[CQ-Contest] What rig to choose for a one-time fieldday MM setup?

Maarten van Rossum pd2r.maarten at gmail.com
Sat Nov 30 03:42:24 EST 2013


The K3 is out of the question but what about the TS 480? I think this is
one of the very few transceivers which does not crumble under contest
conditions priced under €1000,-. It's priced a little over €800,- but when
your buying 10 to 12 of them you should be able to negotiate a better deal.

Also the IC 7200 comes to mind. Priced a little over €900,- it's a bit more
expensive but the receiver should also be able to handle contest conditions
without any problems.

Furthermore, the KX3 is a great contest rig but with only 10 Watts output
power it's probably not suitable to drive your amp's.

IMHO there aren't many rigs out there that can still be bought new for
under a €1000,- which can handle contest conditions. The TS 480 and the IC
7200 are the only ones that come to mind right now.

73, Maarten PD2R

Op vrijdag 29 november 2013 schreef PA5MW, Mark (pa5mw at home.nl):

> Thanks for all your responses.
> But please mind you:
> - We need to allocate no less than *10-12* similar HF rigs
> - The K3 is way too high priced
> 73 Mark, PA5MW
> On 29-11-2013 14:03, PA5MW, Mark wrote:
>> Looking for the ideal HF rig for a one-time 6 band  field-day MM setup.
>> Run+mult stations, so about 12 HF rigs in total.
>> All 160-10m stations using the same rig. All with external filtering. All
>> with additional PA.
>> Requirements:
>> 1) Simple to use interface
>> No learning curve, anyone can learn operating this rig at contest level
>> within an hour.
>> Any required fine adjustments, make that *problems*,  in the field for
>> the whole MM setup needs to be easy.
>> 2) No quirks.
>> No unsolvable issues like leading spike at PTT.  No horrible high phase
>> noise.
>> 3) Small & lightweighted, can withstand some rough handling during travel
>> Must fit in suitcase.
>> 3) Price level must be very low.
>> Any additional tips for buying and selling the rigs after the FD contest?
>> Your answer, based on you own or club experience (no textbook/performance
>> lists wars) will be much appreciated !
>> 73 Mark, PA5MW
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73, Maarten PD2R

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