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Old skool sewing machine pedals are imho the best solution, as they accommodate the whole foot and have a near-centre pivoting pedal.  This saves having to hold one's foot off the pedal (esp. if the switch is sensitive) and eases strain on whatever that muscle is at the front of one's leg.  The one I tried was very old, but very racey.  Sadly it does not belong to me :>)  


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W5OV said:
> Another vote for the clipper switch!

Judging by the photo, are they wireless?  That could be a plus :-)
Seriously, I did not know there was a footswitch actually designed and 
anufactured for radio operators.  I'm inclined to think this is probably a 
eally good choice, although I never have used one to my knowledge.
Recently, as my footswitches have all broken after 40+ years of service (I 
ought three from C&H Surplus in Pasadena when I was, like, 14 years old and 
ave pounded the tar out of them ever since), I have been replacing them 
ith Yamaha FC-5 "sustain pedals" which are really footswitches in disguise. 
ou can find them on eBay for $5-$15 all the time.
Enter this string: "yamaha fc-5 sustain pedal"
Mark, N5OT 
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