[CQ-Contest] [YCCC] Why ARRL SSB Contest is Not My Favorite

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We don't think we will ever get bored with ham radio..... even after 58 years on the bands .... 

It still has that "mysterious" something to it ........ 

If I make noise or blow a horn ... or even flash a light .... some one may hear or see it 4 or 5 houses away ... 

Yet with no more power than a 100 watt light bulb .... which you might see a mile away on a clear night .... 

I can talk to to some one 12,000 miles away .... 

There is "nothing" else like it that I can do sitting in my home ..... 

I do not have to leave the house .... do not need special shoes ...weather is not an issue ... 

I do not need some one on the other side of a net .... 

.....or try to put a small white ball into a hole in the ground ... with totally inadequate tools . 

...... something I would never get good at .. no matter how many years ..... 

We can achieve many personal goal that no one cares about but me ... WAS WAC ... DXCC... Honor Roll .. etc.. 

And above all that it is STILL FUN ..... Contests .... DX ... State QSO Parties ...Lighthouse Operating .. 

There is always something .... 

KB Whitey K1VV / W1AA 

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Didn't expect my thread to generate so much interest! Incidentally, keep forgetting that my email doesn't include my call, so wasn't identified as the author - I'm KF2O, Hank Kiernan. 

Just to throw something out as a POSSIBLE IMPROVEMENT (?): 

what if W/VEs were only allowed to call CQ or solicit contacts some other way, or do anything else to hold a frequency (=run) on the odd numbered hours, and DX only on the even numbered hours? 

My thought here is that this might reduce the problem for the non super-stations on both sides of finding a run frequency without stepping on toes. I THINK (?) it might also make it much more possible for the weaker stations (on both sides) to successfully S&P by reducing QRM level somewhat. all of which makes for less "boring", to me at least. probably makes the strategy aspects a little more interesting for the competitive stations - what to do during the S&Ping hours. 

S&Ping would be OK full-time of course. and might not make the rule effective on 160 meter band, since QRM and running is not nearly the problem there...plus propagation to a given area is often short-lived and might be missed if restricted from CQing. 

I'm sure there are minuses to this, which we'll hear about! 

Hank KF2O 

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