[CQ-Contest] VY1JA NT Section SS CW update

J. Parke Allen vy1ja at northwestel.net
Thu Oct 10 04:29:08 EDT 2013

Hello All,

Just after CQP ended, the 40 m Ground Plane was finally up and working 
well on 40 and 15.  Remember to watch for VY1JA on about 21027 and 7027 
+/- SSCW contest QRM.  I will need your patience because I have been 
essentially QRT the last 6 years.

Is anyone able to help with TR4W software setup between now and Saturday 

The MASTERSS.DTA file was downloaded from the net and its name changed 
to TRMASTER.DTA.  TR4W now recognizes calls  with a red "MASTER" but 
does not fill in the CHECK SECTION data.  What am I doing wrong?   This 
used to work...  I can telephone you in the USA or Canada if you let me 
know your number.  mycall at arrl.net



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