[CQ-Contest] CQWW Single Band Entry

Richard Ferch ve3iay at storm.ca
Mon Oct 28 12:43:02 EDT 2013

If no log is submitted for a station, then of course QSOs made with that 
station cannot be cross-checked. However, if a log has been submitted 
for a station, and QSOs with that station in other logs are not in the 
submitted log, those other stations will get a NIL (unless someone 
intervenes manually into the log checking process, which might happen if 
the number of missed contacts is large and triggers an alarm). That is 
why the rules explicitly state that you must not delete contacts on 
other bands from your log (Rule X.2.) - the category from the Cabrillo 
header is used to limit your score to only those contacts on the band 
you are entering, but all of the contacts in your log are used for log 

Rich VE3KI

AB1J wrote:

> Are you sure about that?  Lots of QSOs, I think in the range of 15%,
> cannot be checked because no logs were submitted.  I can't ever remembering
> getting a NIL in my log UBN reports for this reason.  I usually have a few  but
> they all make sense to me.

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