[CQ-Contest] Simultaneous receive and transmit in one radio?

W0MU Mike Fatchett w0mu at w0mu.com
Mon Oct 28 10:26:20 EDT 2013

The 9000 does not do SO2R out of the box.

Mike W0MU

On 10/26/2013 6:18 PM, Charles Harpole wrote:
> An FT DX-9000d owner responds...........
> Single Operator/TWO radios is done in the FT-9000, AS I SEE IT, by
> programming the radio to receive on Antenna 2 while rev and xmit on Antenna
> 1.  This setting will allow transmitting on 1 and, upon stand by, reception
> on two antennas simultaneously which can be on two separate bands.
> That allows deciding and quickly selecting which band/antenna socket you
> want to use to transmit on next.  However, I have not found a way to xmit
> and receive at the same time.  I will experiment more.  73, Charly
> On Fri, Oct 25, 2013 at 5:50 PM, Pete Smith N4ZR <n4zr at contesting.com>wrote:
>> I wonder... in the CQWW rules for the Cklassic overlay it says " The one
>> radio must not be able to receive while transmitting."  I did not believe
>> that such a thing existed - at least not in a commercially-available radio
>> - but the 2005 QST review of the FTDX9000 says it is capable of "SO2R in
>> one box."  Is this correct?  Are there other radios with this capability?
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