[CQ-Contest] CQ WW Rules Reminder

Edward Sawyer SawyerEd at Earthlink.net
Tue Oct 22 11:39:58 EDT 2013

Steve, N2IC writes:


"And a special reminder....


There is a new overlay entry category - CLASSIC


The principle features are:


- 24 hours

- 1 radio

- No DX spotting


Many CQ-Contest readers have been asking for this category."



I would dispute that.  Yes, there was much discussion about a non-ironman
category like 24 hours.  How that turned into no DX spotting and only 1
radio is not clear.  There was not much call for that combination as I
recall the chatter.  I always wondered what the motivation was for that
actual end decision.  And it could greatly affect the participation since
many people who want to limit their hours also want those hours to be the
most efficient for their club and DX collection.  I could see many opting
out just because of that provision.


73  Ed  N1UR


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