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Dale Putnam daleputnam at hotmail.com
Wed Jun 19 09:19:09 EDT 2013

Because the rf radiates from the tx site. And that, is what the governing agencies are interested in. 
Just because the mic is located... over that-a way... and the tx is way over this-a-way... doesn't diminish 
the fact that rf.. is radiated from the tx site.. and thus heard at the rx site... and with the hope that rf will 
be radiated in the reverse path also. 
  Entertainment Radio and TV stations have been doing this for years and years. Welcome to the real world
of remote ops. Such is the way it is. Hams used to do it with links on other radios. Probably still do, somewhere.
Pretty much the same as a 2M repeater....  you send your voice from a low powered, and short range radio....
to another high powered, better equipped radio.. to be transmitted from there.. a much better site, to be heard...
all over the area. 
  Welcome to the world of finding a better way to make scrambled eggs... without the shell. 
Have a great day, 
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Dale - WC7S in Wy

> How comes that stations with remote transmit sites like Norddeich Radio were
> licensed for the transmitter location and not for the operating location?
> All audio went over land lines which is comparable to Internet connections
> nowadays.
> 73
> Peter
> As such, they're not ham radio QSOs, they're internet/ham radio QSOs.  The
> bottom line is they're different, very different.
> Why is this such a bitter pill for some people to swallow?

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