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Albert Crespo f5vhj at orange.fr
Fri Nov 1 12:00:00 EDT 2013

  This is amateur radio and how people want to operate and ID is their 
style.It maybe inefficient, rude, or self serving. If you do not like 
their operating in the contest, reward them by not working them.
I ID  and give the call of the station I work 99% of the time. I have 
terrible rate compared to others. This is the way I like others to 
operate. I do not like to wait and listen to find out who is on 
frequency. I just  turn  the dial.
Albert, TO5A, NH7A, 6W1RY, etc.

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>I totally agree with you Bob.
>Last year during CQ WW DX CW, even though I was assisted, I had to wait 
>to three minutes on an guy in zone 33 to send his call and confirm who 
>For other in zone 8, I had to wait 21 Qs before he IDed again.
>This year I'll enter SOAB from CE3CT, so the pain will be even worse. 
>be frustrating to spend a minute or two waiting on someone to ID 
>even knowing if he already is in your log or not.
>Unless this is required by the rules, I believe this will continue.
>There are lots of things to shorten:
>ENN at a faster speed.
>The zone exchange (which is obvious in most cases) also at a faster 
>EE instead of TU
>Test or TST at a faster speed.
>Those thing, like it or not, don't hurt as much as not sending the
>station's callsign for such long periods of time.
>I believe a reasonable ID ratio is 1:3 (ID:Qs)...1:4 tops. Depending on 
>QSO rate at which the running station is working. It should result in 
>IDing once every 20-25 secs, no more than that.
>Vy 73.
>Martin, LU5DX
>On Thu, Oct 31, 2013 at 3:04 AM, Bob Kupps <n6bk at yahoo.com> wrote:
>>  It appears to me that many of the big rare contest stations are 
>>  their rates by never IDing as long as there are enough assisted guys
>>  calling who already know who they are. This makes classic S&P 
>>  agonizing and IMO all running stations should be required to ID at 
>>  once every some number of Qs. I realize that assisted is a different
>>  category, but the guys out there who don't play my computer vs yours 
>>  continue to diminish in number if it's no fun...
>>  73 HS0ZIA
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