[CQ-Contest] E-mail addresses, real-time logs

Tim Shoppa tshoppa at gmail.com
Sun Mar 10 16:01:46 EDT 2013

As to whether contest organizers go out and track down E-mail
addresses for those that neglected to send in their logs: In fact,
they do. There are several contests I have participated in (for fun!)
but neglected to send in a log. Sometimes before or after deadline
time... I get little reminders from the contest organizers saying "we
noticed your call in a lot of logs, we sure would appreciate it if you
could send in your log for log checking". The connection between my
callsign and various E-mail addresses I use is far from secret, and
that's fine by me.

And for real-time QSO-by-QSO log submission... I suspect that I and
many others use contest logging programs geared up all around making
the Cabrillo file output. After all, that's why they are called
"contest loggers". Contests and activities that have nonstandard log
submission requirements? I sometimes participate, but it's not worth
the effort for me to go to a website to submit each QSO as I make it
(you think I have time for that in the middle of a contest?) and after
the contest I don't see why I should have to reformat my log just
because the organizers don't take Cabrillo logs. I don't want the
organizers of these Non-Cabrillo events to feel bad, I actually
participate in several such events (esp NAQCC) and appreciate their
efforts. But inventing a new standard for log submission format, when
there's already a format supported by every real contest logger in the
world, is a mistake.

As to "real-timeyness" I often submit my log just minutes after the
end of a contest. Seems way safer to me, than putting it off and not
getting it in because of my personal procrastination and
disorganization tendencies.

Tim N3QE

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