[CQ-Contest] Two points for intra-NA QSOs in CQWW?

Sergey Shitov sergeysh at yahoo.com
Sat Mar 9 18:17:53 EST 2013

Driving distance perhaps. Direct path is just over 5000km to be correct.

On the other hand UA3 to UA9 path is well positioned and scores nicely.

Sergey VK2IMM

Rich, For the record. The distance between Ekaterinburg (UA9C) and Vladivostok (UA0L) is 7300 km. 
Both cities are still  the same country (Asiatic Russia) 73, Igor UA9CDC If folks don't like the intra NA 2 point rule, then consider giving one point for QSOs within the same country but in a different zone. After all, in the EU a ham in Lyon, France gets one point for a QSO with a ham who lives 150 miles away.  Yet, a ham who lives in Boston, Massachusetts has to settle with a big goose egg when a ham who lives in San Diego (2580 miles away). I get the "its not DX" issue, but it is a DIFFERENT zone and it is DX (in the sense of being long distance). 
73 Rich NN3W

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