[CQ-Contest] Whither contesting "rare" DX

Charles Harpole hs0zcw at gmail.com
Thu Oct 31 01:10:00 EDT 2013

Add to the discussion about missing "rare or semi-rare" stations on
contests the fact that the American slant to the huge contests leaves ops
in far away places (from usa) feeling that activities are more of America
playing with the world.

I do not get the sense from Americans inside usa actually realize many
other peoples' opinion about them.  The opinion often is that Americans are
spoiled, child-like, and self-centered to an extreme.  A usa contester
screaming CQ with an over driven signal can be seen in that light.  The
"rare" station has his fill with working usa and there is no satisfaction
in stroking their ego with a call.  Given the "rare" op's distant location
and the skewed contest scoring rules, there is no incentive to try to score
big either.

Of course, non-usa guys are not all like this, but the opinion has an
impact on operating practices.  There is even the feeling that avid
contesters are impolite in the extreme to a person raised in a more polite
culture.  So the rather naked aggression of American and EU contest
operating practices tend to insult the sensibilities of some others.

I am not trying to change USA ops (and have given up on EU ops);  I am just
trying to give some perspective missing in many American discussions.  73.

Charly, HS0ZCW

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