[CQ-Contest] Really big RF out

John Laney k4bai at att.net
Thu Sep 12 14:43:18 EDT 2013

Charlie may be right in part, but I know of plenty of wealthy hams in 
the US and Canada who can afford to buy anything they might want 
including high power amps, but choose to operate within the law and the 
rules of the various contests and to let our word be our bond.  I choose 
to believe that is true of the majority of North American contesters 
regardless of their wealth or means.  If it were not the case, I'd find 
contesting much less fun.  I guess you guys are saying I wouldn't enjoy 
trying to be a competitive contester in certain other parts of the 
world.  I'd certainly not suggest that rules be changed to permit or 
recognize illegal operations according to the law of the licensing 
authority and hope that the 1500W limit will remain in spite of what law 
might allow somewhere.

I do notice that there is a Russian/LY contest tomorrow where the rules 
recognize three power categories.  This is called the KPC contest.  The 
power categories are:  up to 100W = LP; up to 1000 watts = HP.  Over 
1000 watts without limit = S, for super power, I guess.  The rules 
actually say "No Limit."  So I guess one contest has set up a separate 
power category for those running illegal power, but that will also 
include those legally running more than 1,000 watts, such as those 
running 1,500 watts output in the US.  So, I commend this contest to all 
illegal "S" power stations.

73, John, K4BAI.

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