk),  about the winning PJ3CC operation from Curacao in the 1967 CQWW CW
Contest. Operators included W1BIH, W4KFC, W3GRF, W4GF, W1TX, and W1FJJ (now


This was the first of many, many successful multi-op efforts from Chet
Brandon's  Coral Cliff Hotel, which opened in January 1964. It started off a
long history of contesting from Curacao and Bonaire, and was W1BIH's first
exposure to the island that he made his second home (as PJ9JT).  John had
Chet build his house on the property adjoining the Hotel grounds soon after
this contest operation.

Although not a contester, the multi-talented American Chet Brandon PJ3CC
(sk) (later PJ9EE) had a major impact on contesting from the southern
Netherlands Antilles which continues to the present!

73,  Jeff K8ND

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