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Glad i am using N1MM which let me choose how the export of log can be fit with RST or not RST...
Not a big deal ;)

Worse is those send numbers & callsign in batch when they call you

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Emne [RTTY] BARTG Sprint 75 April 27th 

 BARTG has changed completely the way that logs are to be submitted in future, starting with the above contest, the BARTG Sprint 75 which runs on Sunday April 27th from 1700 until 2100z.  It will pay for everybody to download the rules and follow the instructions for submission of their log to the RSGB Robot. This is a much more efficient and much fastermethod than the old Email way.
  I have posted the information once already on the RTTY reflector, but some are bound tohave missed it.  So here it is again:
 BARTG Contests

It is a rigid adjudication system and as such it is extremely important 
that all entrants use the ROBOT and ONLY the ROBOT for log submissions. 
NO other method will be accepted.
The BARTG Contest Calendar is available at http://bartg.rsgbcc.org/cgi-bin/hfreadcal.pl
Although it states that dates are provisional, the first two contests 
are now over so there are only the Sprint 75 contests left and they are 
as stated.
To Upload your log, go to http://bartg.rsgbcc.org/cgi-bin/hfenter.pl
Follow the instructions carefully and it should be quite easy to do. 
Select your category and complete the cover sheet. You can check 
immediatately to see if your log has been received. You can also ask to 
be reminded of future contests. You will receive an acknowledgement of 
your log, which should be in Cabrillo form.

A few caveats here:  Please pay attention to the rules. If the rules ask
for the time in GMT format, make sure it is. If the rules state that no
RST is needed please make sure that there is no RST in your log.  Your 
logs may be returned for amending if conditions are not met. Robots do 
not converse, nor do they make allowances for mistakes.

Regards from Roger, G3LDI
Swardeston, Norfolk.
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