[CQ-Contest] All is not lost

Charles Harpole hs0zcw at gmail.com
Mon Mar 18 15:58:06 EDT 2013

Maybe all is not lost in today's contesting environment.  Today's automated
contesting station and operator are a test of manipulating the
"assistance."  We need ATTITUDE CHANGES to address the "assisted" vs "non
assisted" struggle we see now.

So, we have a "data" over-all category that rewards skill in running the
automation (with sub-categories as needed).

Then, we also have the "human" category where all functions of the contests
are performed by a human operator with the exception of the "great pencil"
of computer logging (which can also record exact freq of op if that is
demanded in the future for scoring and evaluating logs).  Sub-categories
can then be inserted here.

The two are not mixed at all in scoring.

Then, if we are successful in stressing the category of "data" as a
legitimate SKILL in running the automation, perhaps operators will want to
be in this category to show off their machine manipulation abilities.  That
way, if the "data" operator cheated and entered the "human" category, he
would not be able to be seen as a master of the skills of using the
automation.  Those who seek and admire the successes in the "data" category
should want awards of this type.

The "human" category guys, already positively oriented this other way,
should also seek to enter honestly because they want to show off their
"human" skills.  Think of the people who do Straight Key Night and CW or
ssb copying contests at hamfests.  The "human" entries should be proud of
those kinds of skills and not cheat and dip into the machine assistance
just to win because the score will show the "use of the machine" being
involved due to fairly obvious indicators (once these attitudes are firmly
in place).
This plan modifies participant motivation and structures the contests to
reward different skills, both kinds of skills should be a point of pride
for operators of both kinds.  The goal is to avoid cheating, and under this
suggestion, it would be embarrassing for a "data" guy to enter "human" just
to win because then his mastery of "data" will not be seen.  "Human" just
can not find mults as fast as "data" and that will show up.

"Check log" entries can do what ever they want!

We can all hope.  73,
Charly, HS0ZCW

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