[CQ-Contest] Which contest in not my favorite contest?

VE5ZX ve5zx at hotmail.com
Wed Mar 6 16:16:00 EST 2013

Question: Which contest is a real boring contest?

Answer: Any DX contest in any mode when your QTH is in VE5 and the Kindex > 

The ARRL DX SSB contest last weekend qualified! Sometimes the CQWW qualifies 
too! Last year the BERU definitely qualified -  34 Qs in total! And some 
years nearly every DX contest qualifies!

When I hear complaints that a given DX contest is not much fun or other such 
comments I get a whisper of an idea --- an idea to put say $100k in my will 
to be awarded to the first single SOLP op who places in the top 5 for North 
America. Then I image how large the invest grow to be a 5% interest before 
it was won. Eventually I realize that is it probably a waste of money and I 
let the idea go.

If you live in North America and you find yourself say - wow this DX contest 
is boring - then imagine how boring would be if you lived in VE5 land. It 
may help you realize that perhaps you are having a real blast!

Syl - VE5ZX

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