[CQ-Contest] WPX CW

Brett Graham vr2bg at harts.org.hk
Sat Jun 15 21:42:21 EDT 2013

As I expect more to ask, it was easy to tell what was changed in B7P's 
log as a list of all the calls in the original log was posted with the 
how-to for using SH5.

Even without public logs, that could be compared to the list of calls in 
the submitted log that was also posted.

The difference between the two lists were therefore the changes made to 
the log, which the screen grabs make pretty clear was going on for those 
who can't read or cut-&-paste translate simplified Chinese.


> After I made a presentation at last year's Asia-Pacific DX Convention 
> on cheating in radiosport - where we looked in detail at every Q that 
> was changed in B7P's 2007 CQWW CW log, as well as every time convicted 
> self-spotter DK8ZB spotted himself from KP4KE in 2009 CQWW SSB (plus a 
> look at what uniques in the logs of HQ stations in 2009 IARU were 
> suggesting had anyone bothered to have looked at the time) - the 
> silence from the audience I believe was from how stunned they were at 
> learning what really goes on.
> It showed on their faces.  They were not impressed.  Even some of the 
> ones who don't contest were scowling.
> No such visual suggestions to go on with the silence here.
> -ex-VR2BG/p.
>> Still laughing since reading this:
>>> They will be "held accountable" when people are willing to name 
>>> calls in these public complaints...
>> Being said about somebody firing up within a hundred cycles or so of 
>> NR4M's run frequency.  Is this for real?
>> I remember that call suddenly appearing inside my receiver's passband 
>> once, CQing a tad bit off the frequency I had been running on for a 
>> while.  Couldn't hear a single station that called me.  Nor me.  
>> Frequency fights always start like that.
>> Although I do believe that sort of doesn't-seem-so-innocent 
>> push-&-shove on the bands pushes NR4M off his run frequency a lot 
>> less often than it did me & as much as I wish it didn't happen to 
>> anyone, it pales in comparison to:
>> http://lists.contesting.com/archives//html/CQ-Contest/2011-10/msg00210.html 
>> The how-to using SH5 to massage B7P's 2007 CQWW CW entry has moved to:
>> http://www.hellocq.net/forum/read.php?tid=166667
>> Interesting contrast here:
>> http://lists.contesting.com/archives//html/CQ-Contest/2007-08/msg00204.html 
>> As I also thought log-massaging would qualify as unsportsmanlike 
>> conduct.  Instead, nothing happens until years later & all that was 
>> is to specifically mention in the rules that log-massaging is a no-no 
>> & moving the submission deadline forward a little.
>> Also, instead of penalties, I suggest a bonus for Bravoland entrants 
>> that cock anything up.  It would go down really well with folks 
>> around here & you really do need to keep them sweet - the last thing 
>> anyone should want to do would be to do anything that drives any of 
>> them away from participating.
>> -ex-VR2BG/p.

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