[CQ-Contest] GA QSO Pa;rty Today and Tomorrow

John Laney k4bai at att.net
Sat Apr 12 08:18:51 EDT 2014

Sponsored by SECC and SEDXC, the GA QSO Party will run ten hours today 
and ten hours tomorrow.  It is CW and SSB and Mixed, HP, LP, and QRP on 
160-6 meters.  Exchange is RS(T) plus State, Province, or GA County 
Abbreviation or "DX" for stations outside USA and VE.  Digital modes 
count as CW.  So, each station and each mobile in each county can be 
worked once per band and once per mode (CW and SSB).  Plaques and 
certificates are offered for many different categories.

GA has 159 counties, second only to TX for most counties in the USA.  
Since are small counties, it is possible for mobiles to activate many GA 
counties in the 20 hours and a lot of mobiles will be QRV.

Multipliers count per mode (not per band).  GA counties do not county as 
multipliers for other GA stations, but QSO points county for GA-GA 
contacts.  GA stations should log the actual county abbreviation 
received from other GA stations.

Suggested frequencies are:  1815, up 45 kHz on 80 through 10M, and 
50095.  SSB frequencies suggested are 1865, 3810, 7190, 14250, 21300, 
28450, 50135.  Fixed stations are asked to give the mobiles a chance to 
hold a frequency.  Fixed stations might want to try up or down 50 kHz or 
so from the suggested frequencies when mobiles are QRV.

Hope everyone will spend as much time in GQP this weekend as possible 
and have a lot of fun.


John, K4BAI.

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