[CQ-Contest] CQWW Survey

Paul O'Kane pokane at ei5di.com
Tue Mar 19 11:47:53 EDT 2013

On 19/03/2013 13:13, Bob Naumann wrote:

> While some pine for the days of yore when there were no devices containing
> silicon involved in radio,

I don't know what that is intended to mean.
Does anyone?

> the reality is that packet, spotting networks, et
> al are now fully part of amateur radio DXing and contesting landscapes.

Let's stick with contesting in this thread.

Packet, and spotting networks et al are now inseparable
from the internet.  There's nothing wrong with using
the internet while contesting.  It's not illegal, it's
not against the rules, but it is different.

The use of a commercial communications utility to find
and facilitate QSOs in an amateur radio contest is far
removed from using nothing but amateur radio to do the
same.  Seems a pity this has to be repeated so often.

By comparison, no one, anywhere, uses another form of
propulsion in sailboat racing and claims to be sailing.

Those sailboat racers must all be living in the past.
Don't they know that nothing stands still, and that
new technology is here to stay?  Why, then, don't they
use it? They're probably pining for the days of yore :-)

Given that, however it happened, it's now perfectly
acceptable for contesters in assisted categories to
use the internet, isn't it time we started using
terms such as "SO Connected" and "SO Unconnected" to
better describe the two categories?

Paul EI5DI

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