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AN OPEN LETTER TO THE CQ CONTEST COMMITTEERumors are flying once again.  Perhaps true; hopefully not.  I thought perhaps it useful to dust off my letter from three years ago.

Vy 73,

Jim Neiger   N6TJ


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                                                            AN OPEN LETTER TO THE CQ CONTEST COMMITTEE 
                                                                 from: Jim Neiger   N6TJ
                  SUBJECT: "The winds of change are a blowin' or The day that contesting died"

                  1. QUESTION: Will the CQ CONTEST COMMITTEE open its closed discussions of the fate of Single Operator categories to the public or will we first learn of them when the rules are changed?
                  2. PREMISE: The CQ CONTEST log checkers cannot efficiently or accurately ascertain as to whether anyone is cheating by the use of packet, claiming to be Single Operator, but when really operating Single Operator - Assisted.
                  3. WHAT THE CQ CONTEST COMMITTEE IS CONSIDERING: Given (2), above, eliminate the Single Operator category, and everyone is then Single Operator - Assisted.

                  My opinions / comments:
                  (1) Needless to say, given (3) above, to be competitive all must then use packet, or skimmers, or...........?
                  (2) Can I assume that not everyone desires to use packet or skimmers?
                  (3) Of course, major crutches like packet and skimmers will make all past records null and void. Single Operator - Assisted multiplier totals will soon rival those of Multi-multi submittals.
                  (4) Packet is used and enjoyed by many. From the DX-end, one can always tell when they've just been spotted; the rate really takes off. Great fun. Many opinions have been stated about the pro/cons/desires of using packet. But at the end of the day, no matter how you slice it, packet, skimmers, and the like, is NOT DXing, represents minimal skills, and is more like the proverbial 'shooting fish in a barrel'. Great competition. NOT.
                  (5) QUESTION: Who are these guys that are the members of the CQ CONTEST COMMITTEE and hold our collective fate in their hands? Hard working, volunteer log checkers, for sure. But does anyone remember voting them into office ? Who gave them the power to VOTE on these matters of such great importance to us all? For those who extol the merits of our democratic way of life, no matter how pathetic our elected officials at times may be, we at least had the opportunity to vote them in, or out, of office.
                  (6) TO SUMMARIZE: I have been operating CQ contests since 1955. Many. Won a couple, lost a bunch. Needless to say, when I resigned from the CQ CONTEST COMMITTEE in 1978, my power to vote was gone. All I can do now is plea: open up your deliberations and discussions on these matters. Let the all of us know who's minds we need to change. What have you got to hide? Please do not make this the death of my contesting career, as it most certainly will. Thank you.
                  s/ Jim Neiger N6TJ
                  17 January 2010

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