[CQ-Contest] WRTC renamed?

Charles Harpole hs0zcw at gmail.com
Fri Oct 18 15:45:27 EDT 2013

World Radio Team Competition could easily be re-named ....
NA/EU Team Competition with some token others thrown in.

I like the WRTC, its organizers, and the excitement it adds to ham radio.
But, let us not pretend the selection process has found the whole list of
highly accomplished contesters.

Some will just not want to do it even if in the top ten often.  Some live
in parts of the world where their scores in contests as the contests now
exist can never turn huge numbers.  That would be residents of most of
Africa and many parts of Asia.

Example, if Asia gives you one point and you live in the HUGE continent of
Asia, you are in the hole compared to other locations.

Please do not think I am rooting for myself;  I am not, but I do know some
really talented Asians left out by the structure.  Further, I do not think
this disparity can be easily fixed.  But, WRTC is a "world" event the same
as the baseball "world" series is what its name implies.

Actually, virtually anything that will get ops off the computer and on the
air has to be a good thing, but it is not healthy for NA/EU to think of
themselves as the WHOLE world.    73

Charly, HS0ZCW

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