[CQ-Contest] 2.8 kHz signals in the CW bands ?

Steve London n2icarrl at gmail.com
Thu Oct 17 16:10:23 EDT 2013

 From the ARRL Letter, October 17, 2013:

"The ARRL Executive Committee has authorized ARRL General Counsel Chris 
Imlay, W3KD, to file a Petition for Rule Making on the League's behalf 
calling for the deletion of symbol rate references for data emissions in 
the HF bands. The EC met October 5 in Aurora, Colorado.

The League's Petition, still in the final stages of preparation, would 
substitute an authorized bandwidth of 2.8 kHz for all data emissions in 
the bands below 30 MHz.

The ARRL chose the 2.8 kHz bandwidth, since the FCC already has applied 
it to emissions on the channelized 60 meter band and because it's 
slightly wider than the data mode bandwidths currently in use by 
amateurs on HF."

Am I the only one who thinks it's a terrible idea to have a bunch of 2.8 
kHz wide signals in the current CW/Digital bands ?

Slightly wider than the data mode bandwidths currently in use ?  Please 
tell me which digital mode that is currently in use in the CW bands on 
80-10 meters is even close to 2.8 kHz wide ?

Steve, N2IC

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