[CQ-Contest] I just will not send in logs.

Doug Renwick ve5ra at sasktel.net
Mon Mar 18 10:44:49 EDT 2013

I am with Charley on this one.  I often operate in contests just for the fun
of it, and don't submit any log.  Those who try and intimidate me to send a
log are wasting their time.  My reason ... contesting has degenerated.


"Think of all the ways you can hurt yourself laughing."
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Because his error in copying your exchange, that would have been caught in
the log checking and would have reduced his final score, was not detected,
because you didn't send in your log as a CheckLog???.

That's not old-fashioned, that's just wrong.

Barry, W5GN


While I can understand your dismay over the way things have developed, not
submitting a log serves no purpose.

It becomes a non-event.

If anything, submit your log as a CHECKLOG as a protest.  This would be the
most visible way to make your feelings known about not competing.

If you don't submit a CHECKLOG, there's nothing - no evidence of protest.

If all those who are unhappy with the status quo would submit CHECKLOGS, the
long list of those would send quite a message, no?


Bob W5OV

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Pete, I think the innovators of Skimmer and RBN and the like have mucked
up my beloved ham radio contesting so far that I, formerly an avid
contester and high scorer, have a new strategy.

I work my favorite contests as SO, AB or SB, HP, not assisted, as usual
with all the energy my old body delivers, BUT I DO NOT SEND IN A LOG.  I
recommend others in my situation do the same.
1.  to send in a log, in one way, means I want to enter a competition, and
with so many stacks (ant. or otherwise) against me, it is no longer a
competition for me.
2. to send in a log also in a small way perpetuates the mess as it has
evolved, and I do not like contributing to messes.

Sign me old-fashioned, 73

Charly, HS0ZCW

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