[CQ-Contest] Two points for intra-NA QSOs in CQWW?

Robert Chudek - K0RC k0rc at citlink.net
Sat Mar 9 17:08:05 EST 2013

If it's a DX contest, isn't it a "Distance contest" in the first place? 
I can understand divvying up the world into big chunks when paper 
logging and manual scoring were involved. But this is the 21st century. 
Why isn't this contest scoring based upon distance?

73 de Bob - KØRC in MN

P.S. Before anyone brings it up... I say, "Screw the existing records!" 
Just move ahead and create NEW records. We are already accustom to 
compromising for "old technology". And what relevance do the scores from 
50 years ago have today anyway? Think outside the bun, box, whatever...!

On 3/9/2013 1:34 PM, Richard F DiDonna NN3W wrote:
> On 3/9/2013 1:29 PM, Sergey Shitov wrote:
>> I also find that 2 points within NA is a kind of odd rule. Even more, 
>> operating from W6 lately I would rather prefer to have 1 point within 
>> NA but to allow 1 point QSO’s between the states in USA to keep 
>> things going.
>> In a situation like now and especially during years of solar minimum 
>> there are very few stations which you can work for points (other than 
>> zero) from the West Coast of USA. For large stations with 
>> monobanders/ stacks it may be less of an issue but for average or 
>> small stations this contest is often a very slow 48hr adventure from 
>> W6. Years 2006 and 2007 were especially low on QSO numbers.
> If folks don't like the intra NA 2 point rule, then consider giving 
> one point for QSOs within the same country but in a different zone. 
> After all, in the EU a ham in Lyon, France gets one point for a QSO 
> with a ham who lives 150 miles away.  Yet, a ham who lives in Boston, 
> Massachusetts has to settle with a big goose egg when a ham who lives 
> in San Diego (2580 miles away).
> I get the "its not DX" issue, but it is a DIFFERENT zone and it is DX 
> (in the sense of being long distance).
> 73 Rich NN3W
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