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Remote Operating

As I said before:  "the technology exists today to place a station capable of remote operation on each and every DXCC entity in the world."

But it actually goes beyond that.  We put a “rover” on Mars (the planet) right?  Two I believe.

If my web search is correct, the Mars rover(s) operates in or around X-band, and there just happens to be an amateur radio allocation in the X-band at 10-10.5GHz. Looks like dropping the frequency from about 10.7GHz to 10.5GHz ought to do it.  It is probably not quite this simple, but bear with me here.

Are there 2 NASA scientist hams out there willing to reconfigure the rovers a bit so that they can complete the first interplanetary amateur radio QSO?

But who do we say was the operator on Mars ? I mean, which one worked Mars first?  
If an operator does not have to be at the remote station, then it counts right?
All you have to do is get the equipment there.

Would you claim the first interplanetary QSO, if no one was at the other end?

Now, I am not saying remote operation is good or bad, but at what point does it count or not count?

If you remote across borders, don’t you need at a minimum the proper license to do that?  
And also know that the country you remote to, allows remote operation not just from another country but possibly by a non-citizen?

New rule proposal:  for all remote contest operations, have the operator submit evidence of proper licensing, similar as is done for DXCC approved operations, you have to prove you had permission to operate a station from the location/country you remote to.  And also prove that you really operated a remote station located where you claim it is located.

73 Scott W2LC

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