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I would have to ask you what your motivation is in asking the question.

Are you thinking there would be an "upside" to no one using cluster spots?
What would it be? And of course, how would you be able to be certain that
someone was not lying and in fact using packet?

While I think it's nice to wax nostalgic about ye olde days where we had no
global spotting network (Packet, Skimmer, RBN, etc.) but the reality is that
using this varied system has become part of the ham radio landscape over the
last 3 decades.  Expecting people to stop using this system during contests
when it has become basic component of their way of operating is just not
realistic. Also, before digital spotting networks, there were voice spotting
networks on 2m AM and FM that single ops used to listen to seeking gain an

AB7E has made some thoughtful comments, but I think the issue is not that
using spotting information makes the person receiving it a bad person nor is
there a campaign to ban such - the problem is when someone lies about it,
claims that they're not using assistance, and they really are.

The other point that K5GO mentions is that someone who is not seeking to win
the contest can do anything he darn well wants to do including using packet,
remote receivers, etc. Such a person can enter the Extreme Category in CQWW
contests or just send in a CHECKLOG.

There's room for everybody to do what they want.

Getting them all to be honest about it is THE problem.


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What is the downside of nobody using cluster spots in contests?  73


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