[CQ-Contest] Invitation to the Scandinavian Activity Contest

SAC 2013 support at sactest.net
Mon Sep 16 11:53:09 EDT 2013

Dear YL/OM,

The Scandinavian Activity Contest (SAC) Committee extends to you a warm
invitation to participate in SAC 2013. SAC has been organized since 1959 and
has grown into a large contest, with the number of submitted logs (> 2000
for CW+SSB) now being on par with other major events such as the Worked All
Europe DX Contest.

This year, up to 400 Scandinavians will be actively engaged in their annual
friendly battle for country and glory. That provides you with a great
opportunity to have fun by working the multitude of fluttery signals
emanating from the Arctic region and to emerge victorious! 

CW: 21 - 22 September, 12:00 UTC - 11:59 UTC
SSB: 12 - 13 October, 12:00 UTC - 11:59 UTC

* Non-Scandinavians work Scandinavians
* Bands: 3.5 - 28 MHz (no WARC)
* Categories: Single op., Single op. assisted, Multi op. single TX
* Exchange: RST + serial number
* Multipliers: Scandinavian prefix-number regions per country

* Full rules: http://www.sactest.net/blog/rules/
* Propagation planning: http://www.sactest.net/blog/propagation/
* Database of results and records (1999-2012):

* "Like" SAC on Facebook:

73 & CU
SAC Contest Committee

Ingemar SM5AJV, Team leader
Bjørn LB1GB
Peter OZ3ABE

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