[CQ-Contest] Ethics of operating overtime in SS

Richard Ferch ve3iay at storm.ca
Mon Oct 28 12:47:31 EDT 2013

You can't do that. They will only accept one log per call sign. If you 
submit a second log, it will overwrite the first one in the database of 
logs received - see the last sentence in the confirmation reply you get 
from the log submission robot.

What you would have to do is simply submit your entire log without 
deleting anything from it. You will not be given credit for contacts (or 
multipliers) after the first 24 hours, but contacts made after that time 
would still be used in checking of other logs, and other stations would 
still get credit for them.

Rich VE3KI

K0HB wrote:

> Submit a log for the first 24 hours; then a second check log for the remaining
> Q's.  Who would fault the ethics of that?

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