[CQ-Contest] How to Confirm a QSO

Tree tree at kkn.net
Tue Sep 3 12:15:26 EDT 2013

About sending "TU" to confirm a QSO.  I often do it - and it's always nice
to be polite.  However, it can create problems on CW.

During the CW NAQP - I actually heard and exchange that was like this (I
forget the actual name used):




I am sure that the name was "BOB".  Just important to put enough space in
there to make it clear it isn't part of the name.

There was a station using the name TUCK in the NAQP as well - and about
half the logs ended up with "CK" as the name.

I am getting more and more comfortable sending the other guys callsign when
S&Ping as N6RO has been doing for awhile now.  I always like to hear this
as the CQing station - just to be 100 percent sure that you were calling me
and not someone on an adjacent channel that I can't hear.

Tree N6TR

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