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Dale Putnam daleputnam at hotmail.com
Mon Oct 28 14:20:18 EDT 2013

and to maintain the "rule of thumb" that says I need to run my finals at approx 25% of full out, or 25% of Plate dissipation, and I want to operate in the 100 watt output class.. then the amp/radio would be "rated" at say 500 watt pep... out... to be conservative and still stay within the rules?OR maybe I want to maintain a very clean signal, and run the Alpha (the 5kw out model).. at a very conservative level of 100 watts, because the exciter only makes key down 5 watts? I guess I am starting to wonder, just exactly where is it the end of trying to govern the actionsrather than accept the word.... when do we start controlling the amp.. from the contest committeehome office.. to insure that someone doesn't, in a weak moment, fail to stay under the rated power?Have we slipped so far into the abyss that no one can accept the signature on the line that says...
"I followed the rules"????  Is it that there are a "few" rotten apples... or is it that the whole barrel is spoiled?Who is it that can stand up and say, that they have NEVER let the power slip up.. too high? Is there no end to the regulation? Shoot.. lets just put it all on the internet, and run it controlled. every aspect of the transmitter to be controlled entirely by the contest committee. Power, modulation, splatter, duty cycle, id requirements, cleanliness of transmitted signal, and while we're at it.. clean up the language, no "bad words". Seems good to me. 
That should make contesting so very much more attractive to the new comers. 

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