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In this case, it would be a 'repeater'; invalid for contest purposes and
most others.


> Remote Operating
> As I said before:  "the technology exists today to place a station capable
> of remote operation on each and every DXCC entity in the world."
> But it actually goes beyond that.  We put a “rover” on Mars (the
> planet) right?  Two I believe.
> If my web search is correct, the Mars rover(s) operates in or around
> X-band, and there just happens to be an amateur radio allocation in the
> X-band at 10-10.5GHz. Looks like dropping the frequency from about 10.7GHz
> to 10.5GHz ought to do it.  It is probably not quite this simple, but bear
> with me here.
> Are there 2 NASA scientist hams out there willing to reconfigure the
> rovers a bit so that they can complete the first interplanetary amateur
> radio QSO?
> But who do we say was the operator on Mars ? I mean, which one worked Mars
> first?
> If an operator does not have to be at the remote station, then it counts
> right?
> All you have to do is get the equipment there.
> Would you claim the first interplanetary QSO, if no one was at the other
> end?
> Now, I am not saying remote operation is good or bad, but at what point
> does it count or not count?
> If you remote across borders, don’t you need at a minimum the proper
> license to do that?
> And also know that the country you remote to, allows remote operation not
> just from another country but possibly by a non-citizen?
> New rule proposal:  for all remote contest operations, have the operator
> submit evidence of proper licensing, similar as is done for DXCC approved
> operations, you have to prove you had permission to operate a station from
> the location/country you remote to.  And also prove that you really
> operated a remote station located where you claim it is located.
> 73 Scott W2LC
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