[CQ-Contest] Ethics of operating overtime in SS

Cqtestk4xs at aol.com Cqtestk4xs at aol.com
Tue Oct 29 15:17:08 EDT 2013

If someone wants to do it, go ahead.  Anyone with common sense  knows the 
Qs won't count.  The same is true if someone does more than 1440  minutes.  
It hurts no one as long as the station overttime doesn't delete  the Qs in 
his log.
In a message dated 10/29/2013 12:05:17 P.M. Coordinated Universal Ti,  
w0mu at w0mu.com writes:

I am  quite surprised to read that K5ZD operates 5 to 10 minutes longer 
to make  sure he gets his 1440 minutes in.  Does that mean it is ok to 
operate  CQ WW till around 0010 then?

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