[CQ-Contest] SAC SSB coming up!

SAC 2013 support at sactest.net
Mon Oct 7 10:44:28 EDT 2013

Dear YL/OM,

The CW log deadline of the Scandinavian Activity Contest (SAC) has just
passed, and a record number of 1320 logs were submitted from around the
world. The claimed scores are available at http://www.sactest.net. The final
results, logs, and log checking reports will soon be publicly available.

We'd now like to kindly remind you of SAC SSB this weekend, from 12:00 UTC
on Saturday to 11:59 UTC on Sunday. Despite heavy aurora, more than 350
Scandinavian stations filled the bands during the 2012 event, and this year
we expect an extensive turnout along with improved band conditions. 

In the "Scandinavian Cup," you can expect a very tight 3rd-place battle
between Denmark and Norway. They are less than 20,000 claimed points away
from each other after the CW leg, and are thus both mobilizing nationwide to
provide more QSO points on SSB than the other!

* Full rules: http://www.sactest.net/blog/rules/ 
* Propagation planning for the challenging Arctic region:
* Announce your upcoming SAC SSB activity:

SAC Contest Committee

Ingemar SM5AJV, Team leader
Bjørn LB1GB
Peter OZ3ABE

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