[CQ-Contest] National Team Contesting trial in SAC CW this weekend

Kim Östman kim.ostman at tut.fi
Sat Sep 21 02:28:35 EDT 2013


For the second year in a row, the Scandinavian Activity Contest is featuring
a trial in "National Team Contesting," this weekend on CW (12z - 12z).

This means that six top-tier entrants are selected by the Nordic national
ham radio societies to represent their countries, similar in idea to the
annual competition in athletics between Finland and Sweden. In an effort to
introduce new media-friendly spectator aspects to radiosporting, their race
can be followed on-line in realtime, in many cases also through audio and
video streams.

Take a look at http://cqcontest.net/groups/nationteams.php to get a feel for
this new type of development in radiosporting. The streams can be accessed
by pressing "link" on a station's row in the realtime score list. Please see
http://www.sactest.net/blog/sac-2013-national-team-contesting-trial/ for
more info.

CU in SAC!


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