[CQ-Contest] RTTY Super Check Partial Database Files to be Retired

Bob Raymond bob at wa1z.net
Wed Oct 16 18:33:23 EDT 2013

This message is for RTTY Contesters:

Back in August I requested feedback on my plan to retire the RTTY-specific
Super Check Partial database files sometime next year.  I would like to
thank everyone that took the time to respond.

Just to recap a little – Over the years, I’ve heard that many RTTY
contesters elect to use the “general” Super Check Partial database files in
RTTY contests, even though the RTTY-specific version was available.  Using
the general files can be beneficial:  since they contain callsigns from all
contests, regardless of mode, you catch any contesters that may be new to
RTTY or don’t operate RTTY contests often enough to be included in the RTTY
database (i.e., they don’t show up in enough RTTY logs to be included). 
This made me wonder if the RTTY-specific database had outgrown its

Here are the results of the feedback.  The responses can be categorized as
I currently only use the “general” SCP files for all modes:  75%
I have been using the RTTY SCP, but I’m OK with using the “general”:  25%

No one spoke up in defense of keeping the RTTY SCP.

The “general” Super Check Partial files (master.dta, master.scp, etc.) have
always had callsigns from RTTY contests.  The callsigns are collected from
all submitted contests logs regardless of mode.  This will never change.  

RTTY Super Check Partial updates will cease starting with the first release
in early 2014.  I’ll keep links to the files in the Release History page for
the foreseeable future in case anyone wants them for some reason.  Note to
Logging Software Developers that support downloads from the SCP site:  the
last version of the mastertty.dta and mastertty.scp files will remain
accessible via the same URL.

Thanks and 73,
Bob WA1Z

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