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Wed Jun 19 13:11:58 EDT 2013

I cannot help but ask: why?

What difference does it make to you whether the guy is operating remote or
in front of the radio?

He clearly has to deal with network latency and other issues as well as it
just not being as efficient as being on-site. So, there is no advantage

So, I cannot imagine why anyone would care!

I would like to understand why you say what you do.

There seems to be no logical explanation.

Bob W5OV

> Sorry Tom,
> But 'the opponents' are not amused by being accused of being jealous or
> anything like that.
> Again, for the record; I very much respect all the work and effort done
> for enabling a remote HF station.
> I understand what it serves, especially for those who during the week
> suffer from a small lot, hampered by noise, antena restrictions
> etc..etc.. I would do the same. But for the HF contest weekend: get your
> butt over there and put it in the seat.
> Funny(not) that *our* opponents have a hard time accepting that other
> people think different and share their opinion.
> 73 Mark, PA5MW
> On 18-6-2013 21:10, N1MM wrote:
>> The opponents don't want some well-heeled guy buying an oceanfront
>> lot, building a big contest station and beating the locals. People
>> don't like carpetbaggers.  That's about it.
>> 73,
>> Tom - N1MM
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