[CQ-Contest] Remote

Albert Crespo f5vhj at orange.fr
Mon Jun 17 09:31:26 EDT 2013

1. Operating location: All transmitters and receivers used by the entrant must be 
located within a single 500-meter diameter circle. Antennas must be physically 
connected by RF transmission lines to the transmitters and receivers.”

“85. Remote operation is permitted if the physical location of all transmitters, receivers, 
and antennas are at one operating location. A remotely operated station must obey all 
station license, operator license, and category limitations.”

Joe Blow sits in Hollywood, California,  USA  with a remote link but the transmitters and receivers are in Aruba  Joe is allowed to use a remote link.
By the definition above, Joe is not at an  operating location. So what is Joe’s location called?
Is his  score computed as to Aruba  or where Joe is physically at?

Although the rich big boys would not like this rule, there should be a rule that says:
“The remote operator must be the same DXCC county as the operating location of the transmitters and receivers.” 
Short and sweet. Not ambiguous as to both elements, where Joe is and where the RF is transmitted and received.
This will prevent Joe Blow from “renting”  or using a station in a favourable location without having to have gone through the grief, travel time, and money that would be expended otherwise.
Radio Sport should not be based on how much money or how clever someone can be to do less then the other person in order to compete.
One person spend the time and energy to go to P4 and operates, a second person is remote into a station on P4.
This is equal competition ?

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