[CQ-Contest] ARRL is not my favourite

Barry w2up at comcast.net
Thu Mar 7 09:22:17 EST 2013

Do all contests need to be the same?  Variety is the spice of life.

There are drawbacks in every contest.  For example, how dumb is it to 
work a Zero point QSO to get a mult (and not be certain that you're 
going to be logged, cuz the other station doesn't like his time wasted)?

Barry W2UP

On 3/7/2013 05:10, Doug Turnbull wrote:
> Gentlemen,
>        The ARRL contest has some drawbacks for those outside the USA.    You
> can only work USA and Canada and I do this happily as I am originally from W
> land but there are long periods when propagation is not great so the Q rates
> are not high and the contest less interesting.    I would suggest that the
> fact that DX has to work the USA means that many DX stations give the ARRL
> DX contest a miss.
>          This is the nature of the contest.   Sweepstakes is strictly a North
> American contest yet remain popular.   The French REF contest allows DX
> stations to participate but the scoring system discourages such operators.
> I suppose the ARRL DX contest is just different as all contests are.     For
> me the CQ WW contests are number one followed closely by CQ WPX Contests.
> For Top Band the CQ Stew Perry and CQ WW 160M contests are excellent.    The
> ARRL does a great job with its 10M and 160M contests.
>         I am a pretty happy camper and just accept that there are differences
> between contests.   For a low power station in the USA or Canada, I would
> imagine it is fun to have the rest of the world begging for a QSO.     As
> for VE5, you may be isolated but you are very much wanted.    Of course
> location affects the scores and so score comparisons are difficult.
>                                            73 Doug EI2CN
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