[CQ-Contest] Remote Operation

Felipe J. Hernández np4zet at gmail.com
Wed Jun 19 12:24:42 EDT 2013

Seems to me that remote is merely the use of a very long microphone/Key
Not sure why some want to make it an RF issue or even an internet

The communication is done over regular radio waves using the ionosphere,
the connection to the microphone,cw, speaker and control is done over the
data circuit.

Whats the problem, the internet?  We have been playing with packet based
communications and tcp ip stacks before the world even knew what the word
internet was.

If we set it up using a data link over a private network would it be better?

For the purist, how does using our technology to the maximum takes the
purity of it?
Why if someone loves the hobby so much but is being limited by his living
has to forego his right to operate on a contest and do what he loves?

To me it looks that they have the right and anyone categorizing that as
cheating or non sportsman like activity is simply being selfish.


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