dave at g4buo.com dave at g4buo.com
Tue Mar 19 09:01:00 EDT 2013

Hi Tonno

This is a great illustration that numbers can be used to support any
argument! The 1/3 -2/3 split came from figures supplied by Randy. I am
prepared to believe that some casual entrants fail to understand how to
set the correct category in their software, though as Pete points out N1MM
users in CQWW 2012 would have defaulted to assisted. So what percentage
does the CQ Committee want to go to before deciding to ruin the contest
for the rest of us? Ok it may not be 65 percent, maybe more like 55, or
even as low as 45 percent, who knows? But at 45 percent, that still
represents nearly 2,000 entrants in the CW contest!

I think my point stands – there is a huge difference between the
proportion of DXers that rely on cluster, and the number of single-op
contesters that do.

Cheers, Dave G4BUO

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