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Fri Apr 25 17:53:13 EDT 2014

WPX SSB Soapbox
built 4-25-2014

Call: 3G1B              Class: M/2 HP                   Total Score = 8,556,210
Great contest from FG46SM ..El Bunker !!
Happy to see old operators but new in contest doing it good on air, that mean
that we could have more contest operators.
We MUST to improve our low bands antennas, we hope before CQWW to have a yagi
for 40 mts.

Nick, XQ1KZ
Team Leader @ 3G1B

Call: 3V8BB             Class: SOAB HP                  Total Score = 15,601,250
I was informed few days before the contest that Hrane YT1AD won't be able make
it to Tunisia for a SO operation and I had few time to make new plans..
Decision to go for an HP operation was taking few hours prior to contest start.
My favorite category was always SOAB-LP but imagining the QRM in such events led
me to HP!
The challenge I set for me was to make same/better than Hrane's last year score
of 15m points and be first in Africa. Writing the objectives in a sheet of paper
placed in front of me is always positive!
The set-up still need improvement here in terms of automation and ergonomics; I
used a couple FT-870 with an amplifier lined up on the RUN station. No filters
were available but RFI to the MULT station was really negligeable.
The first hours was terrible with only 55 QSOs on 20 and 40. European QRM wall
made it impossible to work on low bands or even to find a relatively clear
QRG... Splatter signals were all over the bands, the CC may need to do more
High bands were in good shape but not as good as expected. My operating hours
were scheduled based on my rest obligations rather than 6-Point-bands openings.
However, I pushed hard to get the maximum out of them.
I'm happy that I could manage - and for the first time ever - to stick to the
pre-defined operating plan as a learnt lesson from my previous operations.
I started using the second radio late on Saturday afternoon and that brought
Twenty three valuable mults to the score. Moves were quicker and more efficient
this time.
Thanks to EVERYONE for the Qs!!

Op. 3V8BB, 3V8SS

Call: 3Z5W              Class: SOSB15 HP                Total Score = 827,156
Station SP5KP /in contest's 3Z5W/

        Rig: FT1000MP MARK-V Field, PA Home Made
        Ant: 2el QUAD 20/15/10m made by SP3GEM
Soft Loging: DX4WIN v 8.05 by KK4HD
   Contests: Write Log v.10.76 by W5XD
             Win Test v. 4.12 by F5MZN&F6FVY

VY 73!


eMail: 3z5w at wp.pl

Call: 4L0A              Class: SOAB HP                  Total Score = 3,592,348
Hurricane accompanied with heavy rain/snow resulted in significantly worsened
conditions to operate, added with extended power outage has altered all my
plans and I decided to quit after 12 hours of contesting. Fortunately very
little damage to the antennas.
Thank you all for calling, I still had great fun.

Call: 5B4AIF            Class: SO(A)AB(TS) HP           Total Score = 6,485,268
Some great propagation, high winds and rain on Saturday.

Thanks to all who called.

73 Norman

Call: 8P2K              Class: SOSB10 LP                Total Score = 3,139,487
Interesting propagation all week-end long. Used three yagi's as follows:

innovantenna LFA 2-element - Fixed SA
Innovantenna LFA 3-element - Fixed EU (rotated to NA at EU sunset)
Force 12 C3 - rotable

The LFA along with my location on the east of the island gave me a pipeline
into EU. It also felt like propagation was bad to NA in any event and it was
very noisy in that direction.

Was short of my target by a couple hundred thousand points and 600 Q's short of
my plan. This was made up by a decent number of prefises worked and the high
number of three-pointers (EU, SA) worked. Normally EU isn't so good and I have
to depend on NA to make up the numbers.

Running LP is always a challenge and it was difficult getting decent runs
goingbefore one of those 5KW stations to the east and south of me stole away
the frequency.

This shows the breakdown of where my Q's were made:

          160M    80M    40M    20M    15M    10M   Total      %

    OC       0      0      0      0      0     16      16     1.1
    NA       0      0      0      0      0    296     296    20.9
    SA       0      0      0      0      0     99      99     7.0
    AF       0      0      0      0      0     17      17     1.2
    EU       0      0      0      0      0    947     947    66.7
    AS       0      0      0      0      0     43      43     3.0

Thanks for all the stations that pulled out my peanut-whistle and look forward
to the next time.

73, Dean - 8P6SH

Call: 8P5A              Class: SOAB HP                  Total Score = 23,938,983
Conditions were amazing and truly unforgettable.  Unfortunately, for me, it did
not translate into a great score as I was down from the last two years.

The great propagation required more strategy adjustment than I anticipated.  I
did start on 10 for the first time ever, and had over 340 Q's there the first
night.  However, I did not plan for the lowbands to be as unproductive as they
were, and it was surprisingly hard to generate rate in the morning toward

Despite the score being down, I will never forget running JA at 930PM local
time on 10 and working Europe on 15 right up the end of the contest.

Thanks to everyone for the Q's and thanks to the sponsors for making this fun
event possible

73, Tom W2SC 8P5A


Call: 9A1A              Class: M/M HP                   Total Score = 47,590,797
For the first time we have enough number of experienced operators for good
participation in MM SSB entry.

But Mr Murphy had another plans. At begining of the contest some problems with
40m PA and its antenna tower caused our work until Saturday morning hours more
LP then HP on that band.
But that was the first step.  Situation became worse  when 15m and 10m being
opened. Heavy periodical  local QRM  on all bands started.Such situation we had
never.  As the first step we stopped transmission on 160, then 80 and then on 40
meters. Situation became a little better.
On Saturday afternoon operation on low bands was close connected with local
interference we had. When 15 was closed situation became much better. We can
say normal for low bands operation. In Sunday mornig became worse again . The
biggest source of the problem we found in late Sunday afternoon.

Our all antenna towers are guy wired type. We noticed on the tower, where are
15M stacks, one upper guy wire was touching director of upper 15M antenna stack
JA direction and causing sparking which is not visible during day time!
Until that time we spent almost 40 hours of the contest. Temporary fixing of
the problem which was on 30 meters above ground level eliminated all QRM.

Final result was to be QRT on 160 and 80M a few hours more then usual, but on
40M we were QRT almost 11 hours, and we lost of significant number of QSOs on
20,15 and 10M with stations who had week signals.Surely some MULTS were lost

As consequence, after more then 20 years of this  antenna towers use,  a new
lession learned.
All guy wires and antenna systems  must be under inspection at least 5 days
before contest, to have enough time to make eventual problem fixed.

In spite of those problems  atmosphere within team reamined excellent. During
contest  we had a nice social event with nice meat including huge grill, and
beer & wine added.
Finaly we broke from Y2000 our 9A MM record.

Thanks to all who called us. See you in CW leg

9A1A team

Call: 9A5BWW            Class: SO(A)SB10 HP             Total Score = 5,435,692
10 is not my favorite band but I was a little bit short with DXCC on it so the
decision was easy. Thanks everyone for a call. Congrats to 9A73P, 9A5Y, 9A1A
and 9A3B on the great scores.

73's, Dave

Call: 9A5Y              Class: SOAB HP                  Total Score = 15,363,900
What a weekend :)

Finally a contest where nothing went wrong or to put it in different  words a
contest where everything went  right and conditions like never before :)

This was my first serious try in SO AB category. So far I have always worked
Single  band category, not because I don't like working at all band but because
I have never so far had a good setup for it.Since the very  beginning I felt
like it was going to be a winning situation and like I was going to make good
results, however 15M I did not expect.

Given the fact that I do not have much experience in AB category, the biggest
problem was when to make a break considering it was going pretty good all the
time. So I decided to work as much as possible USA and the next day I wanted to
 concentrate on 2nd radio and work some EUs prefixes. I think this was a good
tactic based on livescore table. The following day I jumped over one after
another. Probably I could do better score in total if I spent little more time
working East on High bands and some EUs on Lows, but it was easier to copy # on
clear QRG instead on crowded one on 40m. Howewer, this result is 7 Milion above
current 9A reccord and I'm more than happy :)

9A5Y station is not quite ready for top AB contesting and there are still many
shortcomings. The complicated BAND changes has taken a lot of time (4-6 min
each time per change) and also SO2R setup is very primitive so that it was very
hard to work with 2nd station but at least now we know things we must work on in
the future.I can't even imagine the result I would have achieved if I had fully
automated station and more than 100w on the  2nd radio :)

Incredible conditions on High BANDs here, west coast on high bands sounds like
a local's here :)


FT1000MP + KW, FT1000 MV
28: 7el. @21m
21: 6el. @23m
14: 5el  @20m
7: 4square
3.5 27m Vertical + BVG
1.8 doesn't matter :)

Thanks to all for all that Qs ;)

Vedran, 9a7dx

Call: 9A73P             Class: M/S HP                   Total Score = 26,646,888
Station performance - excellent.
Conditions - excellent.
Livescore excitement - excellent.
Weather - excellent.

What a blast this was! Now it's time to close down big part of antenna field
and start working on new contest season.

Thanks to all teams for posting out scores on cqcontest.net.

We believe 5 out of 6 top scores in EU M/S was in fantastic online race. We
expected more teams to be in closer fight (specialy SJ2W and IR4M) but they
were unlucky this time.

Welcome to EI7M and we hope our friends TM6M will join realtime battle in
future - in one year, when the results are out, who will remember what contest
it was!

What a nice direct comparism:

9A1P team

Call: 9A8M              Class: M/S HP                   Total Score = 11,494,600
Most of our team members was busy with other obligations. So this time just for
fun from our side.

Best 73 and CUL CW!
Sale, 9A3XV
On behalf of team

Call: 9A9R              Class: SO(A)SB40 HP             Total Score = 2,315,740
No preparation for contest at all.
Three days before contest I was very busy with job - business obligations.
Two days till late evening I was out of home. Lot of preparations and jobs to
I have to go to Namibia, but Lufthansa is in strike!
My new contest location, cottage, antennas
is still under construction and 350km away. Come to location at 22:30 hrs
already spoiled, hungry, thirsty and broken :)
Internet connection was very bad first night.

Lot of thinks to improve. First is to be active full time....
YT8A, S56X  great signals.

Great contest.

Thank you all !

Call: 9L1A              Class: SO(A)AB HP               Total Score = 696,320
Excellent propagation, at times difficult to get attention when everybody is
focused on NA-EU-JA. Called some big guns for a while to no avail. My last
contest should be CQ WPX CW, I hope to operate full time before I leave back to
Italy in June.

73 Ivo 9L1A (E73A/9A3A).

Call: A65BD             Class: SOSB10(TS) HP            Total Score = 2,512,956
Hexbeam at 40ft

Call: AA3K              Class: SO(A)AB LP               Total Score = 19,824
Wish I had more time to enjoy the conditions.  Replied to 10 - 15 JA's straight
on 10m with 100 Watts with single calls.  But at least I started getting the
upgraded computer ready for contesting.  Had a few surprises including an I/O
board that didn't like the built in Windows 8.1 driver.

Call: AA6K              Class: SOAB(TS) LP              Total Score = 815,966
Working conditions: IC-756PII, 3El SteppIR and an Inverted Vee.

General observation: It'll probably be 11 years before conditions are this good

Call: AB1OC             Class: SO(A)AB HP               Total Score = 7,444,723
Great conditions.  Made a significant improvement over my score last year.
Contest was a blast!  Looking forward to next year!

Call: AB2E              Class: SO(A)AB(TS) HP           Total Score = 657,829
Rig: Icom 756 Pro III, Acom 2000A amp
Antennas: all wires, 160m inverted L, 80m inverted L, 40m delta loop, 20m delta
loop, 15m delta loop, 10m G5RV.

Wow, great conditions all bands, except to EU on 40m. Highlight was getting the
N1MM rate window up to 350/hr for about 40 minutes on Saturday night.

73 and CU in WPX CW in May!
Darrell AB2E

Call: AB3CX             Class: SO(A)AB HP               Total Score = 8,131,788
Splendid conditions on 10, 15M. Not sure either 15 or 20M could have been more
packed with runners end to end. The final night rush to Asia on 10M was really

Call: AB4UG             Class: SOAB LP                  Total Score = 14,746
Had fun doing some casual tuning around making contacts, mostly on 10m which
seemed to be pretty open. Was still hearing a lot of the bigger EU stations
late in the afternoon. CQ contests are always a good time.

Call: AD1C              Class: SO(A)AB(TS) LP           Total Score = 505,800
Radio:     Yaesu FTDX-5000 (100W)
Antennas:  HyGain AV-640 vertical, 1/2 G5RV in attic
Software:  WriteLog

Part-time effort.  I worked very few USA stations (on purpose).  I can't
remember a time since I've lived in CO when 10m (and 15m) was open so late to
the east.  When I worked LA3S on 10m Sunday around 2000z, he said it had
already been dark there for several hours.

A lot of stations had trouble copying my serial #, I think it was more the QRM
than my weak signal.  I got several really good signal reports from Europe on
15m Sunday afternoon (at first I thought they were joking).  As Yogi Berra
might say, no one contests on 15 meters any more, it's too crowded.

Thanks to everyone who got on the air!

Call: AD7J              Class: SOAB HP                  Total Score = 1,115,002
75m lousy but worked China!  Worked YA in contest! 10m poor to Europe Sat but
Good sunday! Way to old for these long hours but FUN!

Call: AD7JP             Class: SOAB LP                  Total Score = 377,643
Family commitments and projects prevented a full effort this weekend.

Glad to find great condx on 10m Sunday morning - the European opening lasted
past noon here in the Northwest.

Tnx to all,

/Bill, K2PO

Call: AE7DW             Class: SOSB10(R) LP             Total Score = 190,938
TX: FT897 @ 100w
ANT: JTV680 @ ~25' (rooftop)

Call: AE7LD             Class: SOSB15 LP                Total Score = 1,752
Band    QSOs    Pts  WPX
    21      25      73   24
 Total      25      73   24
Score: 1,752

Call: AF6GA             Class: SO(A)AB LP               Total Score = 86,000
Conditions were excellent, so much so that 15m was spilling over the top with
most stations on top of one another causing a lot of QRM.  This made it tough
for anyone trying to hear 100w and wet piece of string.  Eventually figured out
10m was a lot quieter with more room to spread out and easier to get heard.

It was good to hear a few new ones A7, A6 and 9K, too feint for me to work but
at least I know they're really out there now.  Instead happy with 5W, OX, ZF,
UA2, 9M2 - thanks Rich and VP2E for ATNOs.  Working 9M2 just as the sun was
setting in CA after a number of failed attempts on 20 and 15 was the highlight,
it only took 20minutes to go from 33 to 57 to gone.

After realizing it was tough being heard, switched from trying to working
everything to only working band fills, new ones - well obviously - and US
stations for ARRL QP pts.  Watched for spots on worked W1AW/1 and TX6G on WARC
bands - it's a bit easier when the attention of the masses is elsewhere :D

The flare's impact on 15m was severe, I wasn't on at the exact time.  I took a
short break to get a drink and give the ears a rest.  When I came back everyone
had gone,  I leant out to check the wire was still in the air and not on the
floor.  But no - it was still there - so worked the few I could hear before it
came up again.

Thanks to all who dug out the call - looking forward to getting back to RTTY
and working some new ones on cw next month.


Call: AF6T              Class: SOAB HP                  Total Score = 108,474
Wow...EU opening on 10m 1600UTC sure made up for the dead band on Saturday.

Got to fix a lot of radio problems.  Much better towards the end.

Sri for the poor audio at the start.  Thx for the Qs.

73, K6TD

Call: AG2AA             Class: SOAB LP                  Total Score = 343,676
Really fun when the bands are open! Some unexpected long-path to the far east
and asia. I feel bad for the "rare" stations with the poorly behaved
pile-ups, and the non-contesting DXers that don't know the exchange and mess up
the rhythm of the DX operator. Even if you listen to the pile for a minute and
have "001" ready, it keeps it all moving. OK Sorry - enough soap box
for now. Thanks to all who worked this little pistol with my vertical and
wires. Great fun!

Call: AG6RB             Class: SO(A)AB(R) LP            Total Score = 108,870
Search and pouncing during the first and last few hours of the contest.
Yaesu FT-857d at 100 W, into a 3 element tri-band yagi at 8-10 m.

Call: AI6V              Class: SO(A)AB HP               Total Score = 506,100
It was great to work everyone.  It's been a long time since I've done a phone
contest, and it was nice to be remembered.  Sue and I operated side by side and
gave out both AI6 and AI7 mults.  It felt good to be back on the air after all
the health issues during the past six months.  It was very nice to see so much
activity and good DX on 10.  73  Carl

Call: AI6YL/7           Class: SO(A)AB HP               Total Score = 321,976
I'm just branching out from RTTY into SSB, and couldn't ask for better
conditions than having a great contester by my side - AI6V, plus the use of his
high tech earphones and having the bands full of great DX.  It was a thrill to
participate.  Thanks for your patience and for all the Qs.  88  Sue

Call: AK1W              Class: SOAB HP                  Total Score = 3,845,574
SO1R operation fooling around when I should have been working on many other

Couldn't get any runs going on the first day. Ended up tuning around chasing

Second day was much better.  10 meters produced some big rates on Sunday
morning.  The JAs on Sunday evening were as loud as I have ever heard them.

Sunspot maxima are fun!

Lots of splatter and wide signals out there.  Two very bad ones were TM6M and
IB9T.  We need a better way for people to know how to set their mic gain and
compression.  Many signals were very loud, but sounded terrible.

Call: AK6W              Class: M/M HP                   Total Score = 26,302,024
Four stations, four old guys and one young JA had fun, especially on 10m (K3EST)
and 15m (N6BV). Low bands were noisy and underpopulated!

Call: AL9A              Class: SO(A)AB HP               Total Score = 2,573,040
Good news, bad news.  Good news - EU was open virtually around the clock!  Bad
news - EU was open virtually around the clock!  Why is this bad?  Because
usually EU eventually goes silent and all those US/VE stations start turning
their beams west and can hear AK! The long EU openings cost me many prefix
mults to the lower 48 because they were always working EU! Too much of a good
thing I guess.

Can't complain too much though, as this was my second best score ever. About
200,000 less points and 21 fewer mults than my 2011 score, but ran about 8.5
hours less op time. With fewer family conflicts I probably could have had my
best score ever.  Oh well, C'est la vie! It will no doubt be tougher next year
with the solar cycle getting very long in the tooth.  Fun weekend!

Call: C4A               Class: M/2 HP                   Total Score = 36,584,081
Great conditions! Thanks to everyone that called us.

Station is still work in progress but we are improving the setup each time.
Used a different generator to power the station and this resolved the power
reliability  problems we had experienced in previous contest efforts.

Call: CA3MRD            Class: SOSB10 LP                Total Score = 42,108
Very bad propagation conditions, this contest has been one of the hardest
working, unfortunately I could not break my record of 2013 but were present.

Vertex VX-1700
100 Watts
Vertical Monoband 8 meters

Call: CE1TT             Class: M/S HP                   Total Score = 3,569,332

Call: CE3CT             Class: M/M HP                   Total Score = 24,160,874
Dear Friends

First of all thank you very much everyone for your QSO's. This time we made a
great team of friends, the conditions were not the best as everybody knows but
still it was as always a fun competition.
Many thanks to Ramón XE1KK, Jason VE7AG and Diego LU8ADX for coming another
time for enjoy with our local team.
Special thanks to VE7SV for help last time to replace the rotor for a 20m beam
at 40 meters high. Also to CE3CKX Carlos for his great technical support for
repairing one of our Alpha's, also to XQ7UP and CE3DOH they helps with 75 ohms
cable for a new 80m antenna.


Call: CQ3L              Class: SO(A)AB HP               Total Score = 19,250,000
Thanks to DJ6QT and the RRDXA to let me use this station again!



Call: CQ8X              Class: SOAB HP                  Total Score = 21,216,680
This was my third time visiting the Azores, the first two trips being for CQWW
CW 2012 and CQWW SSB 2013. It was different this time, because I felt that I
arrived to a familiar locale with familiar people, routines, and places (and
car!). In addition to the station being in good shape after the ARRL contests,
this lack of the unknown made pre-contest preparations much less stressful. The
Azores is a wonderful place, and I really enjoyed visiting once again. My usual
travelogue follows, so that I can remind myself later what actually

I set a new European SOAB HP record as my target. It was not to be an easy
target, with the current high of 20.4M having been set by Emir E7DX/E77DX in
the record-breaking year 2011. Accordingly, I devised an operating plan that
took into account the peculiar WPX scoring system and my one-point EU location
in the middle of the Atlantic. In other words, double-pointer low-band
operation was going to be really tough because of distance, the EU QRM wall,
and "everybody" enjoying the post-sunset high bands anyway. The real
strides thus had to be made by maximizing the number of DX (NA) on the high
bands, while still getting all needed EU multipliers. To add into the mix I
also had no receive antenna for 80m.

With those parameters in place, I went on 40m half an hour before the contest
started to find a good spot. I found one, proceeded with making QSOs, was
getting 59+ reports from both EU and NA, and felt good! So imagine my surprise
when a Central European M/M parks less than 1 kHz above just minutes before it
all starts, with the operator probably being scared to lose face in his team if
he doesn't find a spot to call CQ on. Add to that another station that strangely
starts rattling off numbers less than 1 kHz below me. Neither pretended to hear
my QSY requests, despite their 59+ signals and my received 59+ reports from
others in their regions.

So frankly, please somebody tell me what it takes to keep a frequency on 40m in
the worst heat, because obviously 2 x 2el, 1.5 kW, and common courtesy aren't
enough...! And while you're at it, could you also tell me how I can best deal
with SSB contest splatter during the moments I think I'm literally going insane

Anyway, 20m and 15m were boiling, so after some 10 slow QSOs on 40m I move
there and am off to a nice start. The high bands were in really good shape all
weekend, and I was surprised to work stations from the Far East very late in my
local evenings. I had anticipated working only a few JA stations (and
multipliers), so the coolest thing was an interesting short-path JA opening on
15m on Sunday evening local time. The good band conditions are also partially
problematic for the Azores: NA and EU are both pointing their beams at each
other and you are caught in the middle of this "highway" at a
suitable skip to both, and thus at times the bands sound like QRM walls. The
bands were very crowded, so a good number of stations must have been on the

I've often had problems with the prolonged contest use of headphones, with my
earlobes becoming sore and the situation easily developing into an ear
inflammation (I seem to be a late bloomer, doesn't everybody get those only as
small kids?). Toni OH2UA suggested a solution involving around-the-ear Bose
headphones combined with a specially attached boom microphone, and this was my
second SSB contest using his solution after having assembled it. Wonderful, my
ears are happy! The weather was stormy and rainy all weekend, but fortunately I
only got some S9+ static problems for 10-15 minutes on Sunday evening. The storm
continued today with high winds, and it's saying something when you have to use
serious force to pry the hamshack door open.

The end result is a new claimed EU record, but I was shooting for more margin
(21.5M). I was ahead of my target curve when I started my final break on
Sunday, but things just didn't take off as I had expected in the afternoon.
Also, my targeted pts/Q was 3.18 but I ended up with only 2.72, consistent with
not reaching my low-band targets. That in turn is perhaps a combination of my
psychological low-band SSB splatter abhorrence and the lack of regular workable
stations there due to good high-band conditions. I can now afford -3.6% during
the log check, so we'll see! Anyway, this was a lot of fun. I've put some
statistics below. Live scoring and audio/video streaming were in action as

Thanks to the entire Radio Arcala team for making this operation possible. In
particular, my appreciation goes to Juha OH8NC and Martti OH2BH for their
special support, and to Toni OH2UA for station engineering. Thanks to José
CU2CE and Francisco CU2DX for the local support, and to all of you for the


Cabrillo Statistics           (Version 10g)           by K5KA & N6TV


-------------- Q S O   R a t e   S u m m a r y ---------------------
Hour     160     80     40     20     15     10    Rate Total    Pct
0000       0      0     17    168      2      0    187    187    3.3
0100       0      0      0     73    132      0    205    392    7.0
0200       0     64      1      0    105      0    170    562   10.1
0300       0     43     57     13      3      0    116    678   12.1
0400       0     39     94      0      0      0    133    811   14.5
0500       0     81     70      0      0      0    151    962   17.2
0600       0     37     58      0      0      0     95   1057   18.9
0700       0      1     79      4      2      0     86   1143   20.5
0800       0      0      0      0      0      0      0   1143   20.5
0900       0      0      0      0      0      0      0   1143   20.5
1000       0      0      0      0      0      0      0   1143   20.5
1100       0      0      0      0      0      0      0   1143   20.5
1200       0      0      0      0      0      0      0   1143   20.5
1300       0      0      0      0      0    114    114   1257   22.5
1400       0      0      0      0      0    220    220   1477   26.4
1500       0      0      0      0      3    156    159   1636   29.3
1600       0      0      0      0    130     38    168   1804   32.3
1700       0      0      0      0    206      0    206   2010   36.0
1800       0      0      0      0      8    212    220   2230   39.9
1900       0      0      0      0      0    211    211   2441   43.7
2000       0      0      0      0      0    225    225   2666   47.7
2100       0      0      0      0     34    129    163   2829   50.6
2200       0      0      0     88     76      0    164   2993   53.6
2300       0     10      2     17     91      0    120   3113   55.7
0000       0      0     87      0     21      0    108   3221   57.7
0100       0      0     28     31      0      0     59   3280   58.7
0200       0      0      0    195      0      0    195   3475   62.2
0300       0      0      0    170      0      0    170   3645   65.2
0400       0      0     58     89      0      0    147   3792   67.9
0500       0      0    135      0      0      0    135   3927   70.3
0600       0     29     74      0      0      0    103   4030   72.1
0700       0      0     25      0      3      0     28   4058   72.6
0800       0      0      0      0     83     13     96   4154   74.4
0900       0      0      0      7     44      7     58   4212   75.4
1000       0      0      0      0      0      0      0   4212   75.4
1100       0      0      0      0      0      0      0   4212   75.4
1200       0      0      0      0      0      0      0   4212   75.4
1300       0      0      0      0      0      0      0   4212   75.4
1400       0      0      0      0      3      0      3   4215   75.4
1500       0      0      0      0     16    155    171   4386   78.5
1600       0      0      0      0     89     72    161   4547   81.4
1700       0      0      0      2     56     50    108   4655   83.3
1800       0      0      0      2    192      0    194   4849   86.8
1900       0      0      0      2    157      3    162   5011   89.7
2000       0      0      0      6    151      2    159   5170   92.5
2100       0      0      0    128     39      0    167   5337   95.5
2200       0      0      0      8    116      0    124   5461   97.7
2300       0      0      1    108     15      2    126   5587  100.0
Total      0    304    786   1111   1777   1609   5587

Gross QSOs=5648        Dupes=61        Net QSOs=5587

Unique callsigns worked = 4248

The best 60 minute rate was 233/hour from 1341 to 1440
The best 30 minute rate was 244/hour from 0027 to 0056
The best 10 minute rate was 270/hour from 0027 to 0036

The best 1 minute rates were:
 6 QSOs/minute   15 times.
 5 QSOs/minute  137 times.
 4 QSOs/minute  409 times.
 3 QSOs/minute  563 times.
 2 QSOs/minute  553 times.
 1 QSOs/minute  381 times.

There were 250 bandchanges and 103 (1.8%) probable 2nd radio QSOs.

Number of letters in callsigns
Letters  # worked
   3        27
   4      1692
   5      2266
   6      1534
   7        22
   8        23
   9        14
  10         9

Multi-band QSOs
1 bands    3362
2 bands     572
3 bands     199
4 bands      91
5 bands      24
6 bands       0

------- S i n g l e   B a n d   Q S O s ------
Band    160     80     40     20     15     10
QSOs      0    136    362    629   1119   1116

Call: CR3A              Class: M/2 HP                   Total Score = 57,888,544
Another participation from de CT3 Madeira Contest Team.
We had some problems in the begining of the contest on 40 meters.We had to stop
the station to repair the Amplifier and the Stackmacth. This took almost 3 hours
to repair so 40m operation was compromised for the first night.
However we had a good opening on 10m and all the hight bands.
Thanks to all participants specially to all the ones who contact us during the
contest and to all who spotted us on the cluster, that is really a great help.
CU all in the next one.

Call: CR6T              Class: SOSB15 HP                Total Score = 10,784,688
Wow what a weekend, great contest.
Great condition right at the begining of contest, but was too tired to be up
all night, stay up until 2h30, then whent for a rest.
Finished 1st day with about 2500 QSO, then decided to go to sleep to meet the
36 hours rule(bad decision). Sunday started very slowly and by midday only
another 300 QSO were in the log.Then conditions started to slowly improve.

I apolagize to the stations i didn't ear sunday afternoon, but S-9 rain static
didn't allow me to ear ...fortunatly only for about 30 minutes.

Worked JA's just about every hour of the day with great signals

Target was 4000 Q's and 1300 mults, and I almost did it, passed European
record, lets hope by enough margin to  keep it.

Thanks to all who called, see you in the next one....on 15 meters

73's Tony

HY GAIN 155CA + KLM 15M6 (modifyed design)

Call: CS9/PD3EM         Class: SOAB(TS) LP              Total Score = 1,267,010
Thanks to DJ6QT, DF7ZS and the RRDXA to let me use this station!

Call: CT9/R9DX          Class: M/S HP                   Total Score = 22,461,080
ANT: 10M - 2*4el. yagi
     15M - 4el. yagi
     40M-10M - GP (Ultra Beam)
TX:  Elecraft K3 + Acom 2000A


Call: CW5W              Class: M/2 HP                   Total Score = 23,428,761
After the good success in RUDX doing Multi Two we decided to enter again Multi
Two in WPX SSB

This time we have two new operators: Pablo CX7ACH and Wilder CX6DRA. With Leo
CX3AL, Alvaro CX4SS, Carlos CX5CBA and me completing the Team.

Weather was very bad, too much raining, lighting and wind. We had a problem in
the 10 and 20 mts antennas rotor indicator. Conditions not good, we run mostly
in 10 and 15 mts. On other bands was very dificult to break the EU-USA wall.

See you in WPX CW


Call: D44AC             Class: SOSB15(R) HP             Total Score = 9,461,754
The first time you never forget!
First CQWPX, first contest in 15M and above the first contest at D4C Station.
I take this opportunity to thank the whole team D4C for the great opportunity
given to me.
I think D4C is a great school, not only for amateur radio rookie like me, but
for all amateurs radio.
>From Cape Verde can make connections not possible from other parts of the
Beautiful propagation, fantastic openings with JA and Pacific area .
Unfortunately, being my first time I have not been able to make the most of the
setup and the potential of the location. Given the lack of experience, i made
a few mistakes and has compromised the final score.
I came back home in Italy with a great memory of this experience that taught me
so many things and i've already longing for those hours.
I think at home we're all good operators, but when you're at D4C... it really
shows who has the numbers!
Just look at the results of I4UFH in CQWPX 15M in 2012 and IZ4DPV in this WPX
2014 10M.
I wanted to thank in particular IZ4DPV for taking me with him to D4 and taught
me so many things.
'73, IZ4ZAW

Call: D4C               Class: SOSB10 HP                Total Score = 18,620,224
propagation fantastic, especially at night with openings pacific and ja.
Sunday morning opened with ja short path with very strong signals!
thanks to all the Japanese stations!!
great competition with hk1k and px5e and their very high scores!
I'll see you in the next contest!
greetings from D4C!
73 iz4dpv max

Call: DA2C              Class: SOSB10 HP                Total Score = 7,792,071
Hi @ all WPX Contesters!

First of all: many thanks to Tom, DK3EE for the possibility to use his fine
for this one. As our original DA2C contest QTH has no electricity right now (we
are working on that) I asked Tom, if I can do the WPX-SSB from his station and
he agreed.
Also many thanks to him and his son Louis (DN2VHF) for giving me
moralic support and nice BBQ during the contest!
Also I want to say thank you to Frank, DL8YHR for the loan of an amplifier.

I realy did not expect the condx to be that great on 10m from DL. Long time
ago, that
I remember condx like this on 10. And maybe a long time to wait until next
time?! Who knows...

I realy had a lot of fun in this one, but also some hours of frustration,
because of
heavy QRM, splattering etc...(but this is almost the case in every SSB contest
I do)
but I keeped the butt in the chair to push the score as high as possible.

Sure a contestweekend to remember for me and I am sure many records will be
broken in this one, like
this score breaks the existing DL-record with a big margin :-)

Hope everyone had as much fun as I had and many thanks to all for the QSO!

Hear you in the next one!

Vy 73 de Heiko (Bud), DK3DM

Info of DK3EE, DK3T station see: http:\\www.qrz.com/db/dk3ee

Call: DF1LX             Class: SO(A)AB LP               Total Score = 20,056
A lot of stations have had modulation like the power amplifier will break soon -
Listen a lot to CN2AA and they did a great job - congratz

See u in CW - and hope for the same condx on all bands ...

Call: DJ8OG             Class: SO(A)AB(TS) LP           Total Score = 3,816,516
Thanks for all QSOs, this time from at home and only low power.
Good to see 10m open

Vy73 Matt, DJ8OG

Call: DK3A              Class: SO(A)AB LP               Total Score = 264,060
Tried to use verticals for 40, 80, 160m but the GRP mast crashed after a few
QSOs. So continued with Windom instead and hexbeam for 20, 15, 10m. Far better
result than last year with same (part time) effort. Good conditions on high
bands, however, missed large parts of the openings due to family duties.

Call: DK6XZ             Class: SOAB HP                  Total Score = 879,060
Contest         : CQ World Wide WPX Contest
Callsign        : DK6XZ
Mode            : PHONE
Category        : Single Operator (SO)
Station         : DM0B - Daimler Sportgemeinschaft SG Stern Rastatt
Band(s)         : All bands (AB)
Class           : High Power (HP)
Zone/State/...  :
Locator         : JN48CU
Operating time  : 6h16

  160     0   0    0       0  0.00
   80     0   0    0       0  0.00
   40     0   0    0       0  0.00
   20    26   0   25      32  1.23
   15   430   2  289    1060  2.47
   10   329   1  146     819  2.49
TOTAL   785   3  460    1911  2.43
       TOTAL SCORE : 879 060

Doppel-QSOs nicht gewertet und ohne Einfluss auf Schnitt

Operators       : E77XZ

Soapbox         : A short-time effort to accomplish as much as possible QSO's
within timeframe of 6 hours on Saturday afternoon - US/VE Prime-Time.

Nach Band - Nach Betriebsart
QSOs (ohne Dupes) - Nach Zeit

| Hr |      160 |       80 |       40 |       20 |       15 |       10 |
Total  |
|    |      SSB |      SSB |      SSB |      SSB |      SSB |      SSB |

| 09 |          |          |          |          |          |          |
| 10 |          |          |          |          |          |          |
| 11 |          |          |          |          |          |          |
| 12 |          |          |          |       26 |       69 |          |
95 |
| 13 |          |          |          |          |      126 |          |
126 |
| 14 |          |          |          |          |      127 |          |
127 |
| 15 |          |          |          |          |       96 |       48 |
144 |
| 16 |          |          |          |          |          |      145 |
145 |
| 17 |          |          |          |          |          |      115 |
115 |
| 18 |          |          |          |          |       12 |       21 |
33 |
| 19 |          |          |          |          |          |          |
| 20 |          |          |          |          |          |          |
| 21 |          |          |          |          |          |          |

|    |          |          |          |       26 |      430 |      329 |
785 |

Powered by Win-Test 4.6.0        http://www.win-test.com

Call: DL1NX             Class: SO(A)SB10 HP             Total Score = 6,486,084
I should not complain of anything but 2 things keep me away to make more QSOs.

1st - Train lines interference right between SA and NA direction (230° to
320°), probably an isolator issue and got worse when the train came, sometimes
S7 noise.

2nd - Ordinary call sign, maybe if I were an unique Multiplier prefix, more
stations would come to my CQs.

Beside of that, it was an AMAZING Contest! I had a lot of fun and enjoyed as
much as possible. I could copy everywhere at anytime, all directions. Late at
night, around 22:00 UTC I was still copying some US station with 9+ but 99% of
them beamed other side or changed band.

I've worked a lot of PYs station this time and had a little chat with some of
them and even an US station that told me that I was his first QSO on 10m ever.
I spent some time explaining about the contest and I felt great about that.

I think I'm getting old and enjoying more the contest instead getting crazy to
make 200 QSOs/hour. :)

Thanks again to Robert (DL3KO) to let me use his wonderful station on 10m while
DR1D was on 80m.


Call: DM9K              Class: M/S HP                   Total Score = 3,328,160
For us it was more a social event then a serious contest participation.
Definitely we had fun. A big thank you goes to Toffy, DJ6ZM for letting us play
once more with his outstanding station. Thanks to all for the contacts. Ralf

Call: DP6T              Class: M/2 HP                   Total Score = 11,382,282
During the 1st day we had to repair a lot of Murphy�'s work: one PA had a
failure and needed a repair. The coax from the Multiband Tower failed due to
water inside the cable (!!??). We had to lower the crankup tower and the coax
was replaced. While checking the balun, we found out that it is full of water
too... replaced. However, we could operate with the other antennas while
repairing. After all the repairs, the contest went on smoothly and we managed
to work the entire 2nd day without any new failures. After all it was a great
weekend, with many QSO, many prefixes, many guests at the station and great
Chili and great BarBQ. Thanks for all the points !

Call: E70A              Class: SOSB10 LP                Total Score = 2,366,672
After returning from Africa (J28AA, 6O3A), this was my first "field
operation". It was 4 days expedition to Mt. Konjuh 1328m a.s.l. (JN94GG).
Excellent propagation on 10m band.
I had a fun with Elecraft K3 and MPV5-28, 5 element yagi antenna designed by
Danny E73M.
Thank you all.

Call: E73M              Class: SO(A)AB LP               Total Score = 6,204,864
I was going after European record(4.6Mil.)set last year by EO3Q in SOAB(A)LP.
For sure, I made enough margin in points to pass UBN report.
Also passed world record of 5.9Mil. set in 2000 by VA3DX, but PY1NX beat me to
it, congrats.

See you in CW part.

73 Danny E73M

Call: E7A               Class: M/S HP                   Total Score = 24,670,794
A real blast and great run-in with great condx on Sunday.  Great to see EI7M
heed my words and join us on cqcontest.net.  A shame others are yet to follow
suit - but hey some adopt change quicker than others and we must be patient.
Big thanks to Rade (E77W) for keeping us fed and watered all weekend. Vlado
(E70R)and Ranko (E70R) for entertaining us (they are Bosnia's Laurel and
Hardy!) ; Zoki (E76C) for his time despite a heavy business schedule and
(9A5K) for giving us the pleasure of a full-blown test drive of DXLog (see
dxlog.net) - it worked flawlessly in our demanding M/S environment.  Finally
thanks to Braco for letting us play from E77DX.  The sun shone all weekend and
condx on the high bands appeared to have favoured stations to the north of
us..(well done to the boys @9A1P!!). We're happy to be in the mix in the top 5
- or thereabouts :-).

See you again soon,

73 9a1tt on behalf of the E7DX team.

Call: EA3QP             Class: SO(A)SB10 LP             Total Score = 501,033
Great Contest with amazing propagation conditions. This time I did the contest
at home, so it have been a  lesson to how face a contest with limited
conditions (90w and 2 el. yagi and without good visbility to USA),it was not
possible to keep a freq. for run so I've spent most of the time S&P, the
result 83% of the contacts are mults.

Propagation and runs

Eugeni - EA3QP

Call: EA5DFV            Class: SOAB HP                  Total Score = 2,180,850
Just for fun. Mostly running, and not many hours on the chair.
73 de Jose

Call: EA5ON             Class: SO(A)SB15(TS) QRP        Total Score = 25,254
After a full blown 15m effort in ARRL phone with a kilowatt and stacked yagis, I
decided it might be good to remind myself what its like to be a little pistol so
entered 15 QRP (A) from my city centre location for a few hours. Some great ears
out there! Thanks to all those guys who stuck it out, much appreciated.
Interesting to note how under marginal conditions many people got my call
wrong, most guys got me as TA instead of EA, but on the other hand everyone got
the November at the end.

Rig IC765
Optibeam OB6-3M (2 ele on 15)

Call: EA9LZ             Class: SO(A)SB15 HP             Total Score = 13,062,698
I was thinking participated in all band, inclusive with out 80, but 40 meters
antenna was not very well tunning.

So at the end I decided to be in 15.

To be honest, I enjoyed very much, except sunday, poor conditions till

As always thank you very much to my best friend Mariano 9LS and also (Premos dx
group from Ceuta), 9LS, 9GW and 9PD.

Icom 7600
Acom Amplifier
monoband 5
optibeam monoband 5
Jorge EA9LZ

Call: EB3CW             Class: SOSB15 HP                Total Score = 4,754,475
I was unable to fully raise my telescopic tower on Saturday due to very strong
winds. No decent runs any of the days.

Call: EC2DX             Class: SO(A)AB HP               Total Score = 12,438,900
Best regards

Call: EC5AN             Class: SO(A)SB20 HP             Total Score = 2,998,413
Thanks to all for the qso...

Thanks to EC5CR and EA5ZL support.



Call: ED1B              Class: M/S LP                   Total Score = 6,416,260
CallSign Used : ED1B
      Operator(s) : EA1AST, EA1GY, EA1YG, EB1TR

Operator Category : MULTI-OP
             Band : ALL
            Power : LOW
             Mode : SSB
 Default Exchange : 001
       Gridsquare : IN73DL

             Name : Demons DXers
          Address :
   City/State/Zip : Gijon    33200
          Country : SPAIN

     ARRL Section : DX
        Club/Team : None
         Software : N1MM Logger V14.3.1

        Band    QSOs    Pts  WPX
         1,8       8      15    0
         3,5     178     494  122
           7     145     471   70
          14     517    1041  219
          21     503    1109  185
          28    1150    2800  486
       Total    2501    5930 1082

Call: ED1R              Class: M/S HP                   Total Score = 18,849,096
Just 3 ops only, we couldn�'t take full potential 48h of the station with
different stations interlocked.

Our main antenna 40m is broken, we knew it would be impossible to enter in the
Top competition of EU, because we would lose many QSOs 6 points and mults in
this band. We improvised with 2 x Array vertical 40M to NA and 2 elm yagi fixed
EU, the first night bad conditions in low bands, we never get rate, we choose to
Run in 15 and 20 during the night.

At sunrise 80m good signs W6, W7 and few ZLs. 10m good opening with NA and AS
(104 JAs worked, is good number here). Maybe we had to made more interest in
10m but we listen better propagation in central europe than south area, 10m is

Problems with 40m antennas but we claimed 2 million more than last year 2013 in
same category, we are happy, we worked very hard all time.

We hope to correct problems , congratulations on the excellent results of
several stations in our category TM6M EI7M A73P UZ2M IR4M E7A SJ2W SP8R etc...
a lot of competition this year.

Next Weekend EA-RTTY (24H) http://concursos.ure.es/en/eartty/bases/

73 de ED1R Team

Call: EF7X              Class: SOSB10 HP                Total Score = 6,064,344
Good propagation, but I think they had it much better in the central part of
Europe. Congrats for the great score at G9T, DA0C, TM0T ...
Can't remember working so many JAs in a single band entry (146)from EA7.
Thanks to everybody. CU in the CW part.

Jose, EA7KW

Call: EI4CF             Class: SO(A)SB10 LP             Total Score = 1,141,240
Started to give a few qsos but was hooked by the band condx on 10m!

Call: EI7M              Class: M/S HP                   Total Score = 32,339,550
We're very glad to be back after antenna repairs following this winter's extreme
storms. Everything seemed to work ok but, even so, we had a very slow start.
However, things picked up as the weekend progressed with great conditions
developing on every band. 10m propagation was sometimes a bit light, but
signals came through until well after dark on both days. Sunday morning was a
real highlight for us with a fantastic 10m JA run - a very unusual event here!

We pushed our score to the live contest score server through the whole weekend
and it was very exciting watching the scores swap around. Congrats to all our
competitor friends in Europe for some great score, and thanks to everyone for
making it a really fun weekend.

73 from the EI7M team

Call: ES9C              Class: M/M HP                   Total Score = 76,361,670
Another totally phenomenal MM weekend. It makes us lose the sense of reality
having had the most incredible propagation 3 times in a row now (2xCQWW
included) enabling us take the most out of the station and the team. I guess
will be a real hard blow when everything returns to normal and the standard
geographical propagation laws will be restored. But we are having the fun of
our lives till this anomaly lasts and now there is nothing less to hope for
than the 27-day cycle and propagation gods will be presenting us cherry on the
cake and let us complete the magic set of 4 EU records in WPX CW.

This time we really squeezed out 100% from the situation. Station that was
thoroughly rehersed last year worked totally flawlessly (which is incredible
itself considering the complexity and scope of the operation) and the
did everything right (finally:)). Key's to success:

- 15m monster. The effect of it continues to leave us speechless. ca 2300
contacts and 600 JA's. Having the band open almost 48 hours for us did of
help as well:)

- Agressive S&P with separate S&P stations who made nearly 2000 QSOs
RUN bands

- Agressive QSY-ing. Finally the operators understood that we need to QSY
everyone, everywhere and always! And that gave us nearly 1000 extra QSOs.

- 2 RUN ops in parallel listening to different directions helped not to miss
the callers and reduce operator mistakes.

- Almost interference free environment (except for harmonic frequencies) thanks
to W3NQN and 4O3A filters, 4O3A triplexers and adequate antenna separation.
Having a quiet 10M band when all the other stations is transmitting is an
incredible achievement.

- ES2DW and ES2ADF well-known cooking:)

Running against the 2011 DR1A score was a great thrill. Sorry to hear that
things did not go as well at 9A1A. Good luck to all competitors in CW part and
cu then.


By band - By mode
QSOs (with dupes) - By time

| Hr | 160 |  80 |  40 |  20 |  15 |  10 |Total|
| 00 |  83 | 129 |  95 | 125 |     |     | 432 |
| 01 |  45 |  86 | 136 |  96 |   3 |     | 366 |
| 02 |  36 |  84 |  66 | 142 |  22 |     | 350 |
| 03 |  21 |  56 |  68 | 160 |  51 |   1 | 357 |
| 04 |  14 |  33 |  89 | 147 | 131 |  17 | 431 |
| 05 |   4 |  16 |  59 | 146 | 127 |  61 | 413 |
| 06 |     |  13 |  66 | 110 | 146 |  90 | 425 |
| 07 |   1 |  44 |  42 | 120 | 131 |  93 | 431 |
| 08 |     |   8 |  25 | 100 | 113 |  83 | 329 |
| 09 |     |     |  26 |  93 | 120 |  81 | 320 |
| 10 |     |     |  11 | 119 | 104 |  69 | 303 |
| 11 |     |     |  12 | 102 | 167 |  85 | 366 |
| 12 |     |     |   7 | 114 | 135 |  60 | 316 |
| 13 |     |     |  15 | 103 | 181 |  60 | 359 |
| 14 |     |     |  38 |  93 | 119 |  61 | 311 |
| 15 |   2 |   9 |  64 |  97 | 176 |  55 | 403 |
| 16 |   4 |   9 |  53 |  91 | 131 |  82 | 370 |
| 17 |  15 |  30 |  57 | 101 | 153 |  71 | 427 |
| 18 |  24 |  49 |  58 | 100 | 150 | 110 | 491 |
| 19 |  29 |  51 |  72 | 112 | 144 |  94 | 502 |
| 20 |  18 |  42 |  72 |  87 | 137 | 111 | 467 |
| 21 |  36 |  48 |  54 | 108 | 157 |   4 | 407 |
| 22 |  41 |  54 |  57 |  90 | 101 |     | 343 |
| 23 |  17 |  47 |  57 |  98 |  30 |   1 | 250 |
| 00 |  31 |  26 |  60 |  85 |  13 |     | 215 |
| 01 |   9 |  19 |  52 |  86 |  41 |     | 207 |
| 02 |  10 |  16 |  34 | 107 |  49 |     | 216 |
| 03 |  11 |  17 |  29 |  89 |  78 |   3 | 227 |
| 04 |   2 |  10 |  42 | 110 | 103 |  34 | 301 |
| 05 |   2 |   9 |  30 |  93 |  71 |  47 | 252 |
| 06 |     |   1 |  31 |  77 |  68 |  70 | 247 |
| 07 |     |     |  28 |  67 |  70 |  80 | 245 |
| 08 |     |   2 |  20 |  56 |  83 |  89 | 250 |
| 09 |     |     |  15 |  68 |  85 |  54 | 222 |
| 10 |     |     |  14 |  51 |  63 |  48 | 176 |
| 11 |     |   9 |   7 |  51 |  80 |  55 | 202 |
| 12 |     |     |   7 |  45 | 107 | 109 | 268 |
| 13 |     |   2 |   7 |  68 |  95 | 108 | 280 |
| 14 |     |   1 |  20 |  58 | 105 | 140 | 324 |
| 15 |     |   5 |  30 |  77 | 132 | 124 | 368 |
| 16 |   3 |  13 |  32 |  54 | 126 | 122 | 350 |
| 17 |   6 |  14 |  29 |  55 |  93 | 121 | 318 |
| 18 |   9 |  13 |  34 |  63 |  91 | 117 | 327 |
| 19 |  14 |  12 |  46 |  71 |  86 |  65 | 294 |
| 20 |  16 |  38 |  53 |  51 |  97 |  69 | 324 |
| 21 |   6 |  35 |  50 |  65 |  81 |     | 237 |
| 22 |  26 |  22 |  57 |  47 |   9 |     | 161 |
| 23 |  11 |  20 |  44 |  51 |   1 |     | 127 |
|    | 546 |1092 |2070 |4299 |4556 |2744 |15307|

ES9C - Continents
By band - By mode
QSOs (with dupes)

| Band / Mode |   EU   |   NA   |   SA   |   AF   |   AS   |   OC   |
|  160    SSB |  97.1% |   0.5% |   0.2% |   0.2% |   2.0% |        |
|   80    SSB |  93.8% |   1.5% |   0.5% |   0.5% |   3.8% |        |
|   40    SSB |  69.6% |  14.5% |   2.4% |   0.7% |  10.4% |   2.4% |
|   20    SSB |  40.5% |  46.5% |   2.1% |   0.8% |   7.3% |   2.7% |
|   15    SSB |  26.1% |  50.2% |   1.9% |   1.1% |  18.4% |   2.3% |
|   10    SSB |  26.1% |  44.0% |   5.9% |   2.5% |  18.3% |   3.2% |

Call: EU1A              Class: SOAB HP                  Total Score = 11,177,504
Incredible condition on high bands. Nice activity.
Thanks to all stations for calling!
Congrats on the new records set!

73! Serge EU1A

Call: EU1AZ             Class: SOSB40 HP                Total Score = 1,029,496

Call: F/E73CQ           Class: SOAB QRP                 Total Score = 146,234
part time fun..thank you all for copy my weak sig..cu in cw 73

Call: F1IWH             Class: SOAB LP                  Total Score = 84,336
Rig Kenwood TS450S max 100W.
73 all the best an thank you for nice Qso's.

Call: F1UVN             Class: SO(A)SB10 HP             Total Score = 301,509
The game for me on this contest, do as much MULTI vs as much QSO, complete
contract :-) Only not for 1 qso :-(

Call: F4GDI             Class: SOAB(TS) LP              Total Score = 515,584
Rig Yaesu FT 950 max 100W.
73/88 all the best an thank you for nice Qso's

Call: F8AKS             Class: SOSB15 QRP               Total Score = 165,870
Tx : FT920 - 5w
Ant : 154CD @ 13m

Call: G2F               Class: SO(A)AB(TS) HP           Total Score = 6,258,546
The goal for the weekend was 4m point as the current England record for TB wires
is just less than 3m and coming off the back of the RTTY round, if the bands
stayed in good shape I thought I could crack 4m.

Entering into the SOAB(A) TB Wires category for 36 hours using a modified KLM
KT34A Tribander @ 60ft, Inverted V Dipoles for 40/80m @ 80ft, 40m Ground plane
vertical, Inverted L for top band, K9AY RX loop with K3 and Acom 1000
This contest was great fun and the bands seemed good, especially HF, 160M was
quiet. Weather was good with little wind and some nice spring sunshine.

Started at around 4am on 80m with some great runs and good multi count then
working my way up, found a few runs to Far east on 15m and 10m but really
concentrated on getting a good base of WPX multis, and aiming for around 1400
qso and about 2m points by midnight, The HF bands were pretty good yielding the
base wpx mults mixed in with a few runs. Late evening I worked a few on 160m but
found 20m still buzzing so with a longish run on 20m late Saturday it gave me a
good springboard for Sunday, with the run ending at about 12:50am I decided to
get some rest.

Sunday started again at 4am on 80m and 40m with some good 6 point qso runs
before moving up the bands once again, the morning seemed average with band
space being a problem and the fact that there are so many very dirty and wide
signals, taking up space for 3 - 4 stations makes life very difficult, This
issue really needs addressing by the contest committees by way of
disqualification, no matter who the stations are !!!

Back off my soap box 10m took off just after noon with some very long and fast
runs into north America and I soon saw the score rocket past my 4m goal and on,
more long runs on 15m and 10m finally saw the 36 hours come up with a total raw
2417 QSO's, 1134 WPX and a Total raw Score of         6,258,546.

Again I think this is a great format contest bringing out some weird and
wonderful prefixes but also making a G station just as wanted as a GD / GM / GJ
etc which in other contest format is defiantly lacking, for me it feels like a
good leveller, however I think action needs to be taken against the blatant use
of very dirty signals to keep the space either side of the offenders operating
frequency clear.

Until the next one, stay safe in these great band condition times!

Jim M0CKE  G2F From the flat fens!!

Call: G8DX              Class: SO(A)SB10 HP             Total Score = 6,623,504
First ever CQ WPX Entry.

Call: GM8SBH            Class: SO(A)AB(TS) HP           Total Score = 685,124
Excellent conditions. Testing new HF antenna.

Equipment ICOM 7600, ACOM 1010 400watts. Hexbeam for 20, 15, 10 and 40m quarter
wave vertical

Call: GW4BLE            Class: SOAB HP                  Total Score = 1,291,444
Only QRV for a few hours Saturday, my radio shack is being renovated - new
windows, carpet, paintwork etc... so everything is being removed in preparation
for the work.     See you back on the bands soon.....

In the meanwhile, audio from all my contests in the last ten years is available
at http://www.gw4ble.dxlist.co.uk

(the web guru who handles all this for me - Andy MW0MWZ - is currently in XE so
this current WPX contest may not yet be available)



Call: HA3DX             Class: SOSB40 HP                Total Score = 2,814,880
First time could I use two Lazy-H antennas.(NW-SE and NE-SW covered)
RX antenna K9AY (tnx HA5IW)

Highlight of contest to get a call from ZL7AAA, V51V, OA4/XQ3SA, T6RH,XE3N...

Thanks for all QSO's.

73's from Hungary

Charlie HA4XH

Call: HA8LLK            Class: SOAB LP                  Total Score = 445,905

      Call:      HA8LLK
      Category:  Single Operator
      Power:     Low Power
      Band:      All Band
      Mode:      SSB
      Country:   Hungary


      160        0        0   0.0        0
       80        0        0   0.0        0
       40      225      521   2.3      157
       20      191      271   1.4      124
       15      156      222   1.4       92
       10       45       87   1.9       32

     Totals    617     1101   1.8      405  =   445,905

RIG : FT-450D 100W + Balcony 4Band Vertical

Call: HB2T              Class: M/2 HP                   Total Score = 8,971,224
No time to build the station at HB9EE QTH, so we used the station of HB9ELV. Fun
weekend, repaired to VL-1000 before contest started ;(
Condx on topbands were special :S. OB 11-3 @ 18m, Dipole 2x42m @ 30m, 80m
Vertical - That was all :)

Call: HB9AA             Class: SOSB15 LP                Total Score = 245,700
K3  100 Watts

Antenna Force 12 C-4s

Call: HG1A              Class: SO(A)SB15(TS) HP         Total Score = 1,894,464
RIG: TS-870s + 1300 watts (made home amp. limited GU5B )
ANT: 3 el try bander

73! Zsolt

Call: HG7T              Class: M/2 HP                   Total Score = 27,205,200
Vy 73! Tibi HA7TM

Call: HG8R              Class: SOAB HP                  Total Score = 11,599,762
Station info: http://www.qrz.com/db/ha8jv
I started on 80m, big mistake!
Mine phone rang at 0630z, people have come to work in the field.
I finished the contest and i went to collect the beverages(of course with mine
Wife, she was not happy but help me:)).
Thanks for all callers and congrat. for many nice result!
73 from Pali HA8JV!

Call: HI3CC             Class: M/S HP                   Total Score = 12,116,860




Call: HI3TEJ            Class: SOSB20(TS) LP            Total Score = 3,967,504
Thanks to everyone called me on this busy 20 meter band
I'm very sorry for the ones I did nor heard.
My Steppir at 25 feet really played very well,
Still in a recovery process but I can't wait to get in action so
I decided to play the contest and I really enjoyed even have to take pills
and pain reliever every 4 hours.

Thanks God for every step I make.

See you in the next pile, in God willing hope to make the effort as I always
in the past SOAB, because single band really exhausted me too much...

Station FTDX5000 @ 100 WATTS

Ted Jimenez
Puerto Plata

Call: HK1NA             Class: SOSB15 HP                Total Score = 7,169,001
Thanks all worked QSO. The conditions were very good at the start of the contest
until the solar flare appeared.

During a full hour is not quite hear anything. Then the signals were until the
end of the contest very attenuated, which made unable to work EU as usual.

Many thanks to HK1R Jorge and Jumanji Field contest station crew to give me an
opportunity, hospitality and friendship to operate in this Big Gun.

Esteban LW1DTZ

Call: HK1X              Class: SOSB10 HP                Total Score = 16,512,363
Very beautiful contest, nice band excellent conditions all the time ear
You can view my comments on
, I wait for D4C and PX5E scores nice operators.
Many thanks to HK1R Jorge and Jumanji Field contest station to give me a chance
to operate in the beautiful station again and all the time.
See you in the next contest

Call: HS4SSP            Class: M/S HP                   Total Score = 1,814,360
Was a fun weekend with decent conditions and breaking in many new young,newly
licensed Thai Hams from the Maha Sarakham University into contesting.They even
brought along a 4 element 15 meter mono band beam and installed it on the tower
at 55 feet to help out our signal into Europe ! A very ambitious group who also
know how to party as well. About 15 guys and girls set up tents in the yard and
spent the first night camping out here ! Thanks for all the qso's and your
patience with the newbies. Peter,HS0ZKX

Call: I2WIJ             Class: SO(A)AB(TS) HP           Total Score = 404,785
I choose TB-WIRES but actually I only have WIRES! and no time!
hi! Bob, I2WIJ

Call: IB9T              Class: M/2 HP                   Total Score = 28,481,589
Our target was 28 millions points and we're fully satisfied to achieve that
Some Murphy's invasions have not been enough to limit our fantastic good time
in joining this WPX's edition. Serious problems to the network caused a lot of
troubles to the log management, mostly in taking count of QSYs and mults'
check. Fired also a couple of 3-500Z :-(
Superb conditions on high bands, all saturday long, gave our numbers a real
kick up. It was not the same on sunday, with hardly limited really good runs
and the lost of a nice position against the UFB PI4DX crew: we did our best,
KUDOS to them!

See you in next CW leg!

one of IB9T/IR9Y

Call: IC8POF            Class: SO(A)SB15 HP             Total Score = 1,110,000
First ever contest on 15mt using the modified FT1000mkV-FIeld and my hybrid KLM
KT37. Super performance of the antenna despite my poor location.
I have to use a ground plane DX88 to copy the OFF_Beam stations.
Very difficult to find a free freq above 21200khz.
Thank to All for the qsos.
CU soon

Call: II4K              Class: SOSB10 QRP               Total Score = 943,531
nice opening with NA & OC at the same time during the evening,easy to brek
the pileup also in QRP with the neu antenna setup at 100 feet high
I was hoping for a thousand QSOs but I'm happy the same
see you next time de IZ4AMS/II4K

Call: II9P              Class: M/M HP                   Total Score = 51,125,613
Italian Contest Club

Call: IO4W              Class: SO(A)SB15(TS) HP         Total Score = 2,785,419
Started very tired because of some work commitments and some hours late in the
morning. Very good propagation on Saturday, band closed very late in the
On Sunday, under more "normal" conditions, I didn't exploit the band
very well.
Difficult to find (and keep) a clear frequency because of the numerous stations
on the band.
Still fighting with tremendous splattering on the band, much coming from
Eastern EU stations.
Had fun anyway, thanks to anyone who worked me!!


Call: IO5O              Class: M/S HP                   Total Score = 15,129,830
Cu next year !

73 de IO5O - Italian Contest Club

Call: IR4M              Class: M/S HP                   Total Score = 22,315,057
This has been our very first WPX as Multi-op and that was fun!
Saturday outstanding conditions on high bands, with fantastic runs till
late in the evening (our best hour at 3z on 20m says it all). Sunday
conditions worsened, and during the afternoon pile-ups never really took

Nice to see more competitors on cqcontest this time, it was great!

See you next

Call: IR6T              Class: M/S HP                   Total Score = 11,037,364
Great contest as usual!
Our target was 3500 qsos and we managed to reach that.
The hardware have worked great even if it was the first time we tested this
Need to improve the rx antennas (the inband station was a bit deaf) and the

Some new operator joined us for the first time in a world wide contest (IZ6FUQ
& IZ6CRK). They have a good potential to become good contesters. We hope
you will join us more frequently and for the entire contest.

Congratulations to our italian (and also european) competitors.

See you next year!

Call: IR9W              Class: SO(A)SB10 HP             Total Score = 5,560,272

Call: IT9DFI            Class: SOSB10 HP                Total Score = 1,501,222
A lot of fun!
 My target was 1000 qso! I can made much more. Maybe my inexperience
 not give me the opportuny to do more. I hope that in the next year will
 be this good condition!

 Good partecipation and good fair play.

 I am embiterred for the abominable behaviour of HK1X. He came near enough
 to "my calling frequency", I was in that frequenzy about 2 hours! He
 glutted my radio with him broadcasting power!
 I had ask to make qsy but HE did not listen me, so I made the qso with
 he, I gave the number and I tried to explane the situation but, He after
 give me the number, make to believe do not hear me! So I lost my small
 pile up to America, becuase I made obbligated qsy!
 I think this is not ham spirit!

 Anyway I hope to listen again you on the next contest!

 Yeasu ft 920
 Al 811 Hxce (500 w)
 Antenna:(Fishing Rod Wire) Yagi Antenna Homemade 3 el for 15 mt + 5
 elements for 10 mt about 12 mt from the ground.

Call: IT9SPB            Class: SO(A)SB15 HP             Total Score = 4,212,710
Tnx to @LL
CU next time...!!!



Call: IY1GMS            Class: M/S HP                   Total Score = 15,977,550
Once again a great fun @IQ1RY! And as usual the station work great, with no
hardware problem during the contest! And as usual no contest can be made
without the station setup of Flavio IK1RQT and Flavio IK1SPR and the logistic
and the time spent by Renato I1BEP.

Thanks to Albarto IV3BSY and Nicola IV3CWB that have made a 5 hours car travel
to come to operate here. This time we also have some novice operating this
contest: Alessandro IW1ROR and Salvatore IZ1PLH made they first running QSO
during a CQ contest @IQ1RY.

The first plan was to make a M2 but then the local op were all not fulltime so
at the end we decide to enter on MS and this was the rigth choice since ur
guest operator were forced to leave earlier than expected.

Band condition on high band were really incredible: 10m were open almost until
21z with really strong, 15m as well on a good shape but with not so many people
and 20m open for all day long with incredible signal for all nigth from US. On
the other side on 40m and 80m  there were few people and we have some problem
to find a running frequency.

About the call: IY1GMS is a special callsign to mark the 100th anniversary of
the appointment of Guglielmo Marconi Life Senator of the Kingdom of Italy,
December 30, 1914. It will be active until 31 December 2014.

I think we will remember this contest for a while but we cannot wait until the
next one!

See you during the ARI DX contest on 3/4 May!

Filippo IZ1LBG (and all IQ1RY team)

Call: IZ3NVR            Class: SO(A)AB QRP              Total Score = 542,520
Great contest. Awesome conditions especially on 10m where I should have stayed
more time. Low bands were just a no-way here. Either the power or some bad
local noise and couldn't net much in there. 80m were completely helpless.

All of the QSOs were made in S&P, didn't even try to call CQ. Absolutely no
QSOs with Oceania, very few with Africa and the most coming from EU and NA. 15m
keep being my best band and netting the bigger QSO amount.

In the overall I am more than satisfied, managed to break the half-a-million
barrier in QRP for the first time and this really apprise me.

Hats off for NA1DX for his outstanding score, I have to admit that I was quite
comfortable with my score at the end of the contest but he really did a great
job !!

See you next contest hoping for great conditions and to be able to break this
500k barrier once again :)

Stefano, IZ3NVR

Call: K0AE              Class: SO(A)AB HP               Total Score = 13,396
Band    QSOs    Pts  WPX
    14      41     100   39
    21      30      85   24
    28       5      12    5
 Total      76     197   68
Score: 13,396

Call: K0OO              Class: SOSB10 LP                Total Score = 52,535
Murphy was always in the shadows.  Great fun and what a band.
Many thanks to my host W3RFC for the use of the station.
Everything was memorable including the weather here.
Lets see what will be around the corner.  Thanks to all.
73   Pat K0OO.

Call: K0TT              Class: SOAB HP                  Total Score = 1,652,400
Poor condx Friday and Saturday on 20m thru 10m, but 40m was in good shape.
Propagation was back to normal on the higher frequencies on Sunday, and I could
finally get some runs going. Only had a few hours operating time on Sunday, but
more than made up for the poor condx on the other days.

Call: K0VXU             Class: SOSB15 HP                Total Score = 610,720
Rig:  IC-746PRO, TL-922A, TH6DXX

Very limited time for this one so I chose 15 meters, single band category.
Conditions were good as I was able to hear and work Europe and Southeast Asia
most of the time.  Nearly half of the QSO's were from S&P for the biggest
part of my operating time.  Running was done on the second day near the end of
the contest period.

Thanks to all who were patient with me in trying to be as accurate as possible
lest my score is reduced by 10% (my usual for CQWW tests).

Good to hear many contest friends participating in this one.  Lots of activity.
 The morning hours both days had high activity levels and the QRM stretched from
21.2 to 21.45 MHz.  Afternoons and evenings saw the activity levels decrease but
they were full of multipliers.

This one is always fun and this year was no different.  See you next year.

Russ - K0VXU

Call: K1DQV             Class: SOAB LP                  Total Score = 814,350
Low power and wires is a real challange!!

Call: K1SD              Class: SO(A)AB LP               Total Score = 685,893
73 James K1SD

Call: K2PS              Class: SOSB10 LP                Total Score = 101,612
10M dipole only

Call: K3JT              Class: SOAB HP                  Total Score = 769,560
Wow !

Call: K3MD              Class: M/S HP                   Total Score = 5,649,150
Highest score in WPX of any kind from this station!

Call: K3NDM             Class: SOAB LP                  Total Score = 200,613
A KX3 + KXPA 100 + Carolina Windom up 40'

 Band    QSOs    Pts  WPX
   3.5       9      19    9
     7      21      82   12
    14      65     177   44
    21     105     295   77
    28     105     288   91
 Total     305     861  233
Score: 200,613

Call: K4BAI             Class: SOAB(TS) HP              Total Score = 623,702
FT1000MP, Alpha 91b, 1.5 KW, zepp, inverted vee, dipole, tee vertical.  Was
scheduled to operate on 20M at NQ4I M/M this weekend, but I came down with a
head cold and when I got to Rick's we decided it would be best if I didn't try
to operate there and probably give the cold to other operators.  I felt pretty
rotten all weekend, and all contacts were S&P, a first for me.  The coax
has come off my beam, so I used all wire antennas.  Band conditions on all
bands seemed pretty good except that QRN was very high on 160M Friday night.
Thanks for all QSOs.  Think this is the first time ever that my being sick kept
me from a full-time operation in a major contest.  73, John, K4BAI.

Call: K4TOJ             Class: M/S LP                   Total Score = 4,332
Had fun while I participated.  Used a TS-590S with Carolina Windom Compact 80 at
about 10M high.

Call: K5EWJ             Class: SOAB HP                  Total Score = 796,930
My equipment was a TS-480 and SPE 1K-FA Amp, 3 element SteppIR with 40 dipole,
60 ft vertical wire for 80 with trap and extension for inverted L on 160.
Conditions could have been better as Saturday had light rain all day with not
enough to wash the insulators, just enough to wet the dirt and make noise.
Storms in the area on Friday night made the low bands very noisy and difficult.
 No DX on 160, just a few contacts from the multi-multi operations.  80 was a
bit better, but not all that good.  Not many station, but some good Europeans
on Sat/Sun period.  I have seen more countries in the World Wide CW, but most
of the regular countries showed.  I was glad to see A73A for my all mode DXCC
#335/322.  This is a new high score for me, but it is harder to keep on
trucking during the wee hours.

Call: K6CSL             Class: SOAB LP                  Total Score = 40,228
A new station record. The bands were fantastic. Great first event for my new
HyGain 12AVQ Vertical now residing in my back yard, just hidden behind the
It has been years since I've heard 10m in such good shape. I can't wait for CW,
since phone is hardly my forte. Bert, K6CSL

Call: K6DDJ             Class: SO(A)AB HP               Total Score = 204,078
Great contest.  The solar flare Saturday morning caused so wild conditions for a
while but then settle out.  Was able to stay in the chair longer this contest
for some reason.  Looking forward to the next contest.

Call: K6ELE             Class: SO(A)AB HP               Total Score = 254,665
First serious attempt at contesting.Lots of fun. Got started and kept at it.
Learned a lot and hope to improve next year.

Call: K6GHA             Class: SOAB LP                  Total Score = 1,213,855
It was feast or famine for this contest, which included a few power outages
(unexpected), scheduled events (expected), and some late discoveries(in band
openings). 10m was surprisingly good!
Highlights for me included Laos, Turkey, Kuwait, and Lebanon in the log. Left
contest time on the table, which I could have used... seemed like a lot of
folks were up there with some incredible scores. WOW conditions must have been
better than I was able to show in my count.
A good weekend followed by the IDXC in Visalia next weekend. Looking forward to
saying Hi!

Call: K6JEB             Class: SO(A)AB HP               Total Score = 133,929
OMG 10M!!!!  What a blast!  In between my nephew's birthday party, lawn chores,
and a perfect Sunday afternoon, I managed to do some S&P plus spotting.  So
much great DX!!!

Call: K6MM              Class: SO(A)AB(TS) LP           Total Score = 150,591
Just a few hours of fun.  Outstanding conditions on 10M and 15M. 73, John, K6MM

Call: K6ND              Class: M/S HP                   Total Score = 11,869,060
C31XR @ 17M  on a HG54
2L40 @ 18.5M
  80M wire Inverted-L 4-Square in trees
160M wire Inverted-L 4-Square in trees
EU & JA 800ft beverages

160 was very good D1 03Z !
Propagation was great until Saturday morning D1.

D2: Ran Europe on 20M from 03Z to 09Z, then it was off to 15M.
High band Propagation was better. 10 would vary from all Zone 14 and then
let a few UA9's and YB's thru.

Will, K6ND is very happy with the score !

Call: K6RIM             Class: SO(A)AB HP               Total Score = 295,885
Very modest effort, due to getting ready to move to new QTH. Conditions were
pretty decent.

Call: K6SCA             Class: SOAB HP                  Total Score = 513,248
Somewhat limited operating time due to obligations, but had a blast and exceeded
my goal!
Did even get to the low bands, 10 meters was wide open! Never knew where your
next call was going to come from.

Call: K6TUJ             Class: SOAB(TS) LP              Total Score = 41,151
Great fun on 10 & 15. Sun was cooperative.

Call: K7BVT             Class: SOAB HP                  Total Score = 209,125
10 meters was great again.  TS-940, LK500, TH7 at 40' and 40m dipole.

Call: K7EG              Class: SO(A)AB HP               Total Score = 121,667
Not a favorite contest nor mode.  15M was the money band.  Just piddled.

Call: K7JQ              Class: SO(A)AB LP               Total Score = 10,332
No available time + no available amp (Acom A1000 on order) = token score.
Bands sounded great(at least 10 and 15 did for the time I was on), lots of DX,
but I was consistently stepped on with low power into the screwdriver antenna.
Hope propagation is this good for CW at the end of May.

73,  Bob K7JQ

Call: K7MY              Class: SOSB10 HP                Total Score = 1,984
Token activity only.

Call: K7RB              Class: SO(A)AB(TS) HP           Total Score = 725,580
Lots of new countries in my log this contest. Had a great time.

Call: K7WP              Class: SO(A)SB10 LP             Total Score = 24,960
FT1000MP/ Force12 6BA @ 45'/ Mosley CL33 @ 30'/ N1MM

A few points for the Arizona Outlaws with limited time. Thanks for the

John K7WP ..
Go AZ Outlaws...!

Call: K7ZO              Class: SO(A)SB40(TS) HP         Total Score = 35,828
Just playing around here and there. Always amazed at what my inverted V that is
20 feet up at its highest is able to work. Pretty much could work everyone I
heard with the exception of the Europeans.


Call: K7ZS              Class: SO(A)AB HP               Total Score = 2,871,015
Who says you can't get enough of a good thing!  We'll look back on this contest,
with the dominance of 10 meters, and lust for these kinds of conditions.

Now THAT was fun!

73 Kevin K7ZS

Call: K8BL              Class: SO(A)AB(TS) LP           Total Score = 2,036,556
Great condx and great activity!!!! The high Bands were literally wall-to-wall!

Call: K8PGJ             Class: SOAB LP                  Total Score = 1,133,348
Highest horizontal antenna was 25 feet.

Call: K9CT              Class: M/M HP                   Total Score = 32,544,330
Wow...we had a blast in the is contest! The conditions were only fair in the
first 24 hours but improved the last 24 hours for us. Activity was very good
with many prefixes on the air.

Our team goal was to break the 1980 W9 record set by W9ZRX team. We had never
done a M/M from K9CT but decided that it was "rate" contest and that
we would be able to utilize our setup for that purpose in this contest. K9CT
contest is optimized for M/2 or M/1 operation.

The team was assembled right after my return from FT5ZM and it was exciting to
see that conditions have been very good. Each person expressed their excitement
for what could be done under the right conditions.

The contest started well but as usual the early hours were not as fast as we
would like. There had been some solar activity that absorbed most Asia signals
on the high bands and few JA were worked. EU was working each other on the
other bands so it was harder to run...so we went up and down each of the lower
bands trying to snag the QSOs. Both K3WA and

N7MB spelled the team during the night and chased down many QSOs on 40, 80 and
160. It was a pleasant surprise to have a good opening on 15m to EU in the
early morning hours.

Saturday morning we had hoped for rate on 20, 15 and 10 but the flare had
throttled back the time of the openings and intensity. 20 and 15 finally
allowed us to run but at less

rates than anticipated. 10 was a disappointment as we could only work S&P
on a SE path for most of the morning. By 1600Z we could finally call direct to
EU and hold a run frequency. We watched www.cqcontest.net as NQ4I was running
all morning and we could not match their QSO total or mults.

By 1300Z we had surpassed the old W9 record....and now what? Our M/2 record was
set in 2013 and embarked on beating our 13.5M points and 1307 mult records. Each
operator was having a blast running as we were not limited by band changes any
more...we were on three bands most of the time and would try to be on a fourth
if possible. The morning and

evening grey line periods were very good. We could have used 5 radios to catch
all of the action....(next time?) Anyhow, it did not take long for us to
overcome the M/2 W9 records. The team was getting word that the band conditions
were now improving as looked forward to better conditions. We quickly setup two
stackmatches in the shack to allow

operators to be in two different directions...need to figure out a better way
to handle this for next time.

The openings to JA, OC and AS were much better on the second night. Long
opening to JA on 10m with our best rates so far. Stations were cranking away on
20, 15 and 10 for many hours into the night. This was tough as we needed to get
more QSOs in the log on the low bands where the high QSO points were waiting.
40 was very good but 80 and 160 were

tough....lots of noise greeted us each night from spring storms across NA. This
is where a 5th radio setup would have been quite helpful. Maybe it was a
coincidence, but the rate was quite high after the operators each had a Bud

The team started early mentioning our other frequencies to callers and it was
accepted very well. Lots of stations moved to other bands...most of our 160
QSOs were moved there from  80 and 40 QSOs. We had several stations who were
#1,2 and 3...obviously they had as much fun as we did working them. Thanks to
all of the stations that did work us on many bands!

We also had several ham visitors during the weekend. Two were new contesters
and sat with our ops and listened to them operate. Both were encouraged to sit
at an open radio and operate....KC0TOT and KB9PPY made several QSOs....in fact
did a great job! KC0TOT and his wife, KD0EKA joined SMC during his stay.

Again N7MB and K3WA filled in on the second night so that our operators could
get some needed sleep. KC0TOT also filled a seat during the night and helped
out. Operators were anticipating good runs in the morning when they awoke. And
they were not disppointed....Sunday was a better day. 20 started early with 15m
close behind. 10m opened quickly and was there all day. Good LP openings to AS
and OC on 20m as well.

The team kept at it and watched as WX3B joined the online scoring on
cqcontest.net. Wow..all day horse race. NQ4I had a good lead on us but WX3B was
in our zone. It was back and forth all day....Jim's team got an early jump with
the east coast advantage to EU. But we pressed on not knowing that all of us
would surpass the USA mark set by KM3T team in 2000 and the prefix record of
K1LZ set in 2010.

Matt, KB9UWU was to leave with an hour early to make it to a band practice. No
way was he going to leave the chair! He kept pounding away...each operator was
pleading for mults and QSOs like mad! We watched the live scores like the
finish to many of the NCAA basketball games this weekend....back and forth with
WX3B. We held our collective breath as the clock ticked to the end. We resynched
and rescored the log and uploaded our final score....just squeaking by WX3B.
Just like a last second shot from half court swished through the net. Now to
find out how accurate we logged... :-)!

Thanks for all of the team members... K3WA, K9CT, K9QQ, K9ZO, KB9OWD, KB9PPY,
KB9UWU, KC0TOT, N7MB, WE9V for their comradery during the 48 hours. The food
and conversation were great.

Also, thanks and congratulations to the teams of NQ4I and WX3B for a fun
weekend! We truly enjoyed the competition.

73, Craig K9CT

Call: K9FY              Class: SOSB10 HP                Total Score = 3,424,065
Fantastic condx!

Call: K9GY              Class: SO(A)AB LP               Total Score = 102,300
Well Illinois is a little different than operating from Afghanistan, hah!
Work/Spot me in WPX CW as YN2GY

DAYTON '14 !

73, Eric

Call: K9NW              Class: SOAB HP                  Total Score = 3,824,766
I'd had ideas for a single band 10 effort.  Friday night teased with pretty
decent condx.  Saturday morning proved otherwise so I went off DXing instead,
coming back later in the day.  After an early quick burst of loud EU on 15m,
Sunday morning was much improved on 10 with prominent EU signals late into the
day.  Good stuff!

Pretty wild when 50% of your QSOs are mults!

73, Mike K9NW

Call: KA4SFD            Class: SO(A)AB HP               Total Score = 1,839,672
Rookie Overlay

Call: KA6JLT            Class: SOAB LP                  Total Score = 7,598
[log removed from comments]

CREATED-BY: N3FJP's CQ WPX Contest Log 3.2
NAME: Rob Walker
ADDRESS: 89502
EMAIL: ka6jlt at nvbell.net

Call: KA9MOM            Class: SOAB(TS) LP              Total Score = 29,149
Did not have as much time to operate this weekend. 10 meters was in great shape.

IC-718 G5RV

Call: KB0EO             Class: SO(A)AB HP               Total Score = 672,192
Had limited time this weekend - set two goals: 500 QSOs and 500K points - pretty
easy to do that in a short time.

15 meters seemed to be the best band by far every time I got on. 10 meters
picked up on Sunday.

Had a nice 60 degree day, so went up the tower to straighten out some issues
with the antenna from our horrible winter.

Call: KB2HSH            Class: SOSB10 QRP               Total Score = 10,912
During the weekend, the propagation on 10m wasn't as good in my area as it has
been in the past few weeks.  That being said, I was able to work the usual
"big gun" stations, and was even surprised by being able to work a
few African stations as well.  Had to spend time with the kids and the new YL,
so I missed out on everything from about 2030Z Saturday to 1800Z on Sunday.
But, I still had a great time, as always.  Rig is nothing special...just my
old-faithful HTX-10...connected to a PAR EF-10/20/40.  73 to all de
Springbrook, NY

Call: KB3LIX            Class: SOAB LP                  Total Score = 211,754
NOT a great effort on my part.
I took more time off than operate.
I'm losing interest in PHONE contests. To many
people with over-processed, DISTORTED audio for my taste.
It is no longer enjoyable.

Call: KC0DEB            Class: SO(A)SB15 LP             Total Score = 63,510
Band    QSOs    Pts  WPX
    21     150     438  145
 Total     150     438  145
Score: 63,510

Call: KC4HW             Class: SOAB HP                  Total Score = 409,700
Thanks for the QSOs.

WX conditions on Friday was not to good, but finally did break and had a chance
at 40m.

10m was excellent on Sunday morning and 15m was very good on Sunday evening.

Mostly running.  It was good entertainment.

Thanks again.


Call: KC9EOQ            Class: SOAB HP                  Total Score = 153,510
Not quite 14 hours of search and pounce. It was lots of fun! Bands were great,
especially 10,15,and 20! I believe I did better than last year, but haven't
checked yet. Flex 3000, Heathkit SB-200, Cushcraft MA5B, and B5TV Vertical.

Call: KC9UJS            Class: SOAB LP                  Total Score = 643,489
Sporadic off and on operation all weekend with logs of breaks for family time.

Call: KD0FW             Class: SO(A)AB HP               Total Score = 1,848,960
I was able to get the little tribander up on the tower 4 hours before the
contest. It was a lot of fun to have a beam that was at 19 feet up and now is
at 59 feet. Next year will hope to have the pro 67 up on the tower. And next
year will do a little something with a 80 meter antenna.

Call: KD3TB             Class: SO(A)AB HP               Total Score = 706,284
Excellent band conditions on the high bands. 10M open to Asia late in the
evening, working China and Thailand. Solar Flare on Saturday made
the band conditions interesting almost like hitting a wall. Poor openings on 40
and 80M

Call: KD4D              Class: M/2 HP                   Total Score = 24,844,248
Thanks again to John Evans, N3HBX, for letting us join him at the
"farm".  WHAT FUN!  We had more QSO's on 10 meters (and 15 meters)
than 40.  20 was open almost all night, so the 80 meter numbers are lower than

15 opened with a BANG Saturday morning with last 10 rates over 300!  Sunday
afternoon, we had snow and rain static.  15 and 10 were great - we actually had
more QSO points on 15 than 40!

        Band    QSOs    Pts  WPX
         3.5     267     742   43
           7    1201    4478  456
          14    1152    3044  345
          21    1689    4581  388
          28    1407    3919  250
       Total    5716   16764 1482

Hourly rates below.

    Hour       3       7      14      21      28   Total
       0              70      84                     154
       1              46      37      13       8     104
       2              97      16      49             162
       3       3      75      40                     118
       4      46      85       3                     134
       5       4      55      31                      90
       6      30      63      20                     113
       7       6      59      72                     137
       8              40      72                     112
       9              32      28                      60
      10              24      32      22              78
      11                      44     155             199
      12                       4     129      41     174
      13                             144      99     243
      14                              86     169     255
      15                              42     142     184
      16                              60     106     166
      17                              66      51     117
      18                       4      48      47      99
      19                      34      59              93
      20                      24      79       8     111
      21               2      30      69      10     111
      22                      24      61       5      90
      23              13      81      31             125
       0              63      51                     114
       1      17      69       8               2      96
       2       7      43      22                      72
       3      17      37      13       6              73
       4      62      59                             121
       5      51      50                             101
       6      23      54                              77
       7              50      65                     115
       8              19      62                      81
       9              26      37                      63
      10               7      18      60       2      87
      11                       8      88      42     138
      12                             104     111     215
      13                              49      86     135
      14                              37      73     110
      15                      19       9     103     131
      16                              46      73     119
      17                              29      88     117
      18                              34      36      70
      19                       7      19      39      65
      20                      30      15      63     108
      21                      30      59      15     104
      22              20      61      21             102
      23              30      41                      71
             266    1188    1152    1689    1419    5714

Call: KD9MS             Class: SOSB10 HP                Total Score = 450,120
I knew I just wanted to have fun in this one and just compete. 10 meters has
been awesome this past month so I decided to just work 10 especially since I
couldn't devote the time I wanted.

Band was great except for the power line noise when I turn the beam toward JA
in the evening. Propagation was good. I am glad that I slept in Sunday morning
and didn't get up at 5:30 because the band wasn't ready when I finally did get
up at 7am. By 7:30 it was going strong!

Best run was 106 in one hour and 56 and 52 in a couple of different half hours.
Lots of S&P but still not too bad for me.

Its fun to be a desired multiplier!

73, Craig KD9MS

Call: KG1E              Class: SOAB QRP                 Total Score = 1,443,258
This week's exciting adventure began innocently enough with some late night
operating on various bands this past week.We were casually operating after work
at about 2am local time on 20 Mtrs. After we tried to QRT after each QSO there
were dozens of stations calling, so kept at it until almost 6am well past our
bedtime. Band conditions were excellent to Europe and Asia when the band should
 usually be dead. Tried some more operating on 15 and 10 the next few days with
the same results. Most signal reports were mind boggling such as "30 to 40
Db over 9 Old Man". Tried low power and still got reports of "20 Db
over 9" and even QRP reports of "59 to 59 plus 10". This got us
thinking why not try QRP as we have operated in almost every other category
such as SOAB HP, SOAB LP, SOAB(A), and SO AB Trib/Wires. After checking out our
antennas and making some last minute changes we were ready to give it a try.Not
expecting much on the usually noisy 160, 80 and 40 Mtrs, we decided to
concentrate on 10, 15 and 20 and hope for the best. We started on 20 Mtrs and
found a "wall" of stations from Europe calling CQ and getting NO
REPLIES, so we just started calling and got through to all of them on first or
second call, reaching 28 in 34 minutes.
The next hour was beaming south on 10, 15 and 20 and back to EU on 20 for
another hour. Moved to 40 and 80 and picked up some locals and a handful of DX
with some "good ears", then back to 20 for some more EU until
1100Z to 1300Z were mostly on 15 Mtrs, with 10 not really opening here until
1300Z or so. Stayed on 10 until 1700Z and moved to 15 until 1900Z when we went
back to 10 which was still open at 2000Z when we went back to 15. The next few
hours were spent working stations to the south, not thinking to check for
Sunday 20 was already open when we woke up at 6am, then 15 and finally 10 was
already open at 1200Z so we thought "what the heck" and called CQ in
a clear spot and actually worked 25 stations in 10 minutes until we were
stepped on by
a European who asked if the freq was in use but could not hear us so took over
our freq. Oh well. The rest of the day was a slow process of sweeping the band
from 28.3 to 28.9 which of course took forever looking for new stations we had
not worked as yet. Conditions on ten were great and it was unbelievable that we
heard stations from Northern Europe that we NEVER hear (TF,OX,OH,LA,OZ) and they
were 30 Db over 9! including VU2RCT. Basically we were on 10 from 1200Z Sun
until 2100Z when we were still hearing EU on 10. Amazing. Asked a few people
what our true signal report was and received replies of from "S3 to 59
Plus 10".Swept 15 and 20 until 2230Z when we heard JA's blasting in on 10
and ended up working 30 JA's and 2 VK at the very end. Heard BY and HL but
could not break the pileups.Not much rare DX and only ZS9 and 2 Morocco from

We had a great time all weekend with a different experience from the usual of
running stations with High Power and thanks to all those with great ears that
heard our weak signals, and the many volunteers who support the WPX Contest.

Call: KG4IGC            Class: SOAB LP                  Total Score = 100,992
Worked this contest off and on throughout the weekend. Had some issues with my
recently repaired loop antenna so had to spend some time trouble shooting.
Wound up cutting 20 feet off of the loop which helped with getting the antenna
to tune easier. 10 meters was wide open all weekend, but not as much Asia as I
expected despite reports from other contester's locally of working lots of
JA's. My best DX was actually on 20 meters, with UP2L in Kazakhstan who was a
solid 5x7 at 22:52 on Sunday.

Call: KG9Z              Class: SOSB80 HP                Total Score = 3,131
80M dipole at 20 feet. 400 watts. FT-1000MP MkV. Had fun.

Call: KK4DZP            Class: SOSB20 HP                Total Score = 103,680
Rookie Overlay

Call: KK6P              Class: SOAB LP                  Total Score = 2,342,200
What a great weekend operating at W6HD!  I never really got the rate up where I
wanted it, but was fairly consistent throughout. John's tribander is at 50',
but there is a very steep dropoff to the East - good for DX, but I think that's
why I could never get a good domestic run going.  EU, on the other hand, was
quite a treat.

I've only been contesting since 2009 and this is the first time my EU totals
have exceeded those from Asia.  Working Northern Europe at 2300 local on 15m is
something I haven't experienced since I was a teenager in the late 70's.

All in all, I would have had more fun running high power, but LP was great
training for busting pileups and cultivating patience.  Thanks again to John
and Jane for their generous hospitality and the use of their wonderful station.
 I'm in the middle of building up my station again after moving back to CA and
hope to begin contesting in earnest again from home next year.

As always, thanks to all the casual contesters who came out and handed out Q's
and mults.  I always try to encourage new hams when I get a call from a low
serial number guy on Sunday.  They might take a little longer, but hopefully
the contesting community will continue to grow.

73, Paul / W7IV

Call: KK6ZM             Class: SOAB(TS) HP              Total Score = 1,052,100
Antenna:  All band doublet (Inverted V) at 40ft in palm tree.
Power:  1KW
Rig:  K3
Tuner:  Palstar AT2KD
Logger:  N3FJP software
Location:  San Diego (La Jolla), CA

Thanks for all the contacts and fellowship!

Patrick Briggs
73 de KK6ZM

Call: KK7AC             Class: SOAB LP                  Total Score = 1,022,976
In celebration of the Beatles 50th anniversary of landing in America, I
deliberately stopped at one of my most favorite Beatles songs, One After 909
(Anthology version, not Let It Be, as this version and recording is the most
correct and accurate depiction of the song as Lennon and McCartney performed it
in 1962). However, after I shut down the radio and thought about it some more,
if going by this logic alone, I should have stopped at 910 since that is the
real "one after 909", right? Or was one after 909 simply the next
train due and was, say perhaps, train #755?.....We may never no.

Call: KL7RA             Class: M/M HP                   Total Score = 44,188,089
Well that was fun. Around the clock propagation on ten and fifteen makes
for extra excitement. We had all six bands on the air from 9pm local time to
past 3am. The serial numbers really slow you down and we had a few slow
hours on Sunday morning but the bands came back full blast for a good
ending. Lloyd, K5ZO and I did this contest for the first time multi-multi in
1978 and it was nice to have him here this year from Texas to operate with
the Kenai team and be part of this excellent score from Alaska. Special thanks

to the crew that put in the extra hours of butt clue these conditions
Next up W1AW/KL7 all bands/modes. 73 Rich KL7RA

Call: KN3A              Class: SOAB LP                  Total Score = 102,120
Not a serious effort. Bands were less than stellar on Saturday. SSB contests
just aren't my favorite and the WPX SSB is no exception. This afternoon the JAs
were S9 on 10 meters, about the loudest I've ever heard them. This contest gave
me more time to get familiar with the SSB settings on the new rig. I also found
out on Saturday morning that my 40 meter inverted V was down, thanks to high
winds and most likely the ice storm back in January. If we ever get warmer
weather and no rain (or snow) I will get another one up in the trees.

73 Scott
Kenwood TS 590S
N1MM Logger
Inverted L antennas

Call: KO3T              Class: SOAB(TS) LP              Total Score = 572,643
Less hours than usual, but some good openings and a lot of fun

Call: KP4BD             Class: SOSB10 LP                Total Score = 3,495,072

Call: KP4EU             Class: SOSB20 LP                Total Score = 3,182

Call: KP4LE             Class: SOSB10(R) LP             Total Score = 60,620
My First Contest ever. Had Fun.

Call: KP4ROS            Class: SOSB10(TS) LP            Total Score = 1,401,765
Total Contacts by Country:

 Country                      Total     %
 -------                      -----   ---
 USA                            391    40
 Federal Republic of Germany     65     7
 Brazil                          53     5
 Italy                           49     5
 Canada                          34     3
 Spain                           30     3
 Netherlands                     25     3
 Poland                          24     2
 Argentina                       20     2
 Japan                           20     2
 Puerto Rico                     13     1
 Belgium                         12     1
 European Russia                 12     1
 Finland                         12     1
 France                          12     1
 Ukraine                         11     1
 Czech Republic                  10     1
 Sweden                          10     1
 Chile                            9     1
 England                          8     1
 Romania                          8     1
 Slovak Republic                  8     1
 Australia                        7     1
 Croatia                          7     1
 Asiatic Russia                   6     1
 Bulgaria                         6     1
 Canary Is.                       6     1
 Slovenia                         6     1
 Denmark                          5     1
 Hungary                          5     1
 Ireland                          5     1
 Latvia                           5     1
 New Zealand                      5     1
 Norway                           5     1
 Paraguay                         5     1
 Portugal                         5     1
 Greece                           4     0
 Kaliningrad                      4     0
 Lithuania                        4     0
 Serbia                           4     0
 Uruguay                          4     0
 Aland Is.                        2     0
 Austria                          2     0
 Belarus                          2     0
 Bosnia-Herzegovina               2     0
 Colombia                         2     0
 Cyprus                           2     0
 Estonia                          2     0
 Kazakhstan                       2     0
 Morocco                          2     0
 Northern Ireland                 2     0
 Scotland                         2     0
 Switzerland                      2     0
 Venezuela                        2     0
 Auckland & Campbell Is.          1     0
 Ceuta & Melilla                  1     0
 Costa Rica                       1     0
 Ecuador                          1     0
 El Salvador                      1     0
 Greenland                        1     0
 Guernsey                         1     0
 Indonesia                        1     0
 Macedonia                        1     0
 Madeira Is.                      1     0
 Monaco                           1     0
 Puertorico                       1     0
 Qatar                            1     0
 Republic of Korea                1     0
 Samoa                            1     0
 Singapore                        1     0
 South Africa                     1     0
 US Virgin Is.                    1     0
 Wales                            1     0

 Total Contacts by Continent:

 Continent   Total     %
 ---------   -----   ---
 NA            442    45
 EU            381    39
 SA             97    10
 AS             33     3
 OC             15     2
 AF             11     1
3A0  5P5  5W1  9A1  9A3  9A5  9A7  9A73  9A9  A73  AA2  AA7  AA8  AB1  AB2  AB3
 AB4  AB8  AC3  AC8  AD3  AF4  AG0  AJ7  AK1  AK4  AY2  C4  CA3  CE2  CE3  CE6
CE7  CN2  CN4  CQ7  CR3  CR6  CT1  CV3  CW5  CX1  CX2  DA0  DA2  DB1  DB8  DC3
DDL1  DF0  DF1  DF2  DF4  DF5  DF7  DH0  DH2  DJ0  DJ1  DJ2  DJ8  DK1  DK2  DK4
DK6  DK7  DL0  DL1  DL2  DL3  DL4  DL5  DL6  DL7  DL9  DM0  DM1  DM8  DM9  DO1
DO3  DO5  DP7  DQ8  DR1  DR7  DR8  E77  E78  EA1  EA3  EA4  EA5  EA7  EA8  EB5
EC7  ED1  ED4  ED7  ED9  EE1  EE3  EE5  EF1  EF2  EF7  EF8  EI0  EI4  EI6  EI7
EI9  ES7  ES9  EU1  EV1  F4  F5  F6  FE5  G0  G3  G4  G8  GA4  GI4  GM4  HA0
HA1  HB9  HC2  HF1  HG1  HG8  HJ4  HK1  HL8  I0  I1  I4  I5  IB9  IK0  IK1  IK2
 IK3  IK7  IK8  IN3  IQ0  IR4  IR5  IR6  IR9  IT9  IU2  IU3  IU9  IW1  IW4  IW5
IW7  IY1  IZ0  IZ1  IZ2  IZ3  IZ4  IZ5  IZ7  IZ8  JA0  JA3  JA6  JA7  JA8  JE1
JE3  JF9  JH1  JH2  JH5  JH7  JH8  JO1  JO3  K0  K1  K2  K3  K4  K5  K6  K7  K8
 K9  KA0  KA1  KA3  KA4  KA8  KB1  KB2  KB3  KB4  KB7  KC1  KC2  KC4  KC5  KC8
KC9  KD2  KD3  KD4  KD6  KD8  KE4  KE5  KE8  KE9  KF2  KF5  KG1  KG4  KI7  KJ4
KK4  KK9  KM4  KN2  KN3  KO2  KO3  KO7  KO9  KP2  KP4  KQ2  KR4  KR8  KS1  KS2
KS7  KT4  KU4  KV2  KV4  KW4  KW7  KZ1  L47  LA3  LA8  LI5  LI7  LM1814  LO7
LP1  LQ5  LR5  LT1  LT7  LU1  LU3  LU4  LU5  LU7  LW6  LY1  LY2  LY4  LZ1
LZ136  LZ2  LZ4  LZ5  LZ9  M0  MI0  MU0  MW0  N1  N2  N3  N4  N5  N6  N7  N8
N9  NA1  NA8  NB1  NB4  NC4  NC6  ND8  NE1  NE3  NE5  NF4  NJ1  NK3  NK4  NK8
NM1  NN3  NN6  NO6  NP4  NQ3  NQ4  NQ6  NS4  NT3  NT4  NV1  NV9  NX2  NX6  NX7
NY4  NY6  NZ3  OE2  OE3  OG0  OG73  OH0  OH2  OH4  OH6  OH7  OH9  OK1  OK2  OK4
OK6  OK7  OL5  OL9  OM3  OM4  OM6  OM7  ON3  ON4  ON6  ON7  ON9  OQ4  OR1  OT1
OT5  OX5  OZ1  OZ7  OZ8  P33  PA0  PA2  PA3  PA5  PA6  PC73  PD0  PD1  PD2  PD4
 PD7  PE1  PG2  PG6  PI4  PO2  PP1  PP3  PP5  PP6  PP7  PQ5  PR5  PS2  PU1  PU2
PU3  PU4  PU5  PU8  PV2  PX5  PY1  PY2  PY3  PY4  PY5  PY8  R7  RA22  RA4  RD4
RK9  RL9  RU3  RU5  RV4  RW7  RY6  RZ1  S5  S50  S51  S56  S61  SA6  SC6  SJ2
SK0  SK3  SK5  SM1  SM2  SM5  SN2  SN7  SN8  SO9  SP1  SP3  SP4  SP6  SP8  SP9
SQ1  SQ2  SQ3  SQ5  SQ8  SV1  SV2  SV3  TI5  TM0  TM6  TM72  UA3  UA4  UA9  UI2
UP0  UP2  UR3  UR5  US5  UT7  UW1  UX4  UX7  UY8  UZ2  VA2  VA3  VC6  VC7  VE1
VE2  VE3  VE5  VE7  VE8  VE9  VK2  VK3  VK4  VK5  VK6  VO1  W0  W1  W2  W3  W4
W5  W6  W7  W8  W9  WA0  WA1  WA2  WA3  WA4  WA6  WA9  WB0  WB2  WB3  WB4  WC3
WC8  WD3  WD5  WF4  WG3  WJ2  WK7  WM4  WN2  WN3  WOH1  WP3  WP4  WQ2  WS2  WS7
 WS8  WV1  WV4  WW2  WW3  WX1  WX3  WX4  WX8  WZ4  WZ7  XQ3  YL1  YL2  YL2014
YL3  YL4  YO3  YO4  YO8  YO9  YP6  YP8  YQ6  YS1  YT0  YT5  YT7  YU5  YV4  YV6
Z33  ZL1  ZL2  ZL4  ZM1  ZM9  ZP5  ZP6  ZP8  ZP9  ZR9  ZV2  ZX2  ZY2  ZZ2  ZZ3

Call: KP4RV             Class: SOSB15 LP                Total Score = 1,828,690
Excellent Contest and Good propagation.

Call: KQ6P              Class: SOAB LP                  Total Score = 603,172
Enjoyed the contest and was glad that the 5.1 earthquake here in L.A.didn't
spoil the fun.73

Call: KQ7W              Class: SOAB HP                  Total Score = 7,200,541
Thanks to Chuck, Karen, Foster and Riley for letting me come up and crash the
weekend, had a really great time as always !

Great Condx, 10 was awesome !

- 3 and TS850
- 3el Steppir and phased slopers for the low bands

Thanks for the Q's !

Matt -

Call: KR4F              Class: SO(A)AB HP               Total Score = 49,300
Just handing out a few KR4's.

Johnny, KR4F

Call: KS2G              Class: SO(A)AB(TS) LP           Total Score = 657,932
Once again, 10-meters was so active it was hardly worthwhile to go down to the
lower bands.

Call: KS4L              Class: SO(A)AB LP               Total Score = 20,160
Elecraft K3/100; 44' vert. dipole, 80m inv. vee.  Thanks for the Q's!

Call: KS7AA             Class: SO(A)SB10 HP             Total Score = 3,298,472
Broke the 13 year old record:

Single Operator Assisted - High

 High 10M  K2XR (VE3XAP) 2000 2,339,964 684

K3 + Emtron Amp
6/6/6/6 on 125' Monopole
6el @40'
6el @35'

Call: KS9K              Class: SOAB LP                  Total Score = 2,876,160

               CONTEST: CQ-WPX-SSB
            START DATE: 29-03-14
               LOCATOR: EN70

                  CLUB: Society of Midwest Contesters
                  NAME: Terry Zivney
               ADDRESS: 8843 W County Road 950 N
          ADDRESS-CITY: Middletown
                 EMAIL: N4TZ at ARRL.NET

        OPERATING TIME: 36:03:07
            CQ COUNTER: 2536
            RUN/SEARCH: 491/959 Qs

              SOFTWARE: TR4W v.4.246 http://www.tr4w.com

  BAND   Raw QSOs   Valid QSOs   Points  Prefixes
 160SSB        20           20       29        12
  80SSB        42           42      138        14
  40SSB       151          151      510        81
  20SSB       273          272      716       165
  15SSB       373          373      942       193
  10SSB       591          586     1505       284

 Totals      1450         1444     3840       749

    Final Score = 2876160 points.

                             2014 CQ-WPX-SSB KS9K
                                 Continent List

                    160    80    40    20    15    10   ALL
                    ---   ---   ---   ---   ---   ---   ---
      USA calls =    17    22    72    42    75   113   341
   Canada calls =     3     3    14     7    11    10    48
       NA calls =     0     0     5     9    16    17    47
       SA calls =     0     0     6    11    28    27    72
     Euro calls =     0    12    48   168   203   399   830
  African calls =     0     5     3     8     8    13    37
    Asian calls =     0     0     2    12     9     6    29
    Japan calls =     0     0     0     5    21     3    29
    Ocean calls =     0     0     1    11     1     3    16

  Unknown calls =     0     0     0     0     1     0     1

    Total calls =    20    42   151   273   373   591  1450

Unknowns on  15 = RI1ANC

Was hoping for better results here, since this contet was
four weeks after the ARRL Phone Contest.  Spent some of the
time after that contest addressing some of the antenna
issues I had then.  I removed one of the 160m wires, freeing
the top 10/15 to turn a far as JA this time.  The prop pitch
was frozen when I got up Sunday morning, but 30 minutes with
the heater freed it up for the rest of the  contest.

The big issue this time around was QRN.  In the ARRL contest
most of the 744 Europeans I worked on 10m were S0 to S3.
On Saturday, the QRN on 10m was a steady S3 hiss in the
direction of EU.  Sunday, there was a constant S7 hash QRN
on 10m.  15 & 20 didn't have that problem, but was unable to
find a spot in among all the  giant fixed stations.

Did quite a bit better than the past few years, but barely
beat my 2002 score, and that was due to the growth in multipliers
avaiable, since I had fewer QSOs. Was surprised in how few VEs
I worked.

Spent part of my offtimes answering email questions about
the contest.

Looks like a lot of people had a lot of fun.

Wonder what the CW weekend in May has in store?

Call: KT4ZB             Class: SO(A)AB(TS) LP           Total Score = 3,267,656
It doesn't get any better than this!

All my WPX records were obliterated �" WOW - At first I thought, I'm
starting to get the hang of this contesting thing.  But soon realized that
propagation is the controlling factor vs. my operating skills.  The only real
goal I had made was to improve running at low power in this contest and
increasing the number of prefixes.  That goal was achieved by making over 400
Q's during some amazing runs to Europe and Asia.  The runs harvested many new
prefixes including ones from Qatar, China, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Japan and
India.  My previous best prefix total was 655, so the new total of 826 was over
the top.  In summary, the runs resulted in more contacts (1557 vs 1229) and my
first score over 3M in any contest.

Another indicator of how good the conditions were, is that the station felt
strong much of the time.  I was able to break many of the pile-ups, both to
Asia and Europe, and received many comments of a booming signal. The DX was
very good with Gabon, Sierra Leone, Saudi Arabia, China (10 contacts), India,
Israel, Indonesia, Saudi, Turkey, Korea, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Kiribati some
nifty UA's and UN's and working 68 JA's from Southeast Georgia adding to the
fun of low power contesting.  Missed the T88, JT and several others.  20m
Saturday night was amazing.

WPX is probably my favorite contest and the score is a best for this station.
Thanks to everyone for hearing me and working to get my exchange.  Lots of QRM
on 15m and 20m, so I know there will be busted contacts.  Also, thanks to CQ
and the contest committee for all their work.

Best �" Jere

FT 1000-MP MK-V Field, TH6-DXX, dipoles in the trees and N1MM.

Call: KT5J              Class: SOAB HP                  Total Score = 10,877,280
That was fun.

Nice to finally have 10 meters working well again.

I have been very busy with non radio things and it was nice to get to
play radio for a change. I was not very rested so my off-times were
mostly driven by the need for sleep.  My only real goal other than having
fun was to try to maximize the QSO total. Thanks for the contacts.


     Contest Dates : 29-Mar-14, 30-Mar-14
    Callsign Used : KT5J

   BAND   Raw QSOs   Valid QSOs   Points   Prefixes

   40SSB     437         435       1176       85
   20SSB     470         469        901      115
   15SSB    1284        1273       2603      383
   10SSB    1795        1755       4092      657

 Totals     3986        3932       8772     1240

    Final Score = 10877280 points.


2x Elecraft K3 radios (tnx k5ot)
2x AL-1500 amps

160     - 1/4 wave sloping verticals sloped east and west
        - NE, NW, SE, SW beverages ~500' long

80      - Half wave sloping dipoles - sloped NE, NW from 120'.
        - NE, NW, SE, SW beverages ~500' long

40      - 4 element yagi at 120' fixed @ 20 degrees
        - Cushcraft 40-2CD at 87'
        - NE, NW, SE, SW beverages ~500' long

20      - 6 element yagi at 80' fixed NE
        - 6 element yagi at 80'
        - 6 element yagi 40' fixed NW
        - 4 element yagi 60' fixed SE

15      - 6 element yagi at 70'
        - 6 element yagi at 35' fixed NE
        - 4 element yagi at 50' fixed SE

10      - 6 element yagi at 60'
        - 6 element yagi at 30' fixed NE
        - 4 element yagi at 40' fixed SE

                  160    80    40    20    15    10    ALL
                   ---    --    --    --    --    --    ---
  USA calls   =      0     0   272   230   568   539   1609
  VE calls    =      0     0    28    38    64    78    208
  N.A. calls  =      0     0     9     8    16    17     50
  S.A. calls  =      0     0     7     9    27    42     85
  Euro calls  =      0     0    32   146   421   794   1393
  Afrc calls  =      0     0     2     3    10    15     30
  Asia calls  =      0     0     4    17    61    33    115
  JA calls    =      0     0    55    15    96   198    364
  Ocen calls  =      0     0    24     3     8    37     72

HR    80       40       20       15       10    HR TOT CUM TOTAL  SCORE
--  ------- -------- -------- -------- -------- ------ ---------  -----
 0    ---      ---     11/7     47/27   144/101 202/135  202/135   0.04M
 1    ---      ---      ---    155/68    17/8   172/76   374/211   0.13M
 2    ---      ---     26/10    80/32    20/12  126/54   500/265   0.22M
 3    ---      ---     20/9     62/28     9/7    91/44   591/309   0.32M
 4    ---     41/11    23/7      ---      ---    64/18   655/327   0.37M
 5    ---      ---      ---      ---      ---     ---    655/327   0.37M
 6    ---      ---      ---      ---      ---     ---    655/327   0.37M
 7    ---      1/1     18/7      ---      ---    19/8    674/335   0.39M
 8    ---     50/21    14/6      ---      ---    64/27   738/362   0.48M
 9    ---      ---      ---      ---      ---     ---    738/362   0.48M
10    ---      ---      ---      ---      ---     ---    738/362   0.48M
11    ---      ---      9/3      ---      ---     9/3    747/365   0.49M
12    ---      ---      ---      ---      ---     ---    747/365   0.49M
13    ---      ---      ---      7/4     98/69  105/73   852/438   0.71M
14    ---      ---      ---      ---    161/103 161/103 1013/541   1.11M
15    ---      ---      ---     13/5     97/60  110/65  1123/606   1.42M
16    ---      ---      ---      6/2    103/37  109/39  1232/645   1.68M
17    ---      ---      ---      ---    127/23  127/23  1359/668   1.86M
18    ---      ---      ---      7/4     81/17   88/21  1447/689   2.02M
19    ---      ---      ---    117/38    21/9   138/47  1585/736   2.37M
20    ---      ---      ---    123/33     7/6   130/39  1715/775   2.71M
21    ---      ---      5/1     53/12    23/4    81/17  1796/792   2.89M
22    ---      ---      ---      ---     97/17   97/17  1893/809   3.13M
23    ---      ---      ---      1/0    105/19  106/19  1999/828   3.39M
 0    ---      ---      ---     33/9     59/10   92/19  2091/847   3.63M
 1    ---     38/7      ---     33/10     3/2    74/19  2165/866   3.86M
 2    ---      ---      3/0     35/6     58/14   96/20  2261/886   4.16M
 3    ---      ---    123/30     ---      ---   123/30  2384/916   4.56M
 4    ---     80/10     3/1      ---      ---    83/11  2467/927   4.79M
 5    ---     63/10    18/6      ---      ---    81/16  2548/943   5.03M
 6    ---      ---     24/4      ---      ---    24/4   2572/947   5.10M
 7    ---      ---      ---      ---      ---     ---   2572/947   5.10M
 8    ---      ---      ---      ---      ---     ---   2572/947   5.10M
 9    ---      3/1      ---      ---      ---     3/1   2575/948   5.12M
10    ---     81/14     ---      ---      ---    81/14  2656/962   5.47M
11    ---     78/10     ---      ---      ---    78/10  2734/972   5.80M
12    ---      ---      ---      1/0      ---     1/0   2735/972   5.80M
13    ---      ---      ---    103/32     ---   103/32  2838/1004  6.28M
14    ---      ---      ---     31/10    83/24  114/34  2952/1038  6.82M
15    ---      ---      ---      ---    161/52  161/52  3113/1090  7.65M
16    ---      ---      ---      ---    116/23  116/23  3229/1113  8.15M
17    ---      ---      ---      3/1     79/17   82/18  3311/1131  8.52M
18    ---      ---      ---     46/12    58/12  104/24  3415/1155  8.99M
19    ---      ---     10/2     84/18     3/1    97/21  3512/1176  9.39M
20    ---      ---      ---     71/10    21/8    92/18  3604/1194  9.78M
21    ---      ---      2/0    117/15     3/1   122/16  3726/1210 10.17M
22    ---      ---     40/4     42/6      1/1    83/11  3809/1221 10.42M
23    ---      ---    120/18     3/1      ---   123/19  3932/1240 10.88M
D1    0/0     92/33   126/50   671/253 1110/492         1999/828
D2    0/0    343/52   343/65   602/130  645/165         1933/412
TO    0/0    435/85   469/115 1273/383 1755/657         3932/1240

Cabrillo Statistics           (Version 10g)           by K5KA & N6TV


-------------- Q S O   R a t e   S u m m a r y ---------------------
Hour     160     80     40     20     15     10    Rate Total    Pct
0000       0      0      0     11     47    144    202    202    5.1
0100       0      0      0      0    155     17    172    374    9.5
0200       0      0      0     26     80     20    126    500   12.7
0300       0      0      0     20     62      9     91    591   15.0
0400       0      0     41     23      0      0     64    655   16.7
0500       0      0      0      0      0      0      0    655   16.7
0600       0      0      0      0      0      0      0    655   16.7
0700       0      0      1     18      0      0     19    674   17.1
0800       0      0     50     14      0      0     64    738   18.8
0900       0      0      0      0      0      0      0    738   18.8
1000       0      0      0      0      0      0      0    738   18.8
1100       0      0      0      9      0      0      9    747   19.0
1200       0      0      0      0      0      0      0    747   19.0
1300       0      0      0      0      7     98    105    852   21.7
1400       0      0      0      0      0    161    161   1013   25.8
1500       0      0      0      0     13     97    110   1123   28.6
1600       0      0      0      0      6    103    109   1232   31.3
1700       0      0      0      0      0    127    127   1359   34.6
1800       0      0      0      0      7     81     88   1447   36.8
1900       0      0      0      0    117     21    138   1585   40.3
2000       0      0      0      0    123      7    130   1715   43.6
2100       0      0      0      5     53     23     81   1796   45.7
2200       0      0      0      0      0     97     97   1893   48.1
2300       0      0      0      0      1    105    106   1999   50.8
0000       0      0      0      0     33     59     92   2091   53.2
0100       0      0     38      0     33      3     74   2165   55.1
0200       0      0      0      3     35     58     96   2261   57.5
0300       0      0      0    123      0      0    123   2384   60.6
0400       0      0     80      3      0      0     83   2467   62.7
0500       0      0     63     18      0      0     81   2548   64.8
0600       0      0      0     24      0      0     24   2572   65.4
0700       0      0      0      0      0      0      0   2572   65.4
0800       0      0      0      0      0      0      0   2572   65.4
0900       0      0      3      0      0      0      3   2575   65.5
1000       0      0     81      0      0      0     81   2656   67.5
1100       0      0     78      0      0      0     78   2734   69.5
1200       0      0      0      0      1      0      1   2735   69.6
1300       0      0      0      0    103      0    103   2838   72.2
1400       0      0      0      0     31     83    114   2952   75.1
1500       0      0      0      0      0    161    161   3113   79.2
1600       0      0      0      0      0    116    116   3229   82.1
1700       0      0      0      0      3     79     82   3311   84.2
1800       0      0      0      0     46     58    104   3415   86.9
1900       0      0      0     10     84      3     97   3512   89.3
2000       0      0      0      0     71     21     92   3604   91.7
2100       0      0      0      2    117      3    122   3726   94.8
2200       0      0      0     40     42      1     83   3809   96.9
2300       0      0      0    120      3      0    123   3932  100.0
Total      0      0    435    469   1273   1755   3932

Gross QSOs=3986        Dupes=54        Net QSOs=3932

Unique callsigns worked = 3151

The best 60 minute rate was 204/hour from 0001 to 0100
The best 30 minute rate was 252/hour from 0001 to 0030
The best 10 minute rate was 306/hour from 0002 to 0011

The best 1 minute rates were:
 6 QSOs/minute    9 times.
 5 QSOs/minute   43 times.
 4 QSOs/minute  146 times.
 3 QSOs/minute  388 times.
 2 QSOs/minute  633 times.
 1 QSOs/minute  649 times.

There were 230 bandchanges and 91 (2.3%) probable 2nd radio QSOs.

Number of letters in callsigns
Letters  # worked
   3        18
   4      1153
   5      1420
   6      1309
   7         3
   8        17
   9         9
  10         3

Multi-band QSOs
1 bands    2540
2 bands     466
3 bands     120
4 bands      25
5 bands       0
6 bands       0

------- S i n g l e   B a n d   Q S O s ------
Band    160     80     40     20     15     10
QSOs      0      0    219    230    788   1303

Call: KT6V              Class: M/M HP                   Total Score = 6,615,555
We used both ISO (In Shack Operators) and ROs (Remote Operators) for this
limited effort.  All Operators PVRC members.

Call: KT7E              Class: SOAB HP                  Total Score = 133,760
Family duties, health really shortened the time in the chair. Darn I've never
been able to work Eurasia like this before. Just wish I had more time. 15M was
wide open!

73 all

Joe KT7E

Call: KU2M              Class: SOSB15 HP                Total Score = 8,248,536
Great conditions overall, and with the rain all weekend and mild temperatures,
the incessant line noise that plagues my NNJ QTH was knocked down a bit,
allowing me to hear a little better.

The solar event on Saturday afternoon was quite eerie - watching my panadapter
display go flatline within minutes after being filled up with big signals
across the band reminded me of the great NYC blackout of '77. I thought
"that was it" for the rest of the weekend, but to my relief, the band
came back, and was stronger than ever. On Saturday night, the JA opening faded
out at the usual time, but then came back, and was better. For a while, there
seemed to be a bottomless sea of JAs, albeit weak ones that I had to dig out of
the noise. It then occurred to me that a form of Hell that Dante missed was to
be tied to a radio, working weak JAs for eternity - through line noise. I'm not
complaining about the opening, which made me long for the heady days of the 80s
when the JAs were more plentiful - I just wish my radio had a better noise

Call: KU7T              Class: M/S HP                   Total Score = 1,300,792
First team effort with my kids. Possibly youngest contest crew of the contest?

Call: KV0Q              Class: SOSB10 QRP               Total Score = 516,120
Although the conditions were disturbed over the week end when the band opened up
the signals were extremely strong.  Many Europeans were S9 plus 30/40 dbs and
the band was opened world wide.

It is absolutely amazing to me how many contacts can be made in a contest with
just 5 watts into an efficient antenna system (3 stacked 8 element mono band

Thanks to everyone who pulled me out of the QRM and provided me a contact.


Bill KV0Q

Call: KV2M              Class: M/2 HP                   Total Score = 16,514,953


Call: KV4QS/8           Class: SOSB40(R) LP             Total Score = 232,892
K3 / N1MM / 40m OCF dipole .  Operated /8 from Ohio County, WV.  My goal was
200K points, 500Qs and at least 220 WPX . . . . done, done and done.   Unless I
blow up my score in log checking, I believe I've exceeded the W8 SOLP40,
non-assisted record. The last 60Qs were very tough, mainly because I elected to
stop early Saturday night.  I blame the cold weather: the hamshack isn't heated,
it was snowing, I've been in Miami all winter, and I just couldn't take the cold
anymore.  Definitely will add a wood burning stove this fall.  Many thanks for
the Qs, and many, many thanks for the nice rag chews during the slow periods on
Sunday afternoon.   73 KV4QS

Call: KW7XX             Class: SO(A)AB HP               Total Score = 5,502,810
Fantastic band conditions. It was nice to see 10 meters open to EU for a good
part of both days. 15 meters was open to EU almost constantly. Even though I
had very little success on 20 meters, that band never closed. Had great runs to
Asia both days and one nice run to EU on 15 meters Sunday afternoon. The Europe
run is pretty uncommon from the Pacific Northwest...(The RF Black Hole of the
USA). 40 meters was great for running Asia both mornings. Also had a handful of
EU stations there Saturday night. I didn't even bother with 80 meters this

Power line noise continues to be an issue at my QTH. I hope a second visit form
the utilities company can be more help than the first visit. With that said
thanks to all who had the patience to give me fills. I'm sorry to those who I
had to cut loose after multiple tries.

* All time personal best score for WPX
* Even QSO count between Europe and Asia
* Avg of 2.5 pts per QSO was a personal best
* My highest ever WPX count (930)

Thanks to all the weekend warriors who enjoy handing out Q's even tough they
are not contesters themselves. There were many " You're 59 00?"
replies on Sunday. These folks really helped the Q-Count.

Hope to meet some familiar calls later this week at Visalia!!

Dean KW7XX

My Little Gun Station:

Yaesu FTdx 5000
Alpha 87A
Steppir DB18 at 55ft (2L 40m - 3L 20 thru 10)
80m Vee at 70ft
N1MM logging Software

Call: KY7L              Class: SOAB LP                  Total Score = 12,351
Rotator out with beams pointed east. Coax's to both beams appear to be full of
water after a very very wet winter (yeah, knew they needed replacement, got
lazy). FT-990 to ATR-30 and 80M inverted V patterned south does not work
well!!! Was not fun so cleaned up part of the garage and wept.

Call: KZ1M              Class: SO(A)AB LP               Total Score = 405,144
Chasing prefixes- Could not get a LP run going.  Fun

Jay W1UJ

 Band    QSOs    Pts  WPX
     7      45     201   37
    14      78     222   66
    21     118     312   76
    28     193     489  152
 Total     434    1224  331
Score: 405,144

Call: KZ1W              Class: SOAB HP                  Total Score = 3,276,390
4L steppIR; 40m Moxon beam, no assist

    Band    QSOs    Pts  WPX
      7     175     724   83
     14     190     521  133
     21     888    2022  502
     28     363     763   95
  Total    1616    4030  813

Submitted Score: 3,276,390

Call: KZ5MM             Class: SOSB10 HP                Total Score = 6,889,406
Amazing conditions.  I have always said that you can tell when 10 is in great
shape because Europe and Asia will overlap.  That happened both evenings, but
on Friday evening EU was still coming through about 4 hours after the first

Many rare ones like 3B8, 3V, UN, UK

Usually something goes wrong such as an equipment, computer or antenna system,
but not this time.  Sometimes I feel my antennas are too high or too low etc.,
but not this time.  Thank goodness for the Alpha.  It just kept on ticking.
When I made big frequency excursions, I would try to re-tune it, but it was
never necessary.  Just set it and forget it. As a friend of mine would say:
"It's too good."


        160M    80M    40M    20M    15M    10M   Total      %

    NA       0      0      0      0      0    947     947    35.1
    AS       0      0      0      0      0    377     377    14.0
    SA       0      0      0      0      0    139     139     5.2
    OC       0      0      0      0      0    137     137     5.1
    AF       0      0      0      0      0     32      32     1.2
    EU       0      0      0      0      0   1062    1062    39.3

          160M    80M    40M    20M    15M    10M   Total

   3B8                                          1       1
    3V                                          1       1
    4J                                          1       1
    4L                                          1       1
    4X                                          3       3
    5B                                          2       2
    5H                                          1       1
    5W                                          1       1
    8P                                          1       1
    9A                                         20      20
    9G                                          1       1
   9M2                                          1       1
   9M6                                          4       4
    A6                                          2       2
    BV                                          3       3
    BY                                         21      21
    C9                                          1       1
    CE                                          8       8
    CM                                          2       2
    CN                                          2       2
    CT                                         16      16
   CT3                                          4       4
    CX                                          4       4
    D2                                          1       1
    D4                                          1       1
    DL                                        164     164
    DU                                          2       2
  E5/s                                          1       1
    E7                                          7       7
    EA                                         48      48
   EA6                                          3       3
   EA8                                         12      12
    EI                                         14      14
    ER                                          2       2
    ES                                          4       4
    EU                                          3       3
     F                                         42      42
    FY                                          1       1
     G                                         73      73
    GI                                          6       6
    GM                                         15      15
    GU                                          1       1
    GW                                          5       5
    HA                                         18      18
    HB                                         14      14
   HB0                                          1       1
    HC                                          1       1
    HK                                          7       7
    HL                                         10      10
    HS                                          2       2
    HZ                                          1       1
     I                                        121     121
    IS                                          3       3
   IT9                                         10      10
    JA                                        307     307
    JW                                          1       1
     K                                        802     802
   KH6                                         13      13
    KL                                         11      11
   KP2                                          3       3
   KP4                                         12      12
    LA                                          8       8
    LU                                         24      24
    LX                                          1       1
    LY                                          9       9
    LZ                                         19      19
    OA                                          1       1
    OE                                         18      18
    OH                                         15      15
    OK                                         34      34
    OM                                         18      18
    ON                                         27      27
    OZ                                          5       5
    P4                                          2       2
    PA                                         45      45
   PJ2                                          1       1
   PJ5                                          1       1
    PY                                         83      83
    S5                                         24      24
    SM                                         18      18
    SP                                         37      37
    SV                                          9       9
   SV9                                          1       1
   T32                                          2       2
    T7                                          1       1
    TA                                          2       2
   TA1                                          2       2
    TF                                          1       1
    TI                                          1       1
    TK                                          3       3
    UA                                         66      66
   UA2                                          2       2
   UA9                                         16      16
    UK                                          1       1
    UN                                          1       1
    UR                                         54      54
    VE                                        112     112
    VK                                         75      75
  VP2E                                          1       1
    VR                                          1       1
    VU                                          2       2
    XE                                          1       1
    YB                                         12      12
    YL                                          3       3
    YO                                         39      39
    YU                                          8       8
    YV                                          3       3
    Z3                                          3       3
    Z6                                          1       1
    ZL                                         27      27
    ZP                                          4       4
    ZS                                          7       7

QSO/Pref by hour and band

 Hour     160M     80M     40M     20M     15M     10M    Total     Cumm

D1-0000Z  --+--   --+--   --+--   --+--   --+--  179/118 179/118   179/118
D1-0100Z    -       -       -       -       -    122/55  122/55    301/173
D1-0200Z    -       -       -       -       -     83/26   83/26    384/199
D1-0300Z    -       -       -       -       -     39/21   39/21    423/220
D1-0400Z    -       -       -       -       -      7/2     7/2     430/222
D1-0500Z    -       -       -       -       -       -      0/0     430/222
D1-0600Z    -       -       -       -       -       -      0/0     430/222
D1-0700Z    -       -       -       -       -       -      0/0     430/222
D1-0800Z  --+--   --+--   --+--   --+--   --+--   --+--    0/0     430/222
D1-0900Z    -       -       -       -       -       -      0/0     430/222
D1-1000Z    -       -       -       -       -       -      0/0     430/222
D1-1100Z    -       -       -       -       -      3/1     3/1     433/223
D1-1200Z    -       -       -       -       -    105/85  105/85    538/308
D1-1300Z    -       -       -       -       -    115/76  115/76    653/384
D1-1400Z    -       -       -       -       -    121/69  121/69    774/453
D1-1500Z    -       -       -       -       -    112/57  112/57    886/510
D1-1600Z  --+--   --+--   --+--   --+--   --+--   87/47   87/47    973/557
D1-1700Z    -       -       -       -       -     63/18   63/18   1036/575
D1-1800Z    -       -       -       -       -     79/29   79/29   1115/604
D1-1900Z    -       -       -       -       -     77/30   77/30   1192/634
D1-2000Z    -       -       -       -       -     98/42   98/42   1290/676
D1-2100Z    -       -       -       -       -     81/21   81/21   1371/697
D1-2200Z    -       -       -       -       -    110/33  110/33   1481/730
D1-2300Z    -       -       -       -       -    122/35  122/35   1603/765
D2-0000Z  --+--   --+--   --+--   --+--   --+--   97/23   97/23   1700/788
D2-0100Z    -       -       -       -       -     77/20   77/20   1777/808
D2-0200Z    -       -       -       -       -     46/14   46/14   1823/822
D2-0300Z    -       -       -       -       -      2/0     2/0    1825/822
D2-0400Z    -       -       -       -       -       -      0/0    1825/822
D2-0500Z    -       -       -       -       -       -      0/0    1825/822
D2-0600Z    -       -       -       -       -       -      0/0    1825/822
D2-0700Z    -       -       -       -       -       -      0/0    1825/822
D2-0800Z  --+--   --+--   --+--   --+--   --+--   --+--    0/0    1825/822
D2-0900Z    -       -       -       -       -       -      0/0    1825/822
D2-1000Z    -       -       -       -       -       -      0/0    1825/822
D2-1100Z    -       -       -       -       -       -      0/0    1825/822
D2-1200Z    -       -       -       -       -     57/24   57/24   1882/846
D2-1300Z    -       -       -       -       -    104/43  104/43   1986/889
D2-1400Z    -       -       -       -       -    124/52  124/52   2110/941
D2-1500Z    -       -       -       -       -     75/25   75/25   2185/966
D2-1600Z  --+--   --+--   --+--   --+--   --+--   75/21   75/21   2260/987
D2-1700Z    -       -       -       -       -     74/13   74/13   2334/1000
D2-1800Z    -       -       -       -       -     82/26   82/26   2416/1026
D2-1900Z    -       -       -       -       -     66/17   66/17   2482/1043
D2-2000Z    -       -       -       -       -     61/16   61/16   2543/1059
D2-2100Z    -       -       -       -       -     44/8    44/8    2587/1067
D2-2200Z    -       -       -       -       -     49/6    49/6    2636/1073
D2-2300Z    -       -       -       -       -     63/14   63/14   2699/1087

Total:     0/0     0/0     0/0     0/0     0/0  2699/1087

Call: LA3S              Class: SOSB10 LP                Total Score = 1,418,680
I was not ready for SOAB this year, and the low-band antennas are down at LA3S,
so the obvious entry would be SO10. This, in combination with very good
conditions recently on the high frequencies, made the choice easy.

I normally prefer CW, and operate SSB LP in contests so seldomly that I forget
how frustrating it is to have no attention. In a contest where
"everybody" represent a mult, the only way to be noticed is a strong
signal. That is not easy with 100w and 3el. How I missed the rbn! The operation
was 80% S&P, with only a few runs during the final opening to NA on Sunday.

My goal was to beat the old national record at 423k. By the end of day 1 I was
about half, but the openings to JA and NA were not very productive, so I was
anxious about the conditions in day 2. It opened quite early with a much better
opening to JA, and also NA came in with better signals than the day before. At
sunset I realized that I had a good signal in NA, and could benefit from the
fact that most of the other EU stations either had the band closed, or had
moved to a lower band. So the last 3-4 hours were the most enjoyable. I have
seldomly increased the rate towards the end of a contest, but thanks to some
spotters, I could add about 400k to the score.

I look forward to the CW leg, it will probably be SO10. Long live the
sun-spots, this is fun!

Svein, LA3BO

Call: LI3HQ             Class: SOSB40(TS) LP            Total Score = 461,568
It is critical and disappointing to observe that a number of EU stations are
making QSOs with NA outside the band (7100 - 7200). Hope CQ will take action
according to Rules XIII A2.

Call: LI5O              Class: M/2 HP                   Total Score = 1,614,788
LI5O WPX SSB 2014 part time operation  LB3RE, LB4PG & LB4NG

Thanks for QSO and QSL via LOTW /BUREAU!

Call: LN7TTT            Class: SOAB LP                  Total Score = 1,419,462
The claimed score is a new low power record for Norway.
Cross my fingers and hope it will survive the log check.

Call: LO5D              Class: SO(A)SB10 LP             Total Score = 6,411,561
Thanks for all Qs.. The propagation was very strange some hours like all know...

See you the next one


Yaesu FT-950
Ant. 5el hyGain at 46 ft.


Call: LQ5H              Class: SOSB10 HP                Total Score = 2,614,605
HI everyone, this was a very nice contest, the conditions were excellent in 10M
band, I could do a few hours, only 12h, but I really funn, thanks a lot, see
you in the next contest !


Call: LT5X              Class: SOAB HP                  Total Score = 227,800

Call: LT7H              Class: SO(A)AB LP               Total Score = 1,295,404
SO2R: (r1) FT840+3 El Yagui 40-20-15-10 (r2) FT100+3 El Yagui 20-15-10
Very troubled conditions ruined the rate after saturday afternoon local (X
Flare), the propagation did not recover in full as all bands got a high noise
floor. Only 10m remain workable most of the time. 15m got a limited capability
and 20m was very weak as a runner. Forget about 40m and up. On Sunday the
combination of high noise, weak signals and a dominant path between EU-US
casted the possibilities to a slow intensity S&P for most of the day. By
far the poorest propagation in CQ WPX so far for me. Ol'sun was uncooperative I

Call: LU6DC             Class: SO(A)SB10 LP             Total Score = 1,034,724
I try to do AllBand, but it was impossible from SA

Call: LU6XV             Class: SOSB10 HP                Total Score = 60,676
IC 746 PRO

Estacion de LU3XX

Call: LU7MCJ            Class: SOAB LP                  Total Score = 1,201,248
Very difficult competition. Thank you all for LU7MCJ communicate. (MIKE CHARLIE

Call: LY4A              Class: M/2 HP                   Total Score = 13,710,495
Thanks all for the QSO...

Just in saturday 22 i get the info what P3N team will not operate ine this CQ
WPX SSB and have to start prepare my contest position for simple M2 operation
just with 2 radios for the FUN...

Thanks for Linas LY5AT for join for the contest for first 24 hours whats is
first for him. So second day we operate only with 3 ops.

Have to many problems with PA, Comutators, and 20 - 10 meters tower reductors
what have lost around 4 hours in one RUN and 6 hours in second RUN place so the
score will be better.

So thanks again for the QSOs and see all on the CW parts with bets preparation


Call: LY5I              Class: SOSB40 LP                Total Score = 440,886

Call: LY7Z              Class: SO(A)AB(TS) HP           Total Score = 8,374,530
500W 160-40
300W 20-10
Wires 160-40 @12mh
Tribander 20-10 15mh



73! Andy LY7Z

Call: LZ1GEN            Class: SO(A)SB20 HP             Total Score = 1,183,700
TS-480, 1kw home made PA, 5 el Yagi on 20m mast, N1MM, my laptop.
Best condition, litlle repairs of equipment, excellent experience!
Thanks to LZ1UO, George TEREZOV, for kindly hosted and the ability to use his
base in Topolnica, KN12NI.
Thanks to all, see you on CW next month.

Call: LZ3ZZ             Class: SO(A)AB(TS) HP           Total Score = 2,797,375
Just for fun,thanks to all for QSO!

   73 Aleko!

Call: LZ9W              Class: M/M HP                   Total Score = 46,021,842
Best ever score we made in WPX SSB since we started as M/M in 2003.

Differently from 2013 bands were not so noisy and condx on 15 and 10m were much
better, although much can be desired yet. ( and they say it's a sun's maximum
activity in 2014-2015 ? ).

Looks like first time ever we made more QSOs on SSB on 40m than our German
friends at DR1A, too. Due to better upper bands condx activity on 40,80 and
160m was lower which reflects the number of QSOs made.

2300 QSOs more than we made in 2013 and some 15 000 000 more points than last

Of course we do not make comparisons to ES9C guys since they seem to
participate in different contests than us mortals ;-).

Would be interesting to see the score of 9A1A gang who are closest to us as a
location. II9P team gained from the better condx they had on 15 and 10m.

Overall, it was fun as usual :-) and we'll do it again in WPX CW in May.

THANKS to all who called us.
See you in WPX CW !

73, de Wally LZ2CJ
on behalf of LZ9W M/M contest team

Call: M8C               Class: M/S HP                   Total Score = 8,784,061
This was a team effort by members of Cray Valley Radio Society, we had to build
the station on Friday and the quad is being dismantled again as I speak.

Fantastic conditions on 10m, especially working ZM90DX late on Sunday evening
local time. 20m was difficult at the start, we knew we were loud and were
getting lots of callers before the start of the contest, but QRM levels and
band occupancy went up alarmingly once it kicked off and we found it hard to
make a decent rate for the first couple of hours.

Combination of newer and experienced operators and everyone had fun, including
the first barbeque of the season - ‘Angrillen’ as mentioned by one of our
group who is from Germany.

Dave G4BUO

Acom 1500
2el quad up 6ft
LF dipoles, 40m elevated ground plane

Call: MS0OXE            Class: M/S HP                   Total Score = 11,057,415
Thanks for the Qs.
Terry (G4MKP)
Simon (M0VKY)
James (M0YOM)

Call: N0ZFT             Class: SOAB LP                  Total Score = 68,400
FT-450 running 100W into GAP Eagle DX mounted 2m agl

Call: N1DC              Class: SOAB LP                  Total Score = 166,278
Limited S&P effort on Sunday.  Never heard 20M this bad before during
daylight hours. At one point I counted only 6 stations above the noise.
Concentrated on 10M with some time on 15.

ON8KW telling me I was s9 +40dB on 10M
Working EU with my beam at 270d
Working JH3PRR and JJ1ZNF 10M long path on the first call (beam at 170d)

Station:  TenTec Omni 7 @ 100W, 4 element yagi at 30ft, Heil ProSet Plus, N1MM

Thanks for the QSO's

Rick  N1DC

Call: N2BJ              Class: SO(A)AB HP               Total Score = 2,686,824
P/T ONLY. My granddaughter had her Band Recital at School of Rock both Saturday
and Sunday. Priority is Grandkids over Contest and it took a large chunk of
best conditions on both days.

Call: N2NC              Class: SOAB(TS) HP              Total Score = 1,063,902
Great conditions!  Lots of fun with my all band 80m diplole.

Call: N3EN              Class: SO(A)AB LP               Total Score = 726,392
My first and last SSB contest this year, but 10 meters was so great that I
couldn't stop.  Amazing propagation with Asian signals the loudest on the band
at times.  100 watts with low dipoles and worked 106 countries on 10.  All
contacts S&P.

Call: N3KCJ             Class: SOAB LP                  Total Score = 122,696
Very limited antennas.  Felt like QRP at times, but
had fun.  Foster

Call: N3QE              Class: SO(A)AB(TS) HP           Total Score = 1,535,248
Ten-Tec Eagle, AL-811H, link coupled tuner, 130ft doublet up 80ft.

Call: N4CF              Class: SO(A)AB LP               Total Score = 311,583
Worked 15 new countries, but not Antarctica (100W, wire antenna). Amazingly,
worked China on 10M.

Call: N4DJ              Class: SOAB LP                  Total Score = 8,855
Hope to get in more than one hour during the CQ contest!


Call: N4DTF             Class: SO(A)AB LP               Total Score = 60,568
A very good contest for me, less than 10 hours operating tim
  e, 3 all time new countries, and many new band countries on
  10m.  10m was of course, great.  Tried to stay with 10 and e
  njoy it while it lasted.  Worked stations from 28.302 up to
  28.895.  Great operators, and many familiar call signs.  Lot
  s of fun!

Second contest with S943v vertical, driven with FT-950 and RC-100 remote tuner.
 Very pleased with performance so far.

Call: N4KG              Class: SO(A)AB(TS) HP           Total Score = 555,894
I should have read the rules BEFORE the contest...
I *assumed* a 30 minute minimum OFF Time but later found out it is 60 minutes.
Several (19) SINGLE contacts spaced 40-50 minutes cost me 5 hours of air time
by the rules.  I listed actual air time (assuming 30 minute breaks were OK).

As usual, I focused on multi-band QSOs and 'interesting DX' on a very limited
random part-time basis.  There were 3 5-Band QSOs, 9 4-Band QSOs, 24 3-Band

My log has already been uploaded to LoTW.

Tom N4KG in North Alabama

Call: N4KH              Class: SOAB(TS) LP              Total Score = 2,079,840
Conditions were great and this was big fun even on low power. Ran all search and
pounce except for a really sweet Asia run on 10M late Saturday. My best overall
effort in this contest so I'm pleased. Thanks for all the QSO's.

Elecraft K3/P3, 3L yagi at 42ft, OCF dipole.

Call: N4NSS             Class: SOAB LP                  Total Score = 195,858
Antenna was a 43 ft. wire in a tree it was only 15ft off the ground.
It's is amazing what 100 watts and good conditions can accomplish. WoW!

Call: N4NX              Class: SOAB HP                  Total Score = 1,724,092
Eqpt:  Elecraft K Line ( K3, P3, KPA500 )

Wish there was a power category for "Mid Power"  500 watts.

As always great Fun!

Call: N4QX              Class: SOSB20 QRP               Total Score = 44
Fifteen minutes in the second hour of the contest was all I had time for.  Wish
I could have done more; 20 meters was very good on Friday night, and I had
surprisingly little trouble making the few Qs I did.

Call: N5PA              Class: SOSB10 LP                Total Score = 1,242
Just got started and a tornado came through and took the power out and it may be
a week before I have power again!  Quick end to my contest!

Call: N6HE              Class: SO(A)AB HP               Total Score = 365,818
Omni VII, SB-220, WriteLog, low wires, but FUN! See you in Visalia!


Call: N6HI              Class: SOSB10 QRP               Total Score = 8,250
5 Watts to a 20 foot end-fed wire. Part time effort,
about 9 Hrs. Very nice EU opening Sunday.
Looking forward to the next WPX CW.
Thanks for all the QSOs and for patience with my QRP!
73, John N6HI

Call: N6ZE              Class: SOAB(TS) LP              Total Score = 19,723
Worked several new countries, including Antarctica

Call: N7BEF             Class: SOAB LP                  Total Score = 32,890
Band  QSOs    Pts    WPX
14     21      47    17
21     70     157    60
28     43      95    33
Total 134     299   110

Score  32,890

Call: N7MZW             Class: SOAB(TS) LP              Total Score = 582,927
A "personal best" SOLP Non-Assisted WPX score for me, using a Kenwood
TS-950SD, Heil ProSet with HC-5 element,and a home brew G5RV up 50 feet running
N-S from 6,053 feet in Cheyenne, WY. No real runs and 95% Hunt and Pounce. 40
meters yielded the most Q's followed by 10,15,20,and 80 meters respectively.
Ten Meters made for more DX contacts and higher multiplier value than the 40
Meter stateside runs that I have tried in the past. It's tough to run on 10 and
15 meters with a G5RV and 95 watts!I planned on operating for the entire 36 hrs.
allowed, but wasted 6 hours and 15 minutes due to sleeping through the alarm! I
was second place SOLP for 7 land last year, but don't think I can expect to
beat the other "Big Gun" ops who have towers and beams. All things
considered, I think I did pretty well for 95 watts and a single (G5RV) antenna,
and I'm improving my score with every WPX effort. My modest station is forcing
me to learn the basics, and will make me a better op who will really appreciate
a tower and beam someday! Thanks for the Q's and more than a few repeats.

Call: N7RQ              Class: SOSB15 HP                Total Score = 120,540
Felled by the creepin' crud after only 2-1/2 hrs, but sure did have fun until
then.  Heard a few Arizona Outlaws, and lots of tasty DX in there, including
one or two new ones for me.  Glad the rest of the world had a blast this

Call: N7TEW             Class: SOAB LP                  Total Score = 275,931
Just a casual Little Pistol Search & Pounce, Had commitments Saturday
afternoon so missed a few contacts. Improved on my score from last year so that
was a good thing.

Call: N8II              Class: SOSB10 LP                Total Score = 1,975,812
Things started off with a lot of promise, loud SA and JA's/East Asia. I was able
to run Japanese for a while and accumulated quite a few prefixes including 8J1,
T32, B4, RT0, VK6, VK8, VY1, and VR2. A solar flare almost ruined Saturday with
the band opening so painfully slowly and late to EU with the first direct path
EA/CT's worked around 1215Z and I was not able to run EU until 1335Z when some
Germans finally had good signals. All day long can best be described as a
struggle with virtually no Scandinavians and only a very few Russians working
RM5 first at 1445Z. I finally succumbed to a break at 1915Z after struggling to
work a couple of EA's. At 1955Z, something wonderful had happened, signals were
strong and that even included SM, OH, and Russia, but it lasted only until
2055Z, then the rest of the day was pretty slow with the only strong signals
from the south and Oceania. The path to JA essentially closed all evening. S8-9
precipitation static from heavy rain/wind hit the high yagi just as I finished
sweeping the band to the west; luckily, the lower south yagi was quiet. It was
still the same after a two hour break at 02Z! The static and some snow were
there for maybe 75 minutes on Sunday, making running very difficult. Day one
was finished with 645 hard gathered QSO's. Sunday morning by 12Z was pretty
much back to normal or even above normal conditions especially on the more
polar paths logging many northern EU and Russians plus loud stations from
central Asia and the far East calling in such as HS0, YB0, EX8, RL9, VU2, and
VU3, but running became difficult after about 1530Z as the EU to west coast USA
path blew wide open and I had pretty well worked out the band. During a S&P
sweep at 1830Z (midnight in VU) a VU2 was S9+25db, about the loudest ever heard
here from India. Another surprise was a very early opening to JA with some loud
signals starting at 2035Z (0535 JST!), but I was only sporadically active after
1910Z and the JA's dropped out early around 2330Z which was right around sunset,
so a final rush of Asian mults was not to be had.

Compared to the ARRL contests, activity was down a bit from EU and the number
of USA stations calling CQ seemed at least as high, but they were so weak on
backscatter that very few could hear me, not worth the struggle of trying too
often. Many thanks for all of the QSO's and prefixes. When I hit 900 Q's,
exactly 600 were multipliers, a great ratio. The abundance of mults keeps
things interesting. My number of USA Q's and mults were substantially lower
than expected, but that was due to poor conditions on Saturday and always
having a band wide open from Eu to western NA Sunday. Many thanks for all of
the Q's.

73, Jeff

Call: N8SBE             Class: SOAB LP                  Total Score = 150,282
Worked about 1 1/2 hours longer than last year, when I placed 3rd in SO LP ALL
unassisted tri-band/wires for the W8 call area.  My score this year would have
put me in 2nd, but propagation was very good this year, so a high tide floats
all boats, I suppose.  Signals were crazy good on my 2-el quad at 40 feet,
which is a real performer for me.  I had several unsolicited comments from DX
stations of "nice signal", something that I generally hear in most DX
contests I use this station in.  Can you tell I love my quad?


-- Dave, N8SBE

Call: N9GUN             Class: SO(A)AB HP               Total Score = 26,361
Very part time effort.  Too many other activities this weekend.

Heard lots of big serial numbers out there.

73 de Tom, N9GUN

Call: NA4W              Class: SOSB10 HP                Total Score = 662,613
I could only get a short time to operate but it was far out fun on 10 mtrs! Sat
afternoon around 2200 with the beam looking North in fifteen minutes I had all
of these call in: ZL, VK6, 9M, JA, KL7, VE8, SM, F, EA, ZS, PY, CE.... ten was
open to all areas at once with similar signal strength! Thanks to all! 73,s

Call: NA8V              Class: SOAB LP                  Total Score = 4,458,536
Interesting conditions, indeed.  The low bands were noisy the first night and
quiet the second.  The high bands were slow to open Saturday morning and 10
wasn't so good, but 10 was fantastic Sunday.  I did seem to run out of stations
to work on Sunday which was a surprised considering the good conditions.  Never
did have a real high rate, not even on 10 Sunday.  20 and 15 were very packed,
it was difficult to find a frequency and on Sunday when i did find one it
wasn't particularly productive.  With 20 open to EU pretty much 24 hrs/day and
15 for about 12hrs, it got tiring hearing the same very loud multis all the
time, but i guess that's the penalty for good conditions.

Hearing and working VU2RCT with an s9+ signal at 19z on 10 Sunday was the
highlight of the contest.

I made some changes to the station inside in the couple days before the contest
to try and implement SO2R, they didn't work out as expected so I spent quite a
bit of the first couple hours troubleshooting.  Finally gave up and ran with
one radio on 40, the other on all the other bands and no real SO2R.

My target going in was 4.0meg, thought it would take 2000q to get there but my
points/q and mults were higher than expected so made it with less Qs.  Didn't
think i'd get there Saturday night, but 10 came thru on Sunday.

There were some really big numbers out there, congrats to those stations and
thanks to everyone for the Qs.


                                 Continent List

                    160    80    40    20    15    10    30    17    12    ALL
                    ---   ---   ---   ---   ---   ---   ---   ---   ---    ---
      USA calls =     0    52    68    35    38   115     0     0     0    308
   Canada calls =     0     5     9     5     5    11     0     0     0     35
       NA calls =     0     4     2     8    13    27     0     0     0     54
       SA calls =     0     2     8     5    30    47     0     0     0     92
     Euro calls =     0    49    36   207   249   641     0     0     0   1182
  African calls =     0     2     4     5     8    16     0     0     0     35
    Asian calls =     0     0     0    10    15    16     0     0     0     41
    Japan calls =     0     0     0     3    15    42     0     0     0     60
    Ocean calls =     0     0     0     4     3    18     0     0     0     25

  Unknown calls =     0     0     1     1     1     0     0     0     0      3

    Total calls =     0   114   128   283   377   933     0     0     0   1835

-------------- Q S O   R a t e   S u m m a r y ---------------------
Hour     160     80     40     20     15     10    Rate Total    Pct
0000       0      0      0      0     10     20     30     30    1.6
0100       0      0      1      0      0     28     29     59    3.2
0200       0      0      0      1      4      2      7     66    3.6
0300       0      0      0     22      0      0     22     88    4.8
0400       0     24      9      0      0      0     33    121    6.6
0500       0     19     13     12      0      0     44    165    9.1
0600       0      0      0     38      2      0     40    205   11.2
0700       0      0      0      0      0      0      0    205   11.2
0800       0      0      0      0      0      0      0    205   11.2
0900       0      0      0      0      0      0      0    205   11.2
1000       0      0      0      1      0      0      1    206   11.3
1100       0      0      0      2     59      0     61    267   14.6
1200       0      0      0     15     19      7     41    308   16.9
1300       0      0      0      0     81      1     82    390   21.4
1400       0      0      0      0     27     37     64    454   24.9
1500       0      0      0      0     15     25     40    494   27.1
1600       0      0      0      1     21     45     67    561   30.8
1700       0      0      0      0      0     65     65    626   34.3
1800       0      0      0      0      0     52     52    678   37.2
1900       0      0      0     19     27      2     48    726   39.8
2000       0      0      0     14      0     28     42    768   42.1
2100       0      0      0      0     20     21     41    809   44.4
2200       0      0      0     59      3      0     62    871   47.8
2300       0      0      0     30      0     24     54    925   50.7
0000       0      0      0      0     36     13     49    974   53.4
0100       0      3     17     10      2      0     32   1006   55.2
0200       0      0      0      0      0      0      0   1006   55.2
0300       0      0      0     10      9      0     19   1025   56.2
0400       0      0     43     15      0      0     58   1083   59.4
0500       0     59      3      0      0      0     62   1145   62.8
0600       0      9     15      2      0      0     26   1171   64.2
0700       0      0      0      0      0      0      0   1171   64.2
0800       0      0      0      0      0      0      0   1171   64.2
0900       0      0      0      0      0      0      0   1171   64.2
1000       0      0      0      0      0      0      0   1171   64.2
1100       0      0      0      0      0      0      0   1171   64.2
1200       0      0      0      0      0      0      0   1171   64.2
1300       0      0      0      0      1     55     56   1227   67.3
1400       0      0      0      0      0    105    105   1332   73.1
1500       0      0      0      0      0     71     71   1403   77.0
1600       0      0      0      0      0    111    111   1514   83.0
1700       0      0      0      0      0     68     68   1582   86.8
1800       0      0      0      0      0     31     31   1613   88.5
1900       0      0      0      0      8     43     51   1664   91.3
2000       0      0      0     19     17      0     36   1700   93.3
2100       0      0      5     11      0     26     42   1742   95.6
2200       0      0      2      0      0     43     45   1787   98.0
2300       0      0     20      0     16      0     36   1823  100.0
Total      0    114    128    281    377    923   1823

Gross QSOs=1835        Dupes=12        Net QSOs=1823

Unique callsigns worked = 1462

The best 60 minute rate was 114/hour from 1408 to 1507
The best 30 minute rate was 130/hour from 1419 to 1448
The best 10 minute rate was 174/hour from 1419 to 1428

The best 1 minute rates were:
 4 QSOs/minute   13 times.
 3 QSOs/minute   77 times.
 2 QSOs/minute  339 times.
 1 QSOs/minute  862 times.

Multi-band QSOs
1 bands    1235
2 bands     136
3 bands      59
4 bands      21
5 bands      11
6 bands       0

------- S i n g l e   B a n d   Q S O s ------
Band    160     80     40     20     15     10
QSOs      0     58     67    138    207    765

Call: NC4KW             Class: M/2 HP                   Total Score = 583,947
Not really in the WPX contest.  Laurie and I were testing out the NW as there
were some issues during NCQP.  All worked fine.


Call: ND0C              Class: SOAB QRP                 Total Score = 697,030
I always enjoy this contest and multipliers were plentiful this year.  I ran QRP
as always and Saturday was really a struggle as conditions to Europe were very
poor until after about 1800Z. Losing 10 meters made it tough since that's
usually my "go-to band" with QRP.  Conditions seemed very good late
on Sunday morning but I missed a couple of hours due to church.

Thanks to the great ops with the good ears and the patience to pull my whisper
of a signal through the splatter.

The ND0C "super-station":
  Yaesu FT897D running 5 watts
  Cycle 24 TX-38 triband Yagi at 12.5 meters
  Cushcraft D-40 dipole for 40 at 13 meters
  Inverted vee with apex at 12 meters

Randy, ND0C

Call: NE3K              Class: SO(A)SB10 HP             Total Score = 39,000
Glad I could contribute to the club score. Had a few activities with the kids
that kept me out of a more serious, effort.

VERY sorry I missed participating as part of the WX3B team this year.

Call: NE5LL             Class: SO(A)AB LP               Total Score = 2,218,750
Station:  FT-990 100W Force 12 C3 @64', 80/40 Fan Dipole @50' and Inverted L.

Got a late start Friday night due to overhead thunderstorms, and lost another
hour later at night when a second wave passed overhead.

Noted three blackouts on Saturday, the first at 1605 lasted an hour, the other
two were similar to "aftershocks" that lasted about half an hour
each.  Was able to work folks out to 1,000 miles during the outages to get
prefix's that became available.

This was the first WPX SSB at the new location, score tripled any past scores
from Texas operations.  Conditions were good, and the fine configuration and
design for the antenna farm by Dan, K1TO of A1 Towers gets the credit for the
improved performance.

Noticed some jamming on some stations on all bands, and a good deal of poorly
adjusted radios spewing out lots of "trash".

See you all in a few weeks on CW!

Call: NE9U              Class: SOSB10 HP                Total Score = 3,055,546
Kind of a last minute decision to to this contest...usually I don't participate
due to lack of free weekends, but now that I'm an old retired fart, every day
is a weekend!  :-)  No one had planned any Multi operation from W0AIH, so
decided to give 10 meter single band a shot as long as 10 meters has been in
such great shape.

Friday night and Saturday morning were huge disappointments....the solar
flare(s) killed direct path propagation to Europe Saturday morning and only
workable Europe from our northerly latitudes were Big Gun's off a skew path
towards Africa.
Sunday morning was MUCH better and little pistols direct could easily be
worked.  Worked a bunch of QRP with antenna in attic guys!  Rate Saturday
morning stayed in 40's while Sunday was around 100 most of morning.

Thanks to Paul for having me over.  Its always a fun time!

Scott  NE9U

Call: NF2RS             Class: SOAB LP                  Total Score = 80,494
Rig: K2 @ 75W  Ant: 40m Windom  Log: N1MM

Great conditions. It was great to be hearing & working NA, AF, EU, SA &
OC all at the same time.

SSB Contests not my gig but I had fun signing with club call NF2RS.
Dick, K2ZR

Call: NF3C              Class: SO(A)AB HP               Total Score = 521,796
Icom PRO III, ACOM 2000A, SteppIR DB-18 @ 50'

RF seems to remain an issue on 15M with logging program (N1MM) being hit by the
RF.  Ran Low Power mostly on 15M because of hang-ups.

Never saw the bands close so quickly (dramatically) as they did when the solar
flare went off!  While 10M and 15M seemed to come back in something like 30 -
45 minutes, 20M seemed never to really recover it's full vigor.

Thanks for the Qs.  73,  Vic, W4VIC/NF3C

Call: NF4A              Class: SO(A)AB(TS) HP           Total Score = 5,348,298
This is my favorite contest of all......10 meters was addictive....could not
stay away so the other bands we almost ignored by me. Wonderful conditions and
the flare gave me a chance to take a break. Log posted on LOTW. Rig FT-1000MP,
Alpha 78, wires on 80 and 40 and TA33 @75 ft....Win-Test 4.11 Missed having
1000 prefixs by only 7...GREAT CONTEST !!

Call: NH6P              Class: SOSB10(TS) HP            Total Score = 5,927,412
Wow, the 10 meter band was great all weekend.  Worked EU long and short path,
great runs.  I will be happy to get back to the narrow filters and CW..

Thanks for the QSOs

CUL, Fred

Call: NH7A              Class: SOAB HP                  Total Score = 10,314,036
Another effort fun  at KH6LC's super station. Lloyd is a great host and makes
great waffles!
Good openings to Europe on 10 and 15  helped the score.
Thanks to all who called.

Call: NI7R              Class: SOAB HP                  Total Score = 258,778
I don't operate SSB contest much, but I could not pass up these great
conditions. This was the most QSOs I ever made in a SSB contest. Picked up 12
new countries on SSB, including Kuwait. It was nice to have 20 meters open all
night. The only reason I left 20 meters for 40 meters was to pick up a few 6
pointers. And 10 meters being open until late in the evening was great. I am
really surprised at how well my temporary 10 meter dipole works at 8 feet off
the ground.

K3, AL-811H amp, N1MM
Temp. verticals and 10 meter dipole

Call: NN3L              Class: SO(A)AB LP               Total Score = 771,320
Not much time available.  Just checking out antennas after terrible Winter.
Everything worked FB.  Thanks to all the contestants.  This was a fun contest,
considering it is on SSB!  Amazing how well 100W gets through.  Will try to set
aside a full effort for CW.

73 de Sig

Call: NN4F              Class: SO(A)SB10 HP             Total Score = 1,768,167
Decided on SOSB 10 A HP, 10 was great, only 20 hours of op time due to family
commitments, what a blast...

Started off on a small FT100D due to my FT1000MP MkV being fried, FT100 was
awful, my good friend Tighe NK4I lent me his KX3/KXPA100 to drive the Alpha,
what a difference operating the KX3, great little radio...even managed to beat
my ALL BAND Score from a few years ago by 200K

Equip: FT100D/KX3/KXPA100
       Mosley TA-63

Call: NN4RB             Class: SOAB LP                  Total Score = 123,395
While small to many, this is another personal best.  Had fun and identified
more projects to make the station and operation better.

Call: NQ4I              Class: M/M HP                   Total Score = 33,608,558
First and foremost, what great conditions to hold a contest! My team has never
heard the bands so hot from top to bottom. Endless activity has made the CQWPX
SSB contest one of the best contests ever! I want to thank my competitors for
making it the most exciting and challenging events on the ham bands in a long
time. K9CT and WX3B are with out a doubt some of the finest competitors on the
bands for the WPX test. And I want to thank them for posting their scores for
all to see on cqcontest.ru. Having the online score board available made this a
real horse race for all to see and enjoy.

We paused just before the contest to memorialize former team member W4SVO, who
has made significant contributions to our low band success at NQ4I. Mark
recently became a silent key and is missed by all NQ4I team members. We
dedicated this contest operation and score to his memory. And I am sure that in
our daily contesting operation, he was there urging us onward and upward.

I also want to thank the team members at Team NQ4I who gave up their time to
come and be a part of the operation. Driving and flying from all over the South
East US to be here. We had contest newbie Larry WB5EIN who drove from Tupelo,
Mississippi to join us. He fit right in. His contributions were greatly

In my 53 years of Ham radio, I don't think I have ever seen the high bands and
low bands so filled with contestor's. To quote a true sage of Ham Radio, Gene
Walsh N2AA "There ain't no meters like Ten Meters". And it held true
to form. Band opening lasted well into the nights and activity was apparent all
the way up to 29.900 Mhz!

One of our prime RUN op's had to cancel Friday afternoon before the test
started, and it made some big changes in our lineup. Op's were told to be
flexible and they would be assigned and moved when needed. The NQ4I team
responded in great form. Seats were filled, qso's were made, meals were
consumed, stories were told, and memories were made in the 48 hours of the

Records: 1. New US M-M high claimed score 33,608,558 points! We are hoping that
after log checking it will remain as a new US record for SSB.
2. New US WPX Prefix record! We had 1717 prefixes. We surpassed the current
record at 7 am on Sunday morning and kept the bells ringing in the shack as new
ones were worked all the rest of the day.
3. New Station record for most number of SSB qsos.

Band by Band comments:

160-Don K4PK labored and toiled to make 135 qso's. The band was quiet, but the
action was on the high bands and the low bands suffered some.

80-Bill AA4LR really turned in a great performance, even with the action being
on the higher bands.

40-This is the band that had suffered the greatest damage during the last ice
storm. The reflector of the top 3 over 3 stack for the RUN station is still
broken and needs repair so Jim VE7ZO only had a 2 and 1/2 element yagi for the
top antenna. Didn't seem to make that much difference. The 40m MULT antenna was
severely damaged and under a complete rebuild. Because of the windy and rainy
weather leading up to the contest, I was only able to get the antenna above the
bottom set of guy wires and it was fixed on EU at 55 feet and non-rotatable.
N4XL still managed to make a significant number of Mult qsos with it. Dennis
KD3P kept 40m humming all during the daytime. Thanks Dennis.

20-Steve AG4W had previously been the MULT op for 15m...with the cancellation
of K4BAI, Steve was pressed into RUN Op duties and responsibilities. He did a
super job and has subsequently been promoted to RUN op. MULT Op on 20m is
newbie Larry WB5EIN. Made the drive from Miss to be a part of the team and did
a fantastic job. The wind blew all weekend with gusts to 45 mph and more almost
all weekend...The 8 el Yagi at 185 feet kept turning and was hard to keep it
pointed where we wanted it. More repairs will be needed.

15- Dennis K4NV and Jim KM4HI teamed up and found that 15m was the band to be
on. The band was open nearly every hour around the clock. It kept them on their
toes staying in the seats.

10-George K5KG flew up from the Sarasota, Fla area to be part of the team. And
I am sure he has no regrets. The 10m band was wall to wall with stations and
activity. We have never worked so many JA's and BY's as we did this past
weekend. Tremendous activity from SE Asia, The Far East, and Europe.
Unbelievable! George's team mate was Jeff W4DD, who is responsible for the
technical needs of the station. Jeff kept the MULT station manned and
productive all weekend long.

Mark, W4SVO...."this one was for you"!! RIP.

de Rick NQ4I

Call: NR3X              Class: SO(A)AB HP               Total Score = 4,105,934
Awesome conditions outside of the solar flare that zapped all bands for about 30
minutes on Saturday. Nice to work a lot of stations in SE Asia. That will do it
for me until ARRL Field Day.



Call: NT3S              Class: SO(A)SB10 HP             Total Score = 3,950,404
Many many thanks to Carol, N2MM, for inviting me to use her station during
WPX-SSB after I had spent a week on business in Boston, MA. So flew down Friday
afternoon to Philadelphia, PA, where Carol picked me up for transport to her QTH
in NJ.

Another big thank you to Norm, W3IZ, for lending the club call NT3S for use
during the contest. It sure helped to keep the rate a little up at times. ;-)

I really had a very enjoyable time, great to experience contesting from the
other side of the pond. Conditions were very nice Friday evening with a few
JA's right after the contest started and before the band faded. Saturday still
good but distorted later on and no JA opening. Sunday better again but sorrily
had to leave at 18z already to catch my flight back to Germany. As I heard
later from Carol 10 m had still been open 21.30z into *all* continents in
parallel ...

Would I have known before that I would be through check-in, baggage drop *and*
TSA in under 10 minutes I certainly would have operated at least an hour
longer. ;-)

Thanks again Carol!

73, Olli - DH8BQA

Call: NV1N              Class: SOAB LP                  Total Score = 7,374,380
WOW!  What else can be said to sum it up.

For sure the best balance of conditions of the cycle for this contest.
The high bands were fantastic although not always.  Collectively,
better than anything else since 2000 - 2002.  We will sure be
fondly remembering this contest in a few years.

They key to this one, I believe, was to accomodate the bands and
maximize on what they delivered.  I tried starting on 40M but that
went nowhere, so it was off to 15 where a good run of JAs was
possible and then 20M where EU was wide open.  In fact, 20M was
very good from here until about 08Z to EU.  On both days, 20M
was not good to EU until about 18Z.  15M accomodated early
and then 10M followed.  However, 10M was decent but not great to
EU on Saturday and got better on Sunday.  Sunday was better overall
on both 10M and 15M providing the best rates of the contest.

20M was not great other than 20 - 06Z.  40M was hardly ever the best
band.  I found much better 6 point runs on 80M actually.  So, I found
myself camped out on 10, 15, and 80 for most of the contest.  40M was
second radio for about half the Qs and 20M was close to the same.  I
milked the 3 pointers for this one instead of rate.  I only found
myself dipping to the mostly US Qs twice, 20M mid day Sunday and
and 10M and 15M later Sunday afternoon.

The Asia openings were wonderful.  They weren't a HUGE add of Qs,
but they were a lot of mults (and a lot of fun).  I worked more JAs
in this year's contest than in all of the past 10 years of WPX SSB
contests combined.  There was great SA activity - but there is always
is in this contest.

My average points were 2.95.  Thats the highest ever for me.  The last
2 years were 2.45 and 2.7.  The 2.7 year was a new US LP record of 5.9
Million gross.  This year beat that significantly.  Best Qs, best
mults, highest average - all add up to great score.  We will see if
it holds vs other great scores that I am sure are coming.

We can only hope that WPX CW is as good.



80M - 2 el phased array
40M - 3 el at 80 ft and 2 el Delta fixed south
20M - 4/4 and 3 el south (broken)
15M - 6/6 and 3 el south
10M - 4 top, 4 south, and 8 el EU

Beverages - 1000 ft x 2 to EU, 600 ft N/S, 600 ft W

Call: NV9L              Class: M/S HP                   Total Score = 14,382,214
Conditions were outstanding. 80 meters was rough Friday night, but in much
better shape Saturday night. I fear this may have been the best conditions we
will see for a long time. We managed to DOUBLE our W9 record breaking score
from last year.

Call: NW0M              Class: SO(A)AB(TS) HP           Total Score = 558,552
Just a few hours but good condx with lots of room to spread out on 10M.  Had two
nice short runs up the band on 40M both Friday and Saturday nights late.  The
digital voice recorder for the K3 is wonderful!!!

K3, KPA500, KAT500, Mosley tribander and OCF dipole, Yamaha headset, N1MM.

Call: NW3H              Class: SO(A)SB20(TS) HP         Total Score = 574,784
New personal best in this contest and it was a single band effort! First time
doing this contest with my tribander.  My dipoles are down due to an issue I
need to address so without low bands I made the decision to try single band 20.
 This was my first time doing a single band effort. I could either finish 5th in
my ARRL section or go for something more. It was extremely difficult to see all
the spots on 10 and 15 and not switch to SOAB but I stayed on 20 meters and
slugged it out with the tuner uppers, the ragchewers, who seemed out to get us
contesters and the guy who liked to follow me around sending code of vulgar
language.  Nonetheless, I hanged in there.  Man, 14 hours only on 20 meters
could be a prison sentence for some.  I have my typical end of phone contest

This was the first time I was able to run EU from my home station.  I ran about
80% of the time for this contest which I can never do during CQWW or ARRL (or
maybe this showed me I can, hmmm). I reached 100 QSOs in the fastest time ever,
1 hour, 7 minutes. My best rate was about 130/hr in the last 30 minutes of the
contest when I sat on 14.341 which turned out to be a great selection for the
last half hour a few kc below W1AW/1 who I could not hear as I was beaming EU.
It was a kick to have some of the big contests stations in EU and Russia and
even the Middle East calling me.

Station performed flawlessly and it was nice for once to just set up everything
and not have to change amp settings on band switches.   As contests go this was
my third straight major contest personal best.  This is the 3rd most QSOs I
have ever had in a contest (1st was ARRL 4 weeks ago, 2nd was CQWW SSB last
October and this was a single band effort.  Looking forward to the contest time
off now and heading to Dayton in May to maybe get a couple things to improve the
station.  Thanks to the stateside and the DX for the QSOs.  See you in CQWPX CW
in May.  73 de Bill NW3H

Rig:  Icom IC-7600
Amp: Ameritron AL-811H
Antenna: Mosley miniTA32a
Logger:  N1MM v 14.3.1

Call: NX4Y              Class: SO(A)AB HP               Total Score = 513,603
Rig : Elecraft K-Line @ 500w

         Antennas : Cushcraft A3S at 40 feet

          Soapbox :

WPX SSB - 2014-03-29 0000Z to 2014-03-31 0000Z - 555 QSOs
NX4Y Max Rates:

2014-03-30 0051Z - 5.0 per minute  (1 minute(s)), 300 per hour by W4LT
2014-03-29 2328Z - 3.3 per minute  (10 minute(s)), 198 per hour by W4LT
2014-03-30 0043Z - 2.6 per minute  (60 minute(s)), 158 per hour by W4LT

WPX SSB - 2014-03-29 0000Z to 2014-03-31 0000Z - 555 QSOs
NX4Y Runs >10 QSOs:

2014-03-29 1633 - 1705Z,   28466 kHz, 55 Qs, 102.1/hr W4LT
2014-03-29 2301 - 2308Z,   14222 kHz, 13 Qs, 114.4/hr W4LT
2014-03-29 2310 - 0106Z,   14223 kHz, 283 Qs, 146.8/hr W4LT
2014-03-30 1530 - 1558Z,   21342 kHz, 74 Qs, 158.9/hr W4LT

Total Time Off 42:12  (2532 mins)
Total Time On 05:48  (348 mins)

Fun times with a fun call.  All the time I had to operate due to family and
work issues.  My thanks to VHF/UHF op Dave Krauss for lending me the callsign
to use (Which I found for him...) Loved being spotted by the Euros and holding
a frequency on 20 meters for over an hour with high rate; 283 Q's in less than
an hour is pretty good for my little station. That 2.6 Q per minute hour on 15m
was loads of fun too!

Could have had a higher rate if I could have gone split and spread the
callers out, but alas, not a good idea in a contest!

FQP is next!

73 to all who worked me!

Lu - W4LT (as NX4Y)

Call: NX5M              Class: M/M HP                   Total Score = 4,392,921
Many issues; beginning weeks before during the planning right up to the start of
the contest.  Operators was the main issue.  Getting increasingly difficult to
get operators.  Antenna damage and a couple of amps not acting right. Then
Friday evening stormy weather prevented us from getting on the air.
For several days prior to the contest I really wanted to just call it off.  But
at the same time I did not want to since a couple of the ops had made special
changes to their schedule to be here so I decide to just tell everyone to
operate as much or as little as they wanted.  KU5B and NX5M were out in the
field covering the severe weather events for local media. Text messages were
sent to KJ5T and N5XJ letting them know that once the severe weather threat had
passed and as soon as we got back to the station we would go ahead and set it up
and if they wanted to operate, they could.
KJ5T elected to drive on it but we never heard from N5XJ.  With that, we
operated off and on until 1600z Sunday.  We slept during the night, we went out
to eat lunch and dinner and much of the time there was only one operator on the
air.....switching chairs freely if so desired.  I think there may have been
only about 2 hours that all three of us were actually operating.
I think we may be done with trying to do multi-multi.  With the lack of
interest in operating or conflicts preventing those we invite.....it is
impossible to do anything seriously.

Call: NX6T              Class: M/2 HP                   Total Score = 10,578,340
Band Condx great most of weekend - a bit of a slog on 15 Mtrs Sunday afternoon.
Best effort for San Diego Contest Club ever for WPX SSB. Lots of local QRN from
winds and electrical lines nearby we think but the K3s DSP circuit did it job
well !
2 K3s, 2 ACOM 2000As, 2 40 Mtr @ EL Yagis (48 and 78 ft) 2 SteppIRs * 40 and 70
ft) 80 and 160 Inv V Dipoles (70 ft)
73 de N6KI

Call: NX7TT             Class: SOSB10 LP                Total Score = 257,880
Working LP and with several power outages made it very hard. But still had
Was working TR8CA when the 3rd outage went...got him in the log but had to wing
the serial number...was 7 off and had to work the rest of the log to fill in all
the numbers but was still fun...
  65 countries was nice...then evening into Asia was something else from here
in Idaho..Not much from EU till Sunday....
will not break records but was fun..


Call: NY6DX             Class: SO(A)AB LP               Total Score = 2,184,840
Yaesu FT-1000MP Mark v
Hustler 5btv@ 25ft
1/4 wave  vertical for 80

Great contest and wonderful band conditions. The heavy rain caused a high swr
on 10 but other wise all went well. Can not wait to put up the hex beam next
year. Thanks all for calling

Call: NY6N              Class: SOSB10 HP                Total Score = 3,757,004
Thank you everyone for all the qsos. This was not a full time effort due to
prior commitments as I was off  Saturday until the afternoon. Conditions were
great as Europe was coming in until after 4 PM on Saturday. There will be some
really big scores.

Call: OG6N              Class: SO(A)AB HP               Total Score = 6,981,934
I did not have chance to sleep enough before the start so I had to sleep a bit
longer than I originally planned and that ruined my operating plans. I spent
Friday evening fixing the rotating system of my main tower. I partly managed to
solve the problem but the tower would not turn properly. Something was stuck and
I could not turn it towards Asia. Then it got dark and there was nothing I could
do. My main beams were stuck westwards. I still had to prepare the shack before
I could hit the sack. I woke up after 05Z and prepared quickly a sandwich and a
mug of tea and started to S&P Asian stations on 15m with a low fixed beam
pointed to JA. After a while I tried to run but I felt weak compared to the
stack that I would normally have used. Around 07Z I was surprised to get a
reply from N4WW and WE4H but nobody else from the states seemed to be aware of
the opening. After a fruitless trial on 15m I moved to 20m and then to 10m
where I had only a low 4 element beam fixed to south. The main tower would
still not budge. About 0830Z I took a break and tried to force the tower
manually but something was still blocking the lower guy wire ring. I lost some
valuable operating time in these activities. Nothing resolved I came back to
the house and had a bite. Then I returned to the shack and continued to S&P
on 10m. Once in a while I tried to turn the main tower when lo and behold it
started to turn properly again. Soon I QSY'd to 15m with my stack pointed to
USA ready for the pileups. The rates never went very high for some reason but
stayed between 80 to 110 Q/h. 1845Z the band went down and I needed a break.
After that I moved to 10m to see if it was open anymore. The rates were not
very good but the propagation was interesting. 21Z I had to take a break
because of my voice and throat problems. I continued on 15m and when it was
closed around 2315Z I moved to the lower bands because 20m was not very good.
My 20m totals were disturbingly low. After toiling on the lower bands to get
some double points I went to bed because I felt that I was losing my voice. I
woke up next morning after 06Z which was already too late but finally I managed
to work some USA on 20m. About 0730Z I moved to 15m to try to work some JA
pileups because I was able to turn the stack towards Japan. There were some
JA's coming through but not plenty so after 40 minutes I moved to see what 10m
has got to offer from the east. The band was wide open and it was easier to
work the stations there than what it was on 15m. After 10Z I moved back to 15m
to secure a running frequency before the band opened into the states. W2OIB was
the first one to come back to me at 1150Z and there was more to follow. Then it
was time to move to 10m before 14Z. The pileup thinned out around 1930Z but
there were many stations to be worked by S&P. Now even 15m and 20m were in
poor shape so after a break I had to continue on 40m and 80m. 7M points was
very close so I tried to push but finally missed it by only a mere 20k points.
If I had been able to operate the missing 90 minutes that it took for the extra
breaks I would have passed the milestone with flying colors. In all this was a
memorable contest and I was surprised what I could do with just one radio, 700W
and a compromised setup. I hope I'll manage to fix at least a few things in the
long to-do list before the CW leg.

Call: OH1TM             Class: SO(A)SB15(TS) HP         Total Score = 360,045
Another "contest effort" from my home QTH and half dead Butternut
HF9V... Very nice propagation; Thanks for QSOs!

Call: OH5TS             Class: SOSB20 LP                Total Score = 307,600
I spent Saturday with OG9X multi one and operated on Sunday from home low power
20 m. Tough work both.

K3 and 204BA at 24 mtrs.

73, Kari

Call: OH9A              Class: SO(A)SB10 HP             Total Score = 4,619,985
FT-1000D + Alpha 91B
Ant: 4/4/4/4el yagis, 6el yagi

My original plan was to travel to ES9C but I had to cancel my trip because of
health issues earlier this week (neck and shoulder pain + painkillers
combination is not good for hardcore contesting and travelling). Instead I went
to our club to work some daytime band "just for fun".

10m was better than I expected. On Saturday the start was lazy (1st QSO 0426Z),
JH4UYB was audible with S7 signal two hours before he could hear me. Then later
in the morning I got some JA run. USA started very poorly, it was not until
1600Z when the band was runnable. Good runs even to West Coast, although over
the pole propagation never happened. Last qso was with CA3 at 2155Z.

On Sunday the band was open much earlier, the first qsos were after 0330Z,
ZM90DX was one of the first ones. Now JA run was more or less "in the
right time". USA opening had similar phenomenon than on Saturday - I
couldn't get rate before 1600Z. Then band held open till 2000Z.

I was pleased to work new OH record and even manage to get over 1000
multipliers. And I passed also OH1F's (by OH1TM) 14 year old unassisted record
which I did not believe to happen on Saturday when I had less than 1k qsos.
What was again dissapointing thing is that it seems to be impossible to compete
Mid/South Europe on 10 meters. 16 elements and 1500 watts is not enough against
tribanders and SB220s ...

Call: OK1FC             Class: SOSB10 LP                Total Score = 7,738

Call: OK1KUW            Class: SOSB80 HP                Total Score = 1,490,600
PA KVZ1AP (2x 3-500Z)
micro KEYER II
BCC preselector

Inverted Vee at 24m
beverage - 270m 45°, 260m 315°, 185m 0/180°

Thanks everyone for the QSO.

The first night i had only 444 QSO. The second night I finished 898QSO.
In the final I had 1039 QSOs, but with 24 dupes. Interesting comparison was
K9AY and beverages, each antenna to listen differently and complement one
another, including Inverted Vee, it helped me very much when listening.

73 Zdenek OK3RM

Call: OK4PA             Class: SO(A)SB10 HP             Total Score = 8,027,706
Because of the tiredness I hesitated whether its good or bad idea to participate
in the contest.
Decision was done �" in the worst case it would be a good training.
Now I can say, that participation wasn't a mistake .
It was a real fun especially because of  conditions and all who gave me a call
and had enough patience.Result which I would not expected from OK.

FT1000MV+2x 6el yagi stack design OK1RF (90 % QSO)+tribander Ecco (10%QSO)

Pavel OK4PA
PS:Thanks to Jiri OK1XQ for lending me part of equipment.

Call: OK8DD             Class: SOAB LP                  Total Score = 334,506
20,15,10: ECO Asay Tribander
80,40: Linear loaded vertical (PA3HBB idea http://www.qsl.net/pa3hbb/ll.htm)

Many thanks for the QSOs

73, Romas - OK8DD

Call: OL3R              Class: SO(A)AB HP               Total Score = 5,492,889
First WPX SOAB(A) effort due to expected Martin OL5Y participation. Congrats to
his score and first time my pleasure to beat him :-) Did not properly used some
antenna improovements on 80 and 40m incl. 40/80m vertical repair due to strong
wind crash next weekend after WW CW.

Due to excelent DX prop. mainly on 10m had to change contest strategy and
prefered day bands. Btw no Mr.Murphy visit :-) It definitely seems like 10m
band was the main strategic band, but really it was 15 and 20. Hope to the same
conds in CW part.

10/15/20: Hygain TH5MK2 at 20m
20: 5el OWA(NW3Z design) at 13m
40: Inv.V at 8m (top)
80/40: no coil no trap EA6XD Moregain style vertical with single elevated
radial dir to NW at 6m
80/160: no coil no trap EA6XD Moregain dual band dipole at 9m (top)
no RX antenna
FT1000MP MKV (I7SWX, W8JI & own mods)

THX to all who called and CU in next time

Call: OL4A              Class: M/2 HP                   Total Score = 38,364,580
Superb propagation.

We were putting up the 80m Yagi (after post winter reconstruction) in Friday
and everyone was tired in the evening. Of course bad idea, but there was no

We were sort of confused of the propagation during nights, and also had
problems with 40m station - those were fixed in Sunday during the day.

I do believe our setup had potential well over 40M but due to our poor
operation  during nights + problems with 40m - finished few M. less.

Everyone had FUN, most satisfactory weekend !

Hear you all in the next ONE.

73 !

Call: OL5Y              Class: SO(A)AB(TS) HP           Total Score = 5,339,670
My first serious effort in SSB WPX contest in All Band category. I enjoyed it -
especially the CONDX on 10m. A lot of fun with tribander!
ANT: 3el tribander ECO @ 15m, Inv. V for 40/80/160m @ 15m, unfortunately
without RX antenna.
RIG: IC756 + Acom 2000A + microHAM MK2R+
Thanks to all who answered my call and called me! CU in CW part!

Call: OL9M              Class: SOSB10 LP                Total Score = 178,416

Call: OL9R              Class: SO(A)SB20(TS) LP         Total Score = 1,248,297
The best conditions in the contest since 2012 (started era of my SOSB 20m LP). I
have done more than 500 QSO than last year. Its greate work with super logging
functions of Win-test in the S&P mode (CTRL+ENTER e.t.c..).

Preparation and antenna installation took about 1 hour (Installation on the
balcony - http://files.qrz.com/a/ok6ra/Stribro.jpg). After 1,5 hours was ready
TRX and connection with Win-test.

I was little bit upset that no so many U.S. stations do not call CQ during the
contest on the 20m :-( I heard many U.S. stations with huge signals that called
another EU stations..But did not call me beacuse I have too weak signal for make
some space on the band :-(.

But even though called me on my CQ several "exotic" stations like:
Several JAs,UA9,PY e.t.c......

The end result is for me more than satisfactory.

FT-1000MP,100W,Vertical dipol on balcony.

So I hope to see all of you in the CQ WPX CW part :-) Im going on trip to
Sicily island - IT9/OL9R.

73 Vaclav OK6RA(OL9R).

Call: OM2VL             Class: SOAB HP                  Total Score = 13,217,040
Excellent condx on high bands.

Congrats CQ8X, 9A5Y, RK4FD for their excellent score!

73 Laci

Call: ON9CC             Class: SOSB10 HP                Total Score = 568,974
First time participating in a contest on the higher bands from my home QTH. Just
recently I installed an Optibeam OB11-3 and it worked quite well, although the
tower wasn't crancked up (still need to do some work on the coaxes) and the
antenna was just 30' above the ground.
Yesterday it was my wife's 40th birthday so just little operating on the
saturday ... today we had to BBQ all what was left of yesterday so no full
operation today too ;) ... but it was fun again and was happy to work my first
KH6 ever :). I recorded all QSO so if you want to hear your own signal on this
side, just sent me an e-mail.  73 and see you in the WPX CW contest :)



Call: P33W              Class: M/S HP                   Total Score = 45,556,680
We had a very good start leading almost 400 QSOs until Sunday morning when
propagation blocked all bands for several hours and smashed all our efforts.
Anyway, managed to break our own record.

Congrats to our friends at CN2AA with a great score!

Call: P40W              Class: SOAB LP                  Total Score = 14,828,246
Elecraft K3, Win-Test Logger
80M Inverted V @ 60ft, 80m Half Sq. @ 55ft (USA)
F12 Delta 240 @ 70ft, 4 ele wire beam (EU) @ 55ft
C31XR @ 60ft, C4 @ 60ft
Beverage RX antennas NE, N/S, NW, E/W


Folks....lock in your memories of this past weekend....the conditions, 10
meters in particular, were truly spectacular.  It has been decades since I've
heard stations from Asia (HS, XW, VU, UP, UN, 4L, etc.) sound so 'normal' and
loud.  without a smidgen of polar flutter...... and very easy to work with low
power. The old axiom "no meters like 10 meters" was the theme of this

While on the one hand we enjoyed great propagation, it effectively spread
everyone out, and to a degree lowered run rates, at least from this part of the
world.  After many years of somewhat marginal propagation, the normal
concentrations of stations on a particular band at a particular time didn't
follow the expected patterns.  Note to self: adjust operating tactics to meet
actual conditions.

Struggled with power line noise problems (multiple sources) that developed late
Thursday evening....triggered by a very brief rain shower....rendering the
beverage antennas virtually useless (it had not rained on Aruba for two months
so there is plenty of salt buildup on the power lines).  Mercifully the noise
somewhat abated for a portion of the second night.  I remain amazed by how well
the Elecraft K3 noise blanker and noise reduction features work.

The world-wide growth in the number of available Prefixes was certainly evident
this weekend....and welcomed.  Thanks go to all of the normally 'non contesters'
for getting on the air to make so many multipliers available.

Looking forward to seeing many in the "contest family" at WRTC2014
this July.


John, W2GD @ P40W

Call: P43A              Class: SOSB15 HP                Total Score = 9,320,262
As no one was using the P49V station this week-end i decided, with Carl's
blessing, to set up camp there for the week-end. Firstly I wanted to experience
the feeling to have multiple antennas in different directions during a contest
and secondly i wanted to know if my recent "home-repaired" FT2000D
would hold out under the stress of a contest.
The station worked great, its fun to have a stack of TH7's into Europe, another
stack of TH7's to the West Coast & Central part of the US and then the 4
element Steppir in Bi-mode to the East Coast and South America at the back!
Propagation was great (besides the short solar black-out on Saturday) but not
really to our advantage down South here. As the bands stay open a lot longer
into Europe the guys in the States have no real reason to turn the antennas
South, making it harder for us to have long consistant runs into the states.
Europeans were plentyfull, but there relative weaker signals makes it harder to
get high rate runs from Europe.
Anyhow, all things concidered it was a good contest, radio worked as it should
(and is still working!!) antennas performed nicely and i guess the total score
was not that bad.
Thanks to Carl & Sue, and all of you that worked me! W'll be back!!

73's de P43A, Jean-Pierre

FT-2000D, Acom 2000A, 4x Hygain TH7DX's (on 2 sepperate twrs) and 4 el. Steppir

Call: P49Y              Class: SOAB HP                  Total Score = 21,658,320
The amazing conditions translated for me into a more difficult contest
experience and a lower score than the last time I did this contest, in 2012.
There were two adverse factors: First was the wall of EU QRM that made it
difficult to find and keep a clear frequency. Second was the fact that since
the US and EU could work each other at all hours on the high bands, our usual
late afternoon high-rate US runs were much weaker than normal.

  I also made an unfortunate tactical choice to start out on 20 as in the past.
After several hours battling it out on that band, I worked 8P5A on 40, who gave
me a number that was literally 50% higher than mine.  When asked how he did it,
Tom replied that he had started on 10.  Oh well, if these condx ever return in
our lifetimes, I'll know better...

  Related to the EU QRM issue is the tendency of many EUs to overdrive their
processors, which leads to audio distortion and splatter on adjacent
frequencies.  Even the K3's superb filtering can't remove splatter that really
is in the passband.  I kept asking one guy for repeats while guessing at his
call.  Finally giving up in disgust, I returned to the pileup, whereupon
someone said: "Not even close!"  The audio problems seem worse on
southern EU stations; in contrast virtually without exception UK and JA
stations had clean audio that could be understood even at very low signal

  Thanks to all for the very impressive worldwide participation in this
contest.  It was truly exciting to work 75 JAs (a very high total from here),
not to mention VUs on both 10 and 15 sounding like locals, and lots of other
interesting DX. Congratulations to neighbors P40W (W2GD) for a great LP score,
and P43A for a similar effort on SB15. As usual, thanks also to W6LD and W0YK
for all their recent efforts in station maintenance and upgrades to the house
and station. Everything (except the operator) worked fine.

K3x2, Alpha 91B
2 el 40, 4 el. 20, 5 el. 15, 2 el. 10, C31, beverages
CQPWIN software

 73, Andy, AE6Y, P49Y

Call: PA9M              Class: SOSB40 HP                Total Score = 2,007,332
RIG Elecraft K3, an old SB220  HB 4 SQ and lower dipole

Call: PG6G              Class: M/2 HP                   Total Score = 2,000,000
Being multi/Two with just 2 operators we had to choose too be there at night or
come early mornings and stay up late (and work the higher bands). We did the
last thing and that turned out nice with 10 and 15 literary exploding. Thats
were we focused and worked 160/80 and 40 during after the morning arrival.
Eventually we missed quite some multipliers but we enjoyed the long US runs on
both bands.
Thank you for calling, we had fun!

73, Rob/PA3GVI (PG6G team)

Call: PI4DX             Class: M/2 HP                   Total Score = 29,970,122
Conditions were good this weekend. 10 meter was fantastic and the band was
packed with stations. Great fun!
No major problems this weekend only some minor easy to fix stuff. Seems like
all the hard work by Erik and Casper is paying of and the station is becoming
more and more reliable.
Besides the great conditions we also had fantastic weather this weekend. That
meant; bring out the BBQ! For those of you not so familiar in Northern Europe,
this is highly exceptional for this time of year.

Al in al this was another great contest weekend. Thanks to all of you that
participated this weekend!

73, Crew PI4DX

Call: PJ2T              Class: M/2 HP                   Total Score = 45,007,806
The PJ2T station has supported contest operations at championship levels for
many years. The team this year hailed from Canada, Germany and USA. The
Multi-Two category was selected based upon the number of operators available
this year.

Conditions can be described in this phrase: GREAT, but different than expected.

Band changes were made to match the conditions. The box score shows that 10
meters was THE band. 10 meters was so good that we saw slow periods on 15
meters at times during the daytime.

We have just had a long period of low sunspot conditions, so we need to
remember what high sunspot conditions are like. This is great!!

We watched "live" reporting during the contest and observed the UP2L
score carefully. Congratulations to Willy and the team for their victory. Willy
has always provided good competition from zone 17 for decades.

On a personal note: My first trip to Curacao was in 1974 along with N4RV. We
entered M/S as PJ9JR. The trophy is in the trophy case here at the PJ2T
station. It is hard to believe that 40 years have elapsed. We have moved from
tube radios and paper logs to radios with amazing performance along with
computer logging and the internet. Computer logging is certainly much better!

All of the operators here extend our best wishes to all our radio friends
around the world. At the dinner last night, we discussed how the championship
level activity has moved from Zone 9. This follows the increase in activity in
Zones 14, 15, 16 and 17. Building stations in zone 33 is quite a distance from
home for many, and we appreciate the dedication involved.

For the WPX team,
Ray NM2O

The QSL manager for PJ2T is W3HNK. He provides excellent support.

Call: PJ4DX             Class: SO(A)SB20(TS) HP         Total Score = 7,191,600
It looks like 10m was the place to be - and I was stuck on 20m! 20m is a real

I decided to operate 20m High-Power Assisted as it looked like the South
American record could be beaten. I could not operate for the full 36 hours as
20m is 'dead' for most of the day here in the tropics, but was so crowded in
the evening and at night it was difficult to find a clear run frequency and
impossible to hold it for long. I managed to beat the old record by about 2
million points but maybe someone else beat it with a larger margin?

I agree 100% with the comments made by P49V (AE6Y) on this reflector regarding
both the conditions and the over-driven distorted, splattery signals of many
south and especally eastern European stations. One Russian station in
particular had a very wide signal and at just over 3kHz away, where I was
attempting to operate, his signal was still S9+20dB here, nearly 10,000km away.
There's nothing wrong with STRONG signals, but his signal was extremely WIDE
too. Conversely, the JA and UK stations (also most PAs, ONs and Fs) had good,
easy-to-copy audio. I was able to operate quite happily for a couple of hours
less than 3kHz away from TO6C (M5RIC in Martinique, less than 1000km from here)
who was S9+40dB yet had an extremely clean signal.

Rig: FT-2000 and Tokyo Hy-Power HL-1.2Kfx amp at 600 watts to Spiderbeam
(3-elements) at 35 feet.

See you next year- but I won't be doing 20m Single Band!
Steve, PJ4DX

Call: PP1CZ             Class: SOSB10 HP                Total Score = 1,876,120
Hello guys.
Very bad propagation on 10 Meters during the Contest from my site, but despite
that, 10 Meters was the best Band here.
See you next month from PY0F land, between 23 thru 29 April, as PY0F/PP1CZ.
Best 73 from PP1CZ - Leo.

Call: PU1MHZ            Class: SOSB10 LP                Total Score = 67,704
[log removed from comments]

CLUB: None
ADDRESS: Cond. Green Park 3
CREATED-BY: N1MM Logger V13.9.0

Call: PX2B              Class: SOSB20 HP                Total Score = 1,353,504

Nice contest in companion of our friends Ricardo-PY2PT(PX2F) and
Due to maintenance reasons, I was on the 10 meter tower 30 minutes before
contest start to apply our Four Stack kit. After small dinner and 5 minutes to
start the contest, 20 meter band was totaly full from 14.125 to 14.350. Took
some time to find a small space without noise and operation started exact at
0:00 and this was my bad first hour in a contest with only 108 qsos. I
continued until 10:00Z with no stops and arrived in 830 qsos.

Due to my wife's birthday on Saturday, I returned home early in the morning and
was not possible to return to the contest anymore. At least was possible to have
fun for 10 hours.... :(
The last 25 S&P qsos was made one hour before end where we disassembled the
station together our friends.

Would like to congratulate our friend Claudio - PY3OZ (ZZ5T) by the good
performance from Boa Vista (PP5JR) station on the same band.

Thanks for everyone that give me a call and I hope to meet with you soon on the
next SSB contest.



Call: PX2C              Class: SOAB HP                  Total Score = 8,183,224
Thanks All for QSO and my friends Mamiro PY2DM also Thomas PY2ZXU for

Fabio PY2BK

Call: PX5E              Class: SOSB10 HP                Total Score = 18,661,216

Call: PY2SBY            Class: SOAB LP                  Total Score = 470,861
To all.

The propagation was disapoint after long time.
Almost 2 weeks before the propagation to North América was better and able to
work around 70 stations by night and in the contest no more than 100 NA was
Good conditions to that Japan was Strong and get to work pacific too.


Ant dipole 16.2 meters each side + AH4 ( ATU)

Thanks to all and see on the air.

Call: RT3F              Class: SO(A)SB40 HP             Total Score = 2,550,289
More info http://goo.gl/cq2aFB

Call: RV9UP             Class: SO(A)SB40 HP             Total Score = 3,648,333
Long, very long CQ and no takers. IMHO caused by very nice high bands

Call: S51A              Class: M/2 HP                   Total Score = 18,106,812
Tu for the qso's.

Log on lotw soon.


S51A Team

Call: S51CK             Class: SO(A)SB40(TS) HP         Total Score = 2,093,357
73 de S51CK

Call: S52ZW             Class: M/2 HP                   Total Score = 16,315,232
Jani S55HH and Robi S57AW,TNX FOR HELP

Call: S55T              Class: SO(A)AB HP               Total Score = 12,168,750
Excellent conditions. My best result in general.
Congratulations to all of you for nice results.

CU in next one.

73, Ivo S57AL

Call: S56A              Class: SO(A)SB10 LP             Total Score = 408,838
Strange 10m condx with stronger sigs on Sat and noiser band on Sun but easier to
work DX with FT1000MP and TH6DXX.  No CQ replies so 85% S&P mults. I laughed
when sole YU YT0Z asked me to QSY from his freq instead of giving me serial
number after several calls.  Even K3ZO was not easy this time. Amazed by strong
KL7RA and WL7E sigs over North Pole.  VK/ZL worked and many JA both days.  Also
West Coast and plenty of South Americans.  I made extra 214 QSO on the other
bands.  It was fun as I installed voice keyer this time.  S56A recording was
easily copied.  I guess I preffer RTTY and CW at ripe age of 69 reached two
days before this contest.

73 de Mario, S56A

Call: S56M              Class: SO(A)SB15 HP             Total Score = 6,285,609
Friends, thank you for your patience. Congratulations on your results.

73 de Vito, S56M

Call: S57C              Class: SOSB15 HP                Total Score = 4,229,214
FT1000MP, A77D, 5 el. Yagi

Call: S58WW             Class: SO(A)AB(TS) HP           Total Score = 4,619,410

ICOM IC-775DSP + OM2500


x-7 cushcraft, up just 14 meters,
inv V for 40 meters apex 12 meters high,
1 el loop for 80, top just 16 meters,
short inv v for 160 meters apex 12 meters high - dummy load :-)
Real average setup. That is all I can do in my QTH in populated area.
Happy that we and my neighbors have FTTH (fiber to the house) and there is no
TVI and I can use AMP.

Goal was 2000 QSO and 4 mil. points.

Happy with result.
Thanks for all QSOs and thanks to all who had to repeat serial number or call.

Call: SE0X              Class: M/2 HP                   Total Score = 16,297,886
Amazing propagation on high bands! 15m and 10m where so good that less time than
planned where spent on 20m. Good runs to NA and EU plus a couple of nice JA runs
kept the score meter spinning. Our goal was to beat our 2011 M/2 record and we
almost doubled the score.

W1UE joined the SE0X team via remote and after tweaking the codecs in Remoterig
the trans-atlantic connection worked quite well. Dennis operated quite a few
hours of the contest via remote and it worked so well that we consider inviting
more remote team members next year.

K3 + KW
TS-590 + KW
5-el 15m mono yagi
3-el SteppIR on 10m and 20m
2-el 40m phased array
2-el 80m phased array
Top loaded 160m vertical

Thanks to everyone in the log, we couldn’t have done it without you!


Call: SE3X              Class: SOAB LP                  Total Score = 478,510
Computer problems during most of the test, 10m antenna shorted, loads of HF back
to radio/antenna switching which crasched ;) But good fun anyway, lots of
interesting prefixes active and propagations quite good.

Stn: Yaesu FT-450DE, Delta loops 10 and 15mb, Inv-V 20, 40 and 80mb, Hor.loop
for RX 80 and 40mb.

Will be back next year
if still alive and kickin :)  73 and Thnx fer all contacts! 73 de Johan

Call: SJ2W              Class: M/S HP                   Total Score = 17,179,848
What a blast! Even though we had a bit of dismantled crew we managed to get a
new Scandinavian record. SM2LIY had the worst back pain of his life and could
barely get out of bed at times, but still spent long shifts in the chair. We
had LB3HC who flew in from Oslo and helped us out and also SM2UVU came up to
make a 12h stint in the chair between being occupied by his regular work.

I was a bit dissapointed on Sunday morning of our score during Saturday, but
Sunday was so good that even though 40m was absolutely horrible up here we
could reach all our targets, which was 4800 QSOs, 1450 PFX and over 17 million
points. However there is no way to compete with our friends further south and
to the west with 40m in the shape it was. Propagations on 15 and 10 were
absolutely amazing most of the weekend. Because of the shortage in operators or
their health, we could not keep the "inband" station that does S&P
on the RUN band occuiped all the time. We had a MULT station hooked up but it
was barely used.

It was fun to have a Scandinavian team to battle with as well in OG9X, they had
almost caught up to us on Sunday morning but luckily we could pull ahead during
Sunday (cqcontest.net scoreboard is exciting).

160m: 1/4 vert
80m: 4-SQ
40m: 3/3el + 2/2el + 4-SQ
20m: 6/6/6el + 5/5el + 4el @EU
15m: 6/6el + 5el
10m: 6/6el + 6el @46m
RX inband: 3-band vertical ~450m away + single verticals for 40 and 80

RUN: FT1000MKV + ACOM 2000A (Sponsored by Ojojoj Music AB)
INBAND (S&P on run band): K3
N1MM Logger

Check the website for more information and continous updates of what goes on
the station.

Call: SK3W              Class: M/M HP                   Total Score = 28,207,683
Another great contest result from the youngsters operating SK3W Multi/Multi in
the CQWW WPX Phone. Claimed Swedish record.
Average age 19,8 years. All QSO's were made by the youngsters, except for a 5
minute break for a photo shoot when the old farts had to step in to keep the
frequencies clear...
They are already planning for WPX 2015 and also practice CW (Someone mentioned
that the WPX CW SM-record was very low...!)
Thanks for all the QSO's.

Call: SK6AW             Class: M/2 HP                   Total Score = 4,852,280
Wow, propagation was just faboulous this weekend! SK6AW has been QRT for some
years now, and this weekend many of us spent time at the club station getting
the last parts working again. Meanwhile we threw in a Multi-TWO operation just
for fun to be able to work some great pileups with the current conditions. It
was a lovely combination, and the station is finally up and running for future
contests, low band antennas will be improved later on, but for this WPX they
were hardly used anyway.

Congratulations to SJ2W & SK3W for breaking some SM-Records!

80m: Loop
40m: Dipole
20m: 4el
15m: 6el
10m: 6el

73 de SM6U/Rick and the team at SK6AW

Call: SM3C              Class: SOAB(TS) HP              Total Score = 1,409,845
Kenwood TS-590, MLA-2500 pwr 600 w
Force 12 C3 yagi, HF2 vertical, Dipole

Call: SN2M              Class: SO(A)SB10 HP             Total Score = 5,618,208
TNX all QSO's. Now I know, I definetely preffer SSB contests to CW.

Very different condx each day. Saturday - very distorted propagation, almost no
signals on the band till 5:00 UTC. Only abt 80 JA's wkd, than endless waiting
for NA opening, which started very late at 14:00 UTC and was limited to W1-4
area only. On the other hand - very good and very long (till 22:00 UTC) opening
to South America at the end of the day. The 230' deg separate antenna was a

On sunday condx were just great, more tha 200 JA's in the log and really good
opening to USA/VE, including West Coast. Late evening very good path over the
north pole to pacific, never expected to work T32 or E51 and so many KL7, KH6,

YV4NN was readable here since 7:00 UTC (!) till the end of the day, same as
NH6P or KL7RA...

Setup used:
IC 775, IC 765, ant: 5/5 + 5 + 3 el.

73's Mac SP2XF

Call: SP4LVK            Class: SOSB15 QRP               Total Score = 103,740
RIG:FT-950 PWR:5 ANT:2el Delta Loop

Call: SQ8NZB            Class: SO(A)AB LP               Total Score = 181,000
Antenna: 2 phased vertical 80 m; vertical delta loop 40-20 m; cubical quad 10 m
Radio: Yaesu FT-950

Call: TF3CY             Class: SOAB HP                  Total Score = 1,157,264
Plan was to break 2000q but cdx where strange, very hard getting through the QRM
from the very strong EU stations. 10/15m where good. Never got a good run on 20m
for some reason. Nice contacts on 80m in the end. Good learning contest. Always
fun getting a good NA run - so good operators!

73, Benni TF3CY

Call: TM0T              Class: SOSB10 HP                Total Score = 6,945,402

See you next contest.


Call: TM72C             Class: SOSB10(TS) LP            Total Score = 715,884
RIG FT2000 100W ANT: FB23 at 10M

Call: TO4C              Class: SOAB HP                  Total Score = 11,820,270
What fun!

Never operated from this part of the world so this was all new for me,
propagation, bands to choose etc but had a ball. Mixed a holiday with the
contest and some casual operating too.

Great conditions on 10m, not sure what happened with 15, just could never get
going, usually went back to 10 or 20.

Nice to have some off time and get some rest, still don't know how some people
sit in a chair for 48 hours, this is a nice way to still get some sleep and be
competitive with other single ops, you don't feel like you are missing out by
sleeping as others will have to take a break too.

Some massive totals, where do the q's come from?? Congrats to the guys down in
P4 and Tom 8P5A for what will be a great score.

Will be back for sure.


OM-2500 Amp
Dipole for 80m
Win Test

Thanks for all the q's.


Rich TO4C / M5RIC

Call: UA0SR             Class: SO(A)AB HP               Total Score = 1,684,958
>From time to time, there was a lot of fun
73! de Serge

Call: UA9CDC            Class: SO(A)AB HP               Total Score = 3,674,605
Output power was  600 watt. Only half of the antennas used. No rotatable
antennas on 15 and 10 m so I could not work North America on these bands. Had
only two fixed directions (East and West). I was expecting better activity but
still had some fun.

Call: UN2E              Class: SO(A)SB20(TS) LP         Total Score = 805,562

Call: UP2L              Class: M/2 HP                   Total Score = 48,329,528
Great contest!
Loads of fun!
Very good team!
Mixed feelings about band CNDX, but I personally vote for an "A+",
since the hf bands were open over the N. pole almost round o'clock.
Great activity from the USA! That sure made the multiplier hunting an easy game
- the NA prefixes just never stopped filling our multiplier column.
Very few technical issues - TNX to the owner Grigori UN9LG for spending
countless man hours at the station along with other devoted amateurs (not all
of'em have c/s) before the contest!!!
Invalueble technical help by the team member R9IR while at a remote location
just prior to the contest and during the contest. Vlad R9IR is the team
computer Guru but unfortunately he couldn't afford a 2000 km trip to the city
of Kostanay from his home city of Tomsk this time. TNX, Vlad!
TNX all for making it into our logs! And for those that couldn't make it this
time we thank you for trying and inform you that we're still improving the
station's ability to dig out every little pistol out of the contest QRM mud,
just keep on trying! TNX!
Congratulations to our country mates at CN2AA and P33W for GREAT scores and
For the team Willy UA9BA

Call: UZ2M              Class: M/S HP                   Total Score = 24,660,285
About 40 min  missed due to energy disable in shack. Thanks all for great fun !

Call: VA2EN             Class: M/S HP                   Total Score = 7,879,480
Very interesting propagation on the high bands this weekend!

Call: VA3CCO            Class: SOSB15 HP                Total Score = 2,112,316
Time to get some practice. The QTH is still in the grip of Winter and the
destruction of last December still awaiting Spring!
The 15m yagi was working great from an RF standpoint but the rotor was still
out of action so all the QSO's were made with it NE except a dozen or so made
with the 40m sloping dipole (also oriented NE).
Father time was definitely a factor. My admiration to those that went for the
36hr limit. For all I know 15m might have been open for 24 hours but I couldn't
be there to enjoy it all. What time I did spend was fantastic with lots of Asian
surprises sneeking around the edge of the antenna.

73 Bob VE3KZ

Call: VA7FC             Class: SO(A)SB10 HP             Total Score = 634,412
good openings both evenings to deep Asia I had to work saturday.....  operated
most of sunday ...band took its time to open to europe when it did it produced
some FB mults ..
always a fun Contest ! Thanks all that called cheers  Perry VA7FC

Call: VA7IR             Class: SO(A)AB(TS) QRP          Total Score = 184,574
the contest was a enjoyable one with a black out of the bands on sat?? x2.0
the slowed just about everyone for a hour or so..using QRP and a TH6 antenna
and dipoles for 40, 75, and 160 the conditions were very good,,this contest
would be a lot of fun with only 100 watts
no need of the amps except to add splatter all over the bands,,
QRP for ever for a challenge..
thanks to all that heard me and gave me a report,,
73,s to all
Ken Williamson

Call: VA7ST             Class: SOAB HP                  Total Score = 2,724,600
* FT-2000 and SB-221
* N1MM Logger (unassisted)
* Steppir 3-el. at 27'
* 40M  -- Steppir dipole and 2-el reversible quad
* 75M  -- three-vertical array

Winds are dead calm two hours after the contest ended, but they were blustery
all weekend so the yagi was left at 27' for the contest.

I edged past my previous best from 2012 with fewer Qs but more mults, then
coasted almost to the finish on Sunday afternoon. Near the end 20M was
marginally open to Europe but it wasn't strong, and the band sounded noisy with
weak domestic signals, so I packed it in with a couple of hours remaining after
expending way too much energy getting the exchange across to a loud EC2
station. Band just wasn't playing well from this end.

The big X-1.0 flare at 1740z Saturday was amazing -- 15M was packed with
European needle-pinners and suddenly they were gone. I figured I had found a
supernaturally quiet frequency and started calling CQ with no takers. Didn't
realize we had been hit hard until I flipped the Steppir and worked half a
dozen W6 stations who commented that everyone had disappeared. Checked the
Space Weather Prediction Center to see the flare spike rising to a peak at
1748z, then rapidly falling off. And 15 minutes later, the band was back.

10M was in good shape for a while both days, but 15M was the money band all
weekend. 40M and 75M were better than last year, but not a lot of DX worked.
Made my first phone contact with EU on 75M on Saturday night with a magical
sudden path to G-land, though I heard no others.

DXCC count across all bands was up from 68 last year to 87 this year. Added at
least a couple of new band-slots.

I noticed contest protesters out in fine numbers, complaining about us idiots
using up all the bandwidth swapping numbers. Then after clearing 10 khz of
space for their old farts' net, they's swap local temp and precipitation stats,
number of goats on the porch, etc., and pretend their own version of inane
numbers was somehow of higher value. I laughed at that -- very entertaining to
take a break and listen to the uninformed (and apparently unable to Google)
wonder aloud, "what contest are they in, anyway?" To each their own,
but some guys just have no tolerance for anyone but themselves. Well, except
for livestock in the house.

Thanks for the contacts.

        Band    QSOs    Pts  WPX
         3.5      27     111    8
           7     230     900  114
          14     155     427  104
          21     574    1640  343
          28     288     722  148
       Total    1274    3800  717

            Score : 2,724,600

2014-03-30      SOABHP  1274    717     2,724,600
2013-03-31      SOABHP  1030    504     1,380,960
2012-03-25      SOABHP  1401    663     2,618,850
2011-03-27      SOABHP   907    527     1,482,451
2010-03-28      SOABHP  1172    570     2,014,380
2009-03-29      SOABHP   519    294       429,534

Call: VC6R              Class: M/S HP                   Total Score = 14,249,832
Still not use to the 10 band changes per hour. We miss the 10 minute rule
type of M/S operating. The Saturday solar flare did slow us down mid-day.
First time ever we had some hardware problems during the contest, I guess
stuff is getting old just like the operators.

Without the great operating team of VC6R this would be harder to do, thanks

73, VE4EA - VE4GV - VE6RST - VE6SV

Call: VC7X              Class: SO(A)SB10(TS) LP         Total Score = 351,044
It was a lot of fun eking out contacts with 100W and a tribander. Thanks for all
the QSOs.
Gabor, VE7JH

Call: VE3BR             Class: SOAB LP                  Total Score = 194,404
Radio: Ten-Tec Jupiter
Antennas: 5 band hexbeam @ 40ft & DX-Eng 80/40 Thunderbolt 55ft Dual Band
Software: N1MM 14.2.0

Very part-time. Very Casual.

Call: VE3DZ             Class: SOAB(TS) HP              Total Score = 10,425,364
K3 + Amp @ 700...800 watts.

A4S @ 35', HF2V on the ground.

Ice storm on Saturday night de-tuned my antennas to CW band. Had to have
extended break until it warmed up.

Great conditions. Like old times.

Call: VE3GFN            Class: SOAB LP                  Total Score = 1,242,997
My first CQWPX on SSB, what a challenge!

in 2011, I won this contest for my category in Ontario, with a score of 385K.
This year, VE3TW beat the pants of me, and my score was 1.25 million! What
bands, what propagation ... roll on, cycle 24!

Call: VE3HG             Class: SOSB10(R) LP             Total Score = 106,375
What's the difference in 3830 category from SB10(R) and SB10(TS)? One has got to
be assisted which I was. BTW conditions on 10 Friday night and Sunday were

Call: VE3RZ             Class: SO(A)AB HP               Total Score = 4,723,433
Rig:     Icom 756 Pro
Amp:   Drake L7
Ant:     80m 1/4 vertical
            40m 2 x phased verticals
            20-10m KLM KT34 (modified to M2 specs) @50ft.

Well, that was a blast (for a phone contest!)  Beat my personal best by many
many points.  Good conditions, bit of a scare on Saturday with the flare that
took out 15m from S9 sigs to nothing - fortunately bands came back quickly.
10m was a zoo!  worked everywhere with beam pointed north (yes, probably a
lousy pattern!!).  80m very noisy.as was 160.  40m had good dx, but I think
this was mainly one for the higher bands.  For a long time havent heard such
loud signals on 10m.

Thanks for all the Qs.

Call: VE4DRK            Class: SOAB LP                  Total Score = 192,060
first time on this contest. low power, ground mounted vertical, very rudimentary
setup - but i had fun.  heard a few ve4's out there.  15 was the best band for

Call: VE4VT             Class: SOAB LP                  Total Score = 5,611,257
I don't think I have ever been so exhausted after a contest as I am this time.
The plan was to go hard as I had cleared the weekend of any other obligations.

The plan was to run SO2R and low power. I had been having problems with a relay
in my tower top switch that affected my 20/15/10 beam whenever it got cold.
Friday night the beam was working and I had 90minutes of a good run on 15m to
start the contest. In fact I took my first break at 7:30 and had managed to
average nearly 100Q per hr for the first night. Being low power, I focused on
running stateside on 40m instead of trying to compete for the EU/SA DX. I
figured 4 pointers and a good rate are better than 6 pointers at a much slower

Saturday was not a good day. It was much colder now and of course the relay was
not working. I decided that I had to climb the tower to do something about it so
off I went with the climbing gear with a 60km wind blowing and -5 temps. I
managed to bypass the switch but that meant my 40m beam was now unavailable and
I would have to rely on the ground mounted vertical for the second night.

20 and 15 took a long time to open. Signals were strong but I could not be
heard easily. The bands just died all of a sudden around noon Saturday.
Complete silence...very eery.

10m did not open until very late in the afternoon and I finally heard some big
EU multis on 10m but the path was skewed nearly 90 degrees and they were not
workable with 100W.

Very slow rates all day Saturday. trying to find a frequency to run was tough
enough, keeping it with 100W was impossible. I dont know how many times I found
what I thought was a useable frequency only to discover there was another
undetectable stateside station using it. Similarly I would be running and
someone  would start running on the same frequency. What can you do...

Sunday the bands were much better. Actually managed to have a few decent runs
before loosing the frequency war. You point the beam stateside and the EU
stations move in to QRM you and you point towards EU and the stateside stations
move in. You can't win.
10m actually opened to EU as it should. Sometimes the rate was better
S&Ping than trying to run. So spent a lot of time spinning the dial. The
new firmware for the icom 7700 allows you to a mouse to point at a frequency on
the spectrum display and QSY directly there. A great feature for moving to the
best signals while scanning the band.

Now if we can somehow assign score reductions for bad audio quality. With all
the SDR recordings, it would take  some doing but a sample of each station
could be reviewed and assign a quality factor. Deductions for distorted or
excessive bandwidths could be assigned. I am sure the excessive bandwidth is
deliberate and just used to provide a guardband against others encroaching.

Have your ears stopped ringing yet?  See you next time!


Call: VE7GL             Class: M/S HP                   Total Score = 13,566,765
Fun.  Lost one of the two 40M monobanders and the 160M antenna was down but
still did ok.

Call: VE7JT             Class: M/M HP                   Total Score = 2,945,743
The team for this contest consisted of six YL's with the experienced ops working
with the not so experienced ops resulting in a fun weekend. Fortunately the
bands were open to many DX prefixes and the YL's had great fun working some
countries they had not worked before, there was excitement and a lot of map

We found 10 and 15 meters to be the very best bands for us and only had a very
small opportunity to work 40 meters and no opportunity to work 80 or 160 as we
did not operate during the night time hours.

When the idea of a YL only operation was suggested we considered a smaller
contest like a QSO party or something like that. However when it was discussed
the YL's wanted something that would provide more activity so the CQ WW WPX SSB
contest was chosen.  This proved to be a good choice as the level of activity
provided for a fun and rewarding weekend in ham radio and a lot of smiling
folks here at IO's

Fred VE7IO

Call: VE7TJF            Class: SO(A)AB(TS) LP           Total Score = 93,090
WOW conditions were so great.  Not a lot of time but worked so many new
prefixes. Thanks for your patience with my attempts to decipher serial numbers
through the QRM. I continue to improve and will be so much better next contest.

73/88 and 33 to the great YL's out there.
N1MM, FT-1000MP with 3 el SteppIR

Call: VE7XF             Class: SO(A)AB(TS) HP           Total Score = 597,753
Just filling in between the times that VE7TJF could come and operate.
Other than not hearing any EU on 10m, I certainly don't expect to see condx
this good again this cycle!

Ralph, VE7XF

Call: VK3TDX            Class: SOAB HP                  Total Score = 369,014
Only part time for me this year.

Call: VK4QH             Class: SO(A)SB10 HP             Total Score = 752,310
Only did 9.5 hours on the first day due to family commitments.
10 meters was open with good runs into US, Asia and EU.
Thanks to all that made the contact..

Call: VK6WX             Class: SO(A)SB10 HP             Total Score = 539,640
Was never in it to win it.  Only available for 7 hours.
Spent about 5¾ hours fixed frequency running.
Averaged around 60 QSO/hr. At one stage was 180+.
Had a short break for lunch then did hunt and pounce.
Got some all time new ones - T32 my 2nd call for the day!
Really pleased to work South America on 10 for the first time.
Elecraft K3, 350W, 6 el monobander @ 10m approx.

Call: VO1DJT            Class: SOAB LP                  Total Score = 172,410
Thanks for the contacts.
73 Daisy VO1DJT

Yaesu FT2000 100 watts
Alpha Delta DX-CC dipole

Call: VO1KVT            Class: SOAB(TS) HP              Total Score = 3,002,040
Conditions were pretty good on all bands Saturday, only spent a few hours in the
chair on Sunday, too nice a day and I went for a snowmobile ride.
Thanks for the contacts.
73 Ken, VO1KVT

Yaesu FT5000D
ACOM 1000
Mosley TA-53(10,15,20)
80/40 home brew dipole

Call: VO1TX             Class: SOAB LP                  Total Score = 549,080

Overall enjoyed the contest!! Looking forward to next years WPX. Thanks for
your Contacts.


Yaesu Ft 2000
Imax 2000 Vertical- 15 feet
Home Brew 20 Meter Dipole- 28 Feet

Call: VR2/IV3TAN        Class: SOSB10 LP                Total Score = 5,008,308
My first Contest after about 8 years of QRT.
Very happy to meet all the old friends!!!
No more from Lampedusa Isl (IG9) or Cape Verde (D4) but from my new QTH in Peng
Chau Island in Hong Kong (I moved definetively here with my wife one year ago).

During the last two months here in HK we have had a really beautiful and spring
weather but... no way.. after only a few hours that the contest has begun...
static rain, lightning and... strong thunderstorm during ALL week end!!
Hours and hours with S7 to S9 of QRN and a few hours where i have had to switch
off the radio and to disconnect the cable of my 3 el. monoband yagi because i
live in the top of the hill of my small Island...

I set a minimum target of 2500 QSO with my barefoot RTX power but i wasn't be
able to reach it.

I hope to have time to prepare a station a little bit more competitive for the
next CQWW SSB and i hope also to have a new Callsign. To use Victor Radio Two
portable Italy Victor Three Tango Alfa November... it's really a

RTX IC 751-A
ANT 3 El Yagi Hy Gain 103BA

Best 73 to all friends.


Call: VU2MUD            Class: SOAB LP                  Total Score = 14,490

Call: W0BH              Class: SOAB HP                  Total Score = 73,904
Good conditions .. with I had more time. Thanks for the Qs!

73, Bob, w0bh

Call: W0ETT             Class: SOSB15 LP                Total Score = 36,564
Got home from a trip in time for the last two hours of the test.  Sounded like
band conditions had been very good so I was glad to get in the action for a
limited time. -  W0ETT

Call: W0MU              Class: SO(A)AB HP               Total Score = 8,109
Manged to find the on/off switch on the radio and the antennas were working.

Conditions were pretty good on 20m Saturday night using a C3 at about 25 ft
fixed ENE.

Nice to work a bunch of friends around the globe.

Call: W0PAN             Class: SOSB10 LP                Total Score = 13,224
I had surgery 3/25 so time limited to a few short hours.  Terrific opening to EU
Sunday morning - glad I hit it.  My goal was to get my age in prefixes and I

Call: W1DYJ             Class: SOSB40(TS) LP            Total Score = 81,200
My third year as SOLP 40M (T), 100% S&P.  Hopefully this will keep me #1 in
the US as I have been for the past two years.  I used a new homebrew 1/4 wave
vertical with 4 elevated radials at my Harpswell, ME, QTH.  It seemed to work
well, much better than my old dipole at 18'.  When 40 was open I had
wall-to-wall stations and no place to run.  Rig: TS590.

Call: W1KQ              Class: SO(A)AB HP               Total Score = 1,037,272
In Memory of Mike Bernock, N1IW.  I'll miss the encouragement from Mike.

Call: W1MD              Class: SO(A)AB(TS) HP           Total Score = 663,500
Worked two XE2's and blew my 500x500 plans... :)

Call: W1OHM             Class: SOSB20 HP                Total Score = 14,904
Just caught the tail end of the contest, good propagation on 20m to Europe and

Call: W1PH              Class: SOAB(TS) HP              Total Score = 560,240
TS-930S  SB-220  Cushcraft AV-3 triband vertical

Win-test 11.4

I was at my NH QTH and decided to get on for a few hours on Friday night and
Saturday as I was traveling back to my California QTH on Sunday.  I was really
surprised how well a 12 foot high vertical can do about 15 feet from my house
and ground mounted.  I never noticed the signal deterioration that others have
mentioned.  Except for 30 minutes on 15 meters, all contacts were S&P.  I
found a clear frequency on 15 meters and decided to call CQ and had a 30 minute
run before it petered out.  This is the first time that I have ever operated the
WPX and I enjoyed it.

73, Kurt W6PH

Call: W1WBB             Class: SO(A)SB10(TS) LP         Total Score = 1,076,654
Epic conditions for 10m on this contest weekend -- arguably the very best of
this solar cycle.  With daytime hours available, I pursued new mults as much as
possible via S&P.  Fewer than 15% QSOs made 'running' - other than a nice
run of mostly Eu (55 QSOs) Sunday I couldn't generate much interest with the W1
pfx using 100w to the Hexbeam.  Was great to be called by VU2, TO7 (Mayotte) and
lots of other new pfx's though.

The big solar flare that struck Sat. afternoon local time created significant
S7 level QRN for about 1 hr and degraded all sigs - only big guns being heard
so took a break.  Very heavy rains here Sun. put water in basement so lost
add'l time with clean-up.

Eu opened a bit earlier and stronger Sunday with Russia/Ukraine stns worked
while nothing was heard from there Day 1.  Frustrating to hear some
U.K./EI-area mults go unworked as they were CQ'n away barely audible but in the
noise just short of my skip zone.  Was amazing how late and how loud Eu came in
both days allowing for many more mults/Qs.

A few JAs were worked Friday eve, none were heard Sat., but the Sunday Asia
opening was incredible.  Close to 40 JAs and 1 BY worked (many 1st call!) to
close things out on a high note.  In addition many SA pfxs available both days
and nice to work them so easily this weekend as big hills just south of me
normally make that more difficult.

I guess this is as good as it gets on 10m in a contest!

Thanks to all for the Q's & mults and the sponsors for a great event.

Icom 706MKIIG @ 100 watts;  Broadband Hexbeam up @ 32'; Heil Proset headset mic
& footswitch; N1MM logger.  All QSOs uploaded to LoTW.

73,  Bill  W1WBB

Call: W2VM              Class: SO(A)AB LP               Total Score = 162,081
Band    QSOs    Pts  WPX
     7      30      76   24
    14      86     240   68
    21      85     250   64
    28      76     217   51
 Total     277     783  207
Score: 162,081

Call: W3FIZ             Class: SO(A)AB LP               Total Score = 1,103,082
Loved the solar flare in the middle of a EU run on 15. Beside that hade a good
time. Hope to see all next year.

Call: W3LL              Class: SO(A)AB HP               Total Score = 4,251,700
Commitments on Sunday turned this into a part time effort with no operating on

Assisted category was of little value since nearly every other Q was a

Tried to maximize high point nighttime bands to make up for no Sunday

Thanks for the Q's!


Bud W3LL

Call: W3TZ              Class: SO(A)AB HP               Total Score = 504,680
Best ever on 10, even with the blackout and Chinese RADAR interfering.

Call: W4EE              Class: SO(A)AB LP               Total Score = 282,434
TS-440S es G5RV
N1MM logger
Tnx for the Q's
73, Jim

Call: W4KW              Class: SO(A)AB HP               Total Score = 1,537,290
Conditions were good on all bands. A little better results than last year.
Thanks for all the contacts.

Call: W5WMU             Class: SOSB40 HP                Total Score = 837,612
ONLY 4 HOURS the first night due to extensive thunderstorms,almost quit,but
decided to return to the ant. farm for Saturday PM,Had fun. the JA's  and
VK's were weak,bur good activity the second night..73 Pat


Call: W6AWW             Class: SO(A)SB10 LP             Total Score = 418,784
100 watts (TS-590S) + Vert Dipole on the balcony :)

73! de Alex W6AWW

Call: W6PK              Class: SO(A)AB HP               Total Score = 42
Tnx for the QSO's!
Phil W6PK

Call: W6QU              Class: SOAB QRP                 Total Score = 679,644
Rig:  Elecraft K-2,  5 Watts


  10-15-20  3 el SteppIR up 32 feet
  40-80     Butternut HF-2V Vertical with 3 radials
  40        DX-LB trap dipole up 30 feet

For me this was the contest of contests. This is over three times my best
previous score in this contest from home.

I worked a number of stations that I usually only work after waiting hours in a
DX-Pedition pile-up like OD5ZZ, 9K2HN, TC3D, 3V8BB and 4L8A. Also others like
BV, 9M4, EA9, Antarctica, and several in each of zones 18, and 29.

But my best Q was on Sunday morning when I came across a weak TO7BC CQing in
the clear, many KHz from the nearest station. He came right back and told me he
was on Mayotte. He had no callers, so I actually went on-line and spotted him
...without looking at any of the spots!

I slept 5 hours each night and worked the clock so I had 35.8 hrs op time. This
works well for me at age 74. I did take off 20 minutes or so several times for
meals that are not counted in "off time".

My DXCC was 87 because I failed to get some easy Caribbean, Central America,
and Europe countries. My WAZ was 31. 44% of my Qs were in Europe, very high for
me from out here in San Diego which says something about conditions.

I tried CQing late on Sunday and worked 13 Qs in 22 minutes. That was very
good, but all USA so I went back to S&P for the "off continent" Q

I still badly miss going to operate at TI5N and I wish Keko (TI5KD)a continued
recovery and all the best in the world.

73, and see you all at the end of May!

Bill  W6QU - W8QZA

Call: W6SX              Class: SO(A)AB(TS) HP           Total Score = 14,790
K3, ACOM 2000A, wire antenna at 46 feet with Matchboxes, N1MM.

Call: W7CAR             Class: SOSB10 HP                Total Score = 146,700
Great contest. Used Yaesu FT-950 and 10 Meter vertical 20' above ground. Had to
repeat a lot & nearly all was Search & Pounce operating.

Call: W7SLS             Class: SO(A)AB HP               Total Score = 144,584
CQWPXSSB Summary Sheet

       Start Date : 2014-03-28

    CallSign Used : W7SLS
      Operator(s) : W7SLS

Operator Category : SINGLE-OP
             Band : ALL
            Power : HIGH
             Mode : SSB
 Default Exchange : 001
       Gridsquare : CN85QT

             Name : Scott Scheirman
          Address : 25115 NE 68th Ct
   City/State/Zip : Battle Ground  WA  98604
          Country : USA

     ARRL Section : WWA
        Club/Team : Willamette Valley DX Club
         Software : N1MM Logger V14.3.1

        Band    QSOs    Pts  WPX
         1.8       1      1    0
         3.5       5      11    1
           7      17      68   11
          14      56     142   45
          21     115     272   99
          28      77     188   56
       Total     271     682  212

            Score : 144,584
              Rig :

         Antennas :

          Soapbox :

  I have observed all competition rules as well as all regulations
  established for amateur radio in my country. My report is
  correct and true to the best of my knowledge. I agree to be
  bound by the decisions of the Contest Committee.

  Date : 2014-03-30        Signature :

Call: W7WHY             Class: SO(A)AB HP               Total Score = 153,916
One of my favorite contests but least favorite mode.

I don't know what is worse - waiting for stations to ID or having stations with
such processed, overdriven, crappy audio ID but you can't understand what they
are saying.

Signals were really loud Friday and Saturday nights on 20, but a lot of the big
guns from Europe had REALLY crappy audio.  Seems like this should be addressed
but the CC.  Just takes a few to ruin it for a lot.

Call: W8KTQ             Class: SOAB(TS) HP              Total Score = 464,100
Couldn't spend as much time in this one but great conditions! Thanks to all!

Call: W8MJ              Class: SO(A)AB HP               Total Score = 8,600,939
Log has been uploaded to LOTW.

Call: W9PA              Class: SOAB(TS) LP              Total Score = 137,651
K3, P3, Center-Fed Doublet, Software DXLog by 9A5K (www.dxlog.net).  I guess
this qualifies for the Tribander/Single Element category?  Mostly operated in
late night / early morning hours.

Call: W9VQ              Class: SOAB LP                  Total Score = 43,092
Portable from Wisconsin with evil dipole. Amazing conditions, but I might as
well have been QRPppp. There's going to be a lot of deductions for busted
serial numbers.

Call: WA6URY            Class: SOAB HP                  Total Score = 78,076
Some operation between other weekend activities. Tnx for the Qs ! 73, Dan
-remote in Tokyo

Call: WA7PRC            Class: SOAB LP                  Total Score = 28,400
I didn't have much time to devote to the contest - just a few hours, total.
Still, just fiddling around on 10 and 15m proved my 'flamethrower' Force12
C-4XL yagi does the job nearly on the first call every time!

Call: WA8HSB            Class: SO(A)AB QRP              Total Score = 2,952
Made one of my rare appearances on phone!  QRP and attic antennas make for a
difficult time of it.  Had a lot of fun though.  Thanks for all the Qs! 73,

Call: WB4OMM            Class: SO(A)AB LP               Total Score = 924,344
Yaesu FT-2000, Heil ProSetPlus, AT-1000Pro, HP Compaq dc7800 MiniTower dual
core; A3S Beam with 10M/15M/20M/40M at 38', Yaesu G-450A Rotator; 280' 40M/80M
loop at 35'. N1MM contest software.
Had a "semi-serious" attempt, couldn't work the entire weekend.  When
I saw how close I came to breaking 1M points, I cringed - only needed another
25Qs!!!  But had a blast as usual!  80 & 40 were not good Friday or
Saturday nights, bad thunderstorms here in Central Florida.  Had S9 noise on
both - also ditto on 160M, could not make a QSO from the noise.  But the
daytime 10/15/20 were open and fabulous!  Most of my Qs only took one call,
maybe two.  Only had a handful had to make repeated calls (all of my Qs were
S&P, not one run).  I worked 450+ prefixes, that sez a lot from a LP
Looking for all of you again in the next 'test!
73!  Steve WB4OMM

Call: WB5TKI            Class: SOAB HP                  Total Score = 128,331
Great fun. Worked on and off through the weekend, especially 10 m.

Call: WB8JUI            Class: SOSB10(TS) QRP           Total Score = 59,400
Managed to break free from family commitments and play for a few hours Sunday.

I picked up a used Flex 1500 a few weeks ago (to use on business trips) and
gave it a workout to get a comfort level with it.  That may take some time...

Thanks to all for pulling me out of the masses!

73 - Rick WB8JUI
Flex 1500 @ 4.5 Watts
N1MM Logger
Hustler 5BTV Ground mounted

Call: WC6H              Class: M/2 HP                   Total Score = 18,419,688
160:  Inv Vee + Beverages
80:   Inv Vee
40:   2 EL
10/15/20:  TH7, C3/C3 stack
20:   5 EL
15:   6 EL
10:   5 EL

Rig:  K3, FT-1000MP, ACOM 2000A, Alpha 99
Software:  Win-Test 4.12

Contest         : CQ World Wide WPX Contest
Callsign        : WC6H
Mode            : PHONE
Category        : Multi Operator - Two Transmitter (M2)
Overlay         : ---
Band(s)         : All bands (AB)
Class           : High Power (HP)
Zone/State/...  :
Locator         : CM98ND
Operating time  : 47h59

  160     6   0    0       6  1.00
   80    93   1   15     222  2.39
   40   898  15  159    3236  3.60
   20  1021  13  423    2383  2.33
   15  1540  16  450    3564  2.31
   10  1515   5  402    3301  2.18
TOTAL  5073  50 1449   12712  2.51
     TOTAL SCORE : 18 419 688

Dupes are not included in QSO counts neither avg calculations

Operators       : WC6H N6TV NU6S K6ST N6RC WX6V
Soapbox         :

Powered by Win-Test 4.12.0       http://www.win-test.com

Call: WD5K              Class: SOAB(TS) HP              Total Score = 4,137,375
Elecraft K3 -> Amp
TH7DX @ 50'
40m sloping dipole
80m Inv V
160m Inv L

Call: WD5R              Class: SOSB15 HP                Total Score = 1,471,514
I hope it is a pretty good score for an old Lady.
The real pay off is all the nice comments you
guys were tossing my way.

Thanks for the good days,
WD5R (the hard way)

Call: WF0T              Class: SOSB15 QRP               Total Score = 48,280
Finished hanging a Moxon an hour before the contest, worked like a dream at 20

Thanks to all who pulled out my little signal from the noise especially M8C and
YT8WW who really worked hard for my 3 points.

Call: WF4W              Class: SOAB(TS) HP              Total Score = 6,672,875
Thanks to Tad for the use of his call this weekend...WF4W.
This was one for the books!! Don't see how the 10 & 15m bands
could ever be any better...and 20m stayed open all night..
Thanks to all who showed up once again to a great time..
This is the second highest score ever for me except for 2012
using NX0X..
The last two hours on Sunday evening were unbelievable....
back and forth between 10 and 15m..
XW0YJY, B4L, HS4SSP, A73A and 56 JA's..
Til the next one..
73, Paul, N4PN

Call: WH7DX             Class: SO(A)AB HP               Total Score = 126,711
Good conditions - just not much time available.  Had fun as always helping out
and working some new DX.  EU was strong.   20M has sucked for about 2 months
here.  I don't recall it ever being this bad in the previous couple of years
I've been doing this.  10-17m are very nice.  73... Bryan.

Call: WI4R              Class: SOAB LP                  Total Score = 231,814
2e5b quad
butternut hf6v
w9inn 40,80,160

Call: WI7N              Class: SO(A)AB HP               Total Score = 1,008,151
A fun contest.  Thanks for all the Q's.
73, Gene, WI7N

Call: WK7S              Class: SOAB HP                  Total Score = 1,040,076
I was going to do single-band 15, but got bored with it and hopped over to ten
meters mid-morning Saturday.  Ten was a lot more fun - unpredictable and with
less QRM.  After a while, I started to feel silly - me a grown 70-year-old man
shouting into a microphone. I decided to pack it in after 1000 Q's and a
million points.

The X1 flare at 1748Z on Saturday was spectacular on the panadapter time
history display. I wish I had thought quickly enough to freeze the display and
take a screen shot. The background noise came up from dark blue to bright
yellow over the entire width of the 10 meter band, then went back down to dark
blue over a 20 second period.  Afterwards, signals were much much weaker, but
rebounded after a while.

Call: WL7E              Class: SOSB10 HP                Total Score = 4,220,874
I was unassisted and can only say amazing condx over the pole the second night
into EU, Middle East and Africa. The condx the first night were not as good. If
we could only get those condx both days from up here we would do much better. I
was excited at the EU pile ups the second night but the biggest thrill was
TO7BC calling me at my sunset in the pile during the early session. Tnx to all
who called and I hope to see you in WPX CW.

Joe WL7E

Call: WN2O              Class: M/S HP                   Total Score = 1,926,799
1 Radio
1 Amp
1 Tribander @30' fixed EU
Bunch of low wires

1 Dad & 2 Sons having a great time with excellent conditions. Wish we could
have put in more hours but work and school work got in the way. Hopefully my
kids will remember how good 10 meters was as we come down from the peak. They
have only been licensed for 3 months so they don't know any different:)

73, Mike N2GC for the WN2O team

Call: WN4AFP            Class: SOSB40(TS) LP            Total Score = 60,088
This was my 2nd WPX SSB and I tripled last year's score. I worked 40m single
band low power. 40m conditions were tough during daylight hours and better at
night. Hope to put in a few more hours next year. Looking forward to operating
"stealth" mode during CW WPX in May. Running IC-730 (75w) to 40m
dipole at 20 feet - with HAND MIC (gotta get rid of the hand mic). 73's Dave

Call: WN6K              Class: SOAB LP                  Total Score = 1,862,382
Well this is the third time I have tried to enter in my scores...when finished,
it pops out to a message abt a redirect and that I should change my bookmarks -
TO THE ONE I WAS ON - GRRRR. plus you have to reenter stuff again.

At least the contest was fun.


WN6K, Paul

Call: WO4O              Class: SOAB LP                  Total Score = 1,591,449
For many years I have opted out of this real-time SSB radio game. However, I
made an exception this year as another excuse to further delay filling/filing
my federal income tax forms. Despite my ‘un-timely’ OFF times due to a
local Friday night community-wide power outage and the loss of several hours on
Saturday due to inclement weather with nearby lightning strikes, I did my best
to make the most of it without 160 or 75 meters and very little time on 40
meters. Missed my 1k Q goal. If there is a next time, I’ll likely go High
Power to be more productive. Planning to obtain alternative power for the FL
QTH, having sold my 15kw generator with the TN QTH. TU fer the Qs. CU in the FL
QSO Party?  Of course!

73, ric

PS Log submitted to: ssb at cqwpx.com (Confirmation #: 1483054.cq-wpx-ssb)

Call: WP3C              Class: SOAB LP                  Total Score = 7,901,696

In 2011 an electric storm damaged a 90% of mu station (radios, computers,
rotors, etc.) so then I was out of contesting since that event. Last year I
started to work contests from Pedro NP4A station and then I thought in build
something at my station. Thanks to Pedro NP4A, Papo KP4TG,Tony and my Dad NP4CW
to help me build up my antennas and repair all the equipment my station need to
be up again. Know I have something simple; the important is to be on air again
and enjoy.

I think was perfect to test my new antennas and radios in the WPX, thanks
everyone for the qso’s and hope to hear you in the next contest. 73’

Alfredo Velez

|   EU   |   NA   |   SA   |   AF   |   AS   |   OC   |
|  30.5% |  63.6% |   1.4% |   0.7% |   3.0% |   0.8% |

Radio: Elecraft K3
Antennas: Spiderbeam (10M, 15M and 20M), Cushcraft XM240 (40M) and Inverted V
Software: Wintest

Call: WP3EF             Class: SOAB LP                  Total Score = 92,910
[log removed from comments]

CREATED-BY: N3FJP's CQ WPX Contest Log 3.2
NAME: Eddie Figueroa
EMAIL: wp3ef73 at gmail.com

Call: WR3Z              Class: M/S HP                   Total Score = 13,578,075
Thanks again to Brian N3OC for the use of his station each year for the WPX
contests.  Largest totals for us in WPX SSB as a Multi One operation.  Congrats
to all the huge scores seen to date, SO through MM.

Barry WR3Z

Call: WR9D              Class: SOSB10(TS) HP            Total Score = 36,808
I'm not always a lid on phone; but when I am, I use another callsign.

Equipment:  K3/100, AL-80B, homebrew G3TXQ beam at 8m

Thanks for the QSOs.


--Ethan, K8GU/3 (aka WR9D).

Call: WS7L              Class: M/S HP                   Total Score = 1,767,604
We usually operate as W7TVC but decided to pick a more attractive prefix for
this one.

What can we say that hasn't already been said? Three cheers for ten meters!

Many thanks to hosts Mike K7CIE, Emily, and the cats for hospitality and use of
the station, plus walking on the keyboard while we were trying to log contacts.

73 to all and thanks for the QSOs.
Tualatin Valley Contesters

Call: WU6W              Class: SOAB HP                  Total Score = 58,254
Would have been more fun and more participants with a 6 hour Category.

Do any of these organizers realize people work on the weekends ?

Call: WV1K              Class: M/S HP                   Total Score = 10,051,930

Ran this entire contest with the express goal of testing N1MMLogger+
in the heat of battle, having LOADS fun and getting most of our little
group together (Central Connecticut Contesters - a local club that
entirely consists of YCCC  members) for a fun weekend.  Conditions went
from fantastic to horrible (solar flare Saturday, mid-day) to great and
back to extremely noisy.

Everything worked well, no issues other than the heavy rain static and
a noise that appeared on 10 meters above 28.600 and a headset that
became intermittent in one earpiece.

Our results were the highest QSO total of any contest ever done from
here! 3023 QSOs SOAPBOX: including 24 dupes from a single transmitter
of which 2999 counted towards the log. (Trust me we did TRY top get
that last one to make it 3000!) :-)

Call: WW1USA            Class: SOSB15 LP                Total Score = 15,075
Operation was from the National WWI Museum in Kansas City, MO.  Check our
QRZ.com listing for Special Event weekends.  Thanks for the QSO's.

Call: WW4LL             Class: M/2 HP                   Total Score = 18,576,822
Wow, wow, wow!  Conditions were similar to ARRL SSB with high band activity all
night long.

We had a great team assembled and no major hiccups with the station. Could have
used a couple more ops though.

Thanks to everyone for their participation and patience at times.

See ya'll in Dayton, then it's WPX CW.

73' Fred, WW4LL

Call: WX3B              Class: M/M HP                   Total Score = 32,428,206
Incredible band conditions and a great group of operating friends combined to
make this one of the most memorable and FUN WPX events in the lifetime of

Earlier this year I reviewed the WPX record set by KM3T and his team in 2000
and dreamed about breaking it.  It would take unusually good band conditions on
all high bands, and reasonable conditions on the low bands to have a chance to
do it from my own station.

Team WX3B came together nicely and we had an excellent blend of regulars and
fresh blood at my station.  We had times where there were more bodies than
radios, and lean times near the end when we couldn’t staff all the radios.
We had wind induced power line noise on Friday night.  We had snow static for a
good portion of Sunday afternoon and evening, yet the WX3B operators rose to
every challenge and kept moving forward!

On Saturday Rick NQ4I suggested our team subscribe to the CQ contest on-line
scoreboard, so we did, and that itself was an event within the event.  There
was a 3 way race for first place (well of those that subscribed….we shall see
if there were others!) and while Rick’s team maintained a narrow lead, K9CT
and WX3B kept trading positions.  My hat is off to Rick for his victory
�" on the heels of major ice damage and rebuilding of his station in
record time to get ready for WPX.  It is also an amazing feat that Craig, K9CT
built a station that competes so well from the mid-west….their signals have a
lot further to travel to reach EU!   Craig’s team pulled ahead of us to claim
second place (on the scoreboard) within minutes of the contest end.  What a

Team NQ4I was the first to break the claimed USA record, quickly followed by
team K9CT, and eventually team WX3B.  What an incredible weekend on the bands
to support this type of activity.

10 meters was the big story at WX3B…finally getting a REAL band opening to
EU, and one that lasted until 6:00pm before looking toward Asia/VK/ZL each
night.  The Asian band opening seemed to go on forever Friday night and the EU
opening was delayed several hours Saturday morning….however it did open and
was good for many QSOs.  Of course Sunday’s opening was earlier and EUs were
audible by 6:00am.  15 meters had EUs audible throughout the night!  20 meters
just never closed, EUs and Asians were being worked 24 hours per day…though
the hours from 7:00am to noon were PAINFUL on 20.  Sunday was particularly
slow; it was hard even getting USA stations to respond….however that was a
necessary strategy…work USA when EU could not be worked….I should have
thought about that earlier in the contest.

The SID (flare) kept us on our toes and one operator asked me to come down and
inspect 20 meters because “it just DIED”…fortunately a quick look at
Facebook confirmed we were not alone.  Taneytown, MD literally had a cloud over
it for most of Sunday afternoon and evening and a freak hail/snow/sleet storm
kept our noise floor on the high bands > 10dB / 9.  My apologies to all of
our friends who thought we were deaf most of Sunday….I can assure you…we

40 meters was in excellent form most of the weekend and we were treated to a
nice Asian opening Sunday morning…it was fun packet chatting with KD4D to
keep ourselves motivated during the slow times �" and we were rewarded
with some excellent DX.

80 meters seemed to have good propagation however there was a lack of density
of stations to work.  I am quite sure the STELLAR high band conditions
suppressed activity on the low bands.  160 was almost totally ignored this year
at WX3B.

I want to thank each of the WX3B team members for making this such a memorable
contest, particularly Sid NH7C who became the station manager each evening when
I had to depart my station in favor of family activities.  A special thanks is
due to my YL Elizabeth, who furnished much of the food for our weekend event.

So the question now is….does anyone think we might have a shot at conditions
like this….NEXT YEAR???

Very 73,

Jim Nitzberg   WX3B

Call: WZ4F              Class: SOAB HP                  Total Score = 8,304,288
This is the one for rate junkies.

20 meters never closed to Europe...literally open
around the clock, and 10 meters was, well, 10 meters!

I missed all day Saturday, but still beat my all-time
best score in this contest by a long way.

Larry K4AB

Call: WZ7ZR             Class: SOSB10 HP                Total Score = 3,539,097
SO ONE!!!! R

Call: XE2AU             Class: M/S LP                   Total Score = 1,049,928
Excelent conditions in 10 meter band, very happy to work VU in 10 meters

Call: XE2B              Class: SO(A)SB10 HP             Total Score = 2,677,248
Several records are indeed squashed, and this contest will be fondly remembered
for many  years!

Hardware: FT-1000MP + AL800H
Antennas: rotable 3 ele yagi @75 ft heigh and fixed 3 ele yagui, aimed to the

Objectives were to double  the previous XE record for the SO 10M HP (A)
category and work at least 80 DXCCs

Despite a 20 minutes late start, I was able to find a run frequency that
yielded 249 QSO's,  most of them Asia and stateside.

The previous XE record fell easily on the first operating hours -just shy of
band closing at 0357z ( Friday 9:57 PM local time).

The band  started to open at 1220z; baut it was until 1229 that I worked the
1st european (EE3A)it
was a strange, because they are normally the last ones I work.
Poor runs sateside (<60/hr) lead me to change  to S&P, checking spots
and doing a band sweeps.

The strategy remained the same for the rest of the test, interleaved with very
short runs, and constantly
looking for mutipliers.

- Worked DXCC
- Sunday was much better than Saturday
- on Sunday it  was the 1st. time -since I was licensed (22 years ago), that I
heard a SSB  VU station ( 5/8 strong),
   but decided to harvest  other mults, instead of spending too much time on
the ensuing monster pile-up .
- The 2Megs score was reached on Sunday at 1916z
- Best personal result ever -on a monoband category.
- Glad to work XE1H Multiplier on ground wave, and also local fellow contesters

Objectives accomplished, thanks for the Q's !

The log has been submmited to the organizers and uploaded to the LoTW


-------------- Q S O   R a t e   S u m m a r y ---------------------
Hour     160     80     40     20     15     10    Rate Total    Pct
0000       0      0      0      0      0     80     80     80    5.6
0100       0      0      0      0      0    107    107    187   13.1
0200       0      0      0      0      0     72     72    259   18.2
0300       0      0      0      0      0     29     29    288   20.2
0400       0      0      0      0      0      0      0    288   20.2
0500       0      0      0      0      0      0      0    288   20.2
0600       0      0      0      0      0      0      0    288   20.2
0700       0      0      0      0      0      0      0    288   20.2
0800       0      0      0      0      0      0      0    288   20.2
0900       0      0      0      0      0      0      0    288   20.2
1000       0      0      0      0      0      0      0    288   20.2
1100       0      0      0      0      0      0      0    288   20.2
1200       0      0      0      0      0     15     15    303   21.3
1300       0      0      0      0      0     57     57    360   25.3
1400       0      0      0      0      0     68     68    428   30.1
1500       0      0      0      0      0     68     68    496   34.9
1600       0      0      0      0      0     49     49    545   38.3
1700       0      0      0      0      0     59     59    604   42.4
1800       0      0      0      0      0     59     59    663   46.6
1900       0      0      0      0      0     60     60    723   50.8
2000       0      0      0      0      0     45     45    768   54.0
2100       0      0      0      0      0     36     36    804   56.5
2200       0      0      0      0      0     32     32    836   58.7
2300       0      0      0      0      0     34     34    870   61.1
0000       0      0      0      0      0     30     30    900   63.2
0100       0      0      0      0      0     32     32    932   65.5
0200       0      0      0      0      0     23     23    955   67.1
0300       0      0      0      0      0      3      3    958   67.3
0400       0      0      0      0      0      0      0    958   67.3
0500       0      0      0      0      0      0      0    958   67.3
0600       0      0      0      0      0      0      0    958   67.3
0700       0      0      0      0      0      0      0    958   67.3
0800       0      0      0      0      0      0      0    958   67.3
0900       0      0      0      0      0      0      0    958   67.3
1000       0      0      0      0      0      0      0    958   67.3
1100       0      0      0      0      0      0      0    958   67.3
1200       0      0      0      0      0      7      7    965   67.8
1300       0      0      0      0      0     48     48   1013   71.2
1400       0      0      0      0      0     42     42   1055   74.1
1500       0      0      0      0      0     35     35   1090   76.6
1600       0      0      0      0      0     29     29   1119   78.6
1700       0      0      0      0      0     15     15   1134   79.7
1800       0      0      0      0      0     31     31   1165   81.9
1900       0      0      0      0      0     57     57   1222   85.9
2000       0      0      0      0      0    112    112   1334   93.7
2100       0      0      0      0      0     37     37   1371   96.3
2200       0      0      0      0      0     23     23   1394   98.0
2300       0      0      0      0      0     29     29   1423  100.0
Total      0      0      0      0      0   1423   1423

Gross QSOs=1440        Dupes=17        Net QSOs=1423

Unique callsigns worked = 1423

The best 60 minute rate was 141/hour from 0027 to 0126
The best 30 minute rate was 148/hour from 0041 to 0110
The best 10 minute rate was 168/hour from 0116 to 0125

The best 1 minute rates were:
 5 QSOs/minute    2 times.
 4 QSOs/minute   13 times.
 3 QSOs/minute   95 times.
 2 QSOs/minute  217 times.
 1 QSOs/minute  642 times.

There were 0 bandchanges and 0 (0.0%) probable 2nd radio QSOs.

Number of letters in callsigns
Letters  # worked
   3        11
   4       503
   5       466
   6       427
   7         1
   8         7
   9         5
  10         3


Luis XE2B

Call: XE3N              Class: SOAB LP                  Total Score = 1,850,292
This is my best score in WPX Contest, really I enjoyed it. Nice opening on 10m
to Europe and light propagation to South America. Thanks to all and see You on
next contest 2015! XE3N

Call: XP1A              Class: SO(A)SB15 HP             Total Score = 8,495,280
Good and nice contest, but lot of QRM from europe S9++, I think Greenland is a
stepstone to NA.
 Band    QSOs    Pts  WPX
    21    2855    7452 1140
 Total    2855    7452 1140
Score: 8.495.280

Call: XV4Y              Class: SO(A)AB(TS) LP           Total Score = 7,104
Public stats and logs here :

Call: YO3FRI            Class: SO(A)AB LP               Total Score = 744,392
WX was very bad and i lost 160m antenna from last wind
Good luck to all
rig : ft1000 mp
power 100w
antena : dipoles 160/80m

Call: YO3IMD            Class: SO(A)AB(R) LP            Total Score = 106,002

Call: YP7P              Class: SO(A)AB HP               Total Score = 5,012,944
My best WPX ever , good propagation , only one station work in all bands ES9C .
My setup works great.

73! Robert yo7lfv / yp7p

Call: YP9W              Class: SO(A)AB HP               Total Score = 10,089,248
Given that Tibi YO9GZU, SSB station operator YP9W has been busy with work, I was
forced to assume a responsibility I serious participation in this contest. And
it was a good decision. There I stood up to the level expected, but it was
I enjoyed it when I changed the contest during the short messages with friends.
73 for Suad, Mir, Savi, Alex, Adi, and everybody else.
To meet in the CW.
Ionut YO9WF.

Translation with bing.com/translator/

Call: YR5N              Class: M/S HP                   Total Score = 2,317,128
BIG problems with tranceiver,no posible to work in 10m :(
  Tnx to all for qso's.
  Best 73's and CU in CW!!!
  YO5PBF/YR5N Bobi

Call: YS1YS             Class: SOSB10(TS) LP            Total Score = 1,749,293
Using YS1YS El Salvador Radio Club CRAS
Special thanks for El president YS1MS and station coordinator YS1GMV.
TS-590 16m long wire ICOM AH-4

Call: YT0Z              Class: SO(A)SB10 HP             Total Score = 5,522,232
73 de Milan

Call: YT1A              Class: SOSB20 HP                Total Score = 6,500,001
5 over 5 (31/18) AND 4 EL YAGI UP 18M,
just used hand mic all the time !also no voice rep.!
no worked any UA0, WORKED only 11 UA9 and 20 JA qso!!!!
eXtra to USA.(SPENT AVG 85% beaming to USA)

Call: YT1BX             Class: SOSB15 LP                Total Score = 404,072
Ant: sloper
1400m asl

Call: YT2AAA            Class: SO(A)SB20(TS) LP         Total Score = 791,136
IC-746PRO, 5m wire on balcony, hand mic

QRV only on daylight hours and early evenings.

Call: YT4A              Class: SOSB80 HP                Total Score = 1,215,342
YAESU FT 847, LP 1.4kw, GP, 8 x beverage

Call: YT7Z              Class: SOSB15 HP                Total Score = 5,292,468
c u in cw
73 slavko

Call: YT8WW             Class: SOSB15 HP                Total Score = 4,488,680
73 Pedja

Call: YU5R              Class: M/2 HP                   Total Score = 27,552,492
Three boys plus grandpa Acim who did great job!
Thanks to Lui YT3PL for hospitality.
Thanks everyone for great weekend.
See you in CQ WPX CW.
Best wishes from Serbia.

73 members of YU5R

Call: YY2CAR            Class: SOSB40 LP                Total Score = 1,427,625
Score Summary Sheet

                CALLSIGN: YY2CAR
                LOCATION: FJ37VS
                 CONTEST: CQ-WPX-SSB
           CATEGORY-BAND: 40M
           CLAIMED-SCORE: 1427625
                    CLUB: ARV VEN
              CREATED-BY: RUMped Ver. 3.2.3  by Tom, DL2RUM
                    NAME: CARLOS ALBERTO RIVERO
                 ADDRESS: VENEZUELA
               OPERATORS: YY2CAR
          OPERATING TIME: 18,9 hours

                  Result: 3.375 QSO Pts x 423 Mpl = 1.427.625 Total

       Band    Multis      QSOs     Dupes     Total    Points
      160m:                   0         0         0         0
       80m:                   0         0         0         0
       40m:                 585         2       587      3375
       20m:                   0         0         0         0
       15m:                   0         0         0         0
       10m:                   0         0         0         0

       Sum:       423       585         2       587      3375

Call: ZM1A              Class: SO(A)SB10 HP             Total Score = 6,326,810
I was planning to enter the contest as SOAA. So as the contest started at 1.00
pm local time here in New Zealand, I began on 10 meter.
Conditions were FANTASTIC, so I could not change band. At 11 pm the band was
still open and I was still working Europe.  Because of the 36 hours rule, I
decided to have my time off when the band will close.
This happen at about midnight! While I had a rest, I left the radio on 28.200
and waited until I could hear the beacon again which happened at around 6.00 am
(beaming USA).
I started again and worked all day until midnight (when the band died)! Living
once again the radio on to the beacon, amazingly I could hear it at the same
time the next morning….
I did not have such good conditions on Ten for ages, it just sounded like we
were back in the early 80’s. The band was so consistent for the 48 hours of
the contest.
I could not believe how many stations were telling me they were QRP running 5
watts or mobile!
I had a lot of fun, I can assure you. I am now looking forward to the next
contest and hopefully have the same conditions.

Thanks again to Ken, ZL1AIH for is kind hospitality.

73’s Jacky, ZM1A ( ZL3CW)

Call: ZM90DX            Class: SOAB HP                  Total Score = 9,770,610
Great conditions expecially on the high bands. 10m seemed to get all the
attention and the lower bands at times were dried out. I could call for ages
with out any response on a wide open band. the effect of cluster spots was
again extreme.

I had some trouble with the head set casing a hum. Sorry for that but I have no
other mike and could not find the cause.

Cu in WPX CW
73 Holger

Call: ZV5WPX            Class: SO(A)SB10 LP             Total Score = 2,066,525
thank to all for qso�'s
hope see you next one
eduardo pu5fjr

Index of Calls
Call: 3G1B              Class: M/2 HP
Call: 3V8BB             Class: SOAB HP
Call: 3Z5W              Class: SOSB15 HP
Call: 4K6FO             Class: SOSB10 LP
Call: 4L0A              Class: SOAB HP
Call: 4L8A              Class: SOSB10 HP
Call: 4M5W              Class: SOSB80 HP
Call: 4V1JR             Class: M/S LP
Call: 5B4AIF            Class: SO(A)AB(TS) HP
Call: 5Z4T              Class: M/S HP
Call: 8P2K              Class: SOSB10 LP
Call: 8P5A              Class: SOAB HP
Call: 9A1A              Class: M/M HP
Call: 9A2VX             Class: SOSB10 QRP
Call: 9A3B              Class: SO(A)AB(TS) LP
Call: 9A5BWW            Class: SO(A)SB10 HP
Call: 9A5Y              Class: SOAB HP
Call: 9A73P             Class: M/S HP
Call: 9A8M              Class: M/S HP
Call: 9A9R              Class: SO(A)SB40 HP
Call: 9K2HN             Class: M/M HP
Call: 9K2WA             Class: SOAB HP
Call: 9L1A              Class: SO(A)AB HP
Call: A61ZX             Class: SO(A)SB10 HP
Call: A65BD             Class: SOSB10(TS) HP
Call: AA2ZW             Class: SOAB LP
Call: AA3B              Class: SO(A)AB HP
Call: AA3K              Class: SO(A)AB LP
Call: AA3S              Class: SOAB LP
Call: AA4FU             Class: SO(A)SB10 LP
Call: AA6K              Class: SOAB(TS) LP
Call: AB1OC             Class: SO(A)AB HP
Call: AB2E              Class: SO(A)AB(TS) HP
Call: AB3CX             Class: SO(A)AB HP
Call: AB3RY             Class: SO(A)AB LP
Call: AB4UG             Class: SOAB LP
Call: AB5XZ             Class: SO(A)SB15 LP
Call: AC0W              Class: SOAB LP
Call: AC3SS             Class: SO(A)AB LP
Call: AC4CA             Class: SOAB(TS) HP
Call: AC8GX             Class: SO(A)AB(TS) QRP
Call: AD1C              Class: SO(A)AB(TS) LP
Call: AD3PA             Class: SOSB10 LP
Call: AD5XD             Class: SOAB(TS) HP
Call: AD7J              Class: SOAB HP
Call: AD7JP             Class: SOAB LP
Call: AE6YB             Class: SOAB(TS) LP
Call: AE7DW             Class: SOSB10(R) LP
Call: AE7LD             Class: SOSB15 LP
Call: AE7VA             Class: SOAB HP
Call: AF6GA             Class: SO(A)AB LP
Call: AF6T              Class: SOAB HP
Call: AG1RL             Class: SO(A)AB HP
Call: AG2AA             Class: SOAB LP
Call: AG6RB             Class: SO(A)AB(R) LP
Call: AI4UN             Class: SOAB LP
Call: AI6II             Class: SOAB HP
Call: AI6V              Class: SO(A)AB HP
Call: AI6YL/7           Class: SO(A)AB HP
Call: AJ7T              Class: SOAB(TS) HP
Call: AK1W              Class: SOAB HP
Call: AK6W              Class: M/M HP
Call: AL1G              Class: SOAB HP
Call: AL9A              Class: SO(A)AB HP
Call: C4A               Class: M/2 HP
Call: CA3LGJ            Class: SOSB10 LP
Call: CA3MRD            Class: SOSB10 LP
Call: CE1TT             Class: M/S HP
Call: CE3AA             Class: SO(A)SB20(TS) LP
Call: CE3CT             Class: M/M HP
Call: CN2AA             Class: M/S HP
Call: CQ3L              Class: SO(A)AB HP
Call: CQ8X              Class: SOAB HP
Call: CR3A              Class: M/2 HP
Call: CR6T              Class: SOSB15 HP
Call: CS2C              Class: SOSB20 HP
Call: CS9/PD3EM         Class: SOAB(TS) LP
Call: CT9/R9DX          Class: M/S HP
Call: CW5W              Class: M/2 HP
Call: D44AC             Class: SOSB15(R) HP
Call: D4C               Class: SOSB10 HP
Call: DA2C              Class: SOSB10 HP
Call: DD8SM             Class: SO(A)AB(TS) HP
Call: DF1LX             Class: SO(A)AB LP
Call: DF2SD             Class: SO(A)AB LP
Call: DJ5MW             Class: SOAB HP
Call: DJ6QT             Class: SO(A)AB(TS) HP
Call: DJ8OG             Class: SO(A)AB(TS) LP
Call: DK1MM             Class: SO(A)AB HP
Call: DK3A              Class: SO(A)AB LP
Call: DK40ECH           Class: SO(A)AB HP
Call: DK6XZ             Class: SOAB HP
Call: DL/SP3LPG         Class: SOAB HP
Call: DL0UM             Class: M/S HP
Call: DL1NX             Class: SO(A)SB10 HP
Call: DL3EBX            Class: SOSB10 LP
Call: DL4FAP            Class: SOAB HP
Call: DM8T              Class: SO(A)AB LP
Call: DM9K              Class: M/S HP
Call: DP6T              Class: M/2 HP
Call: DP7D              Class: M/2 HP
Call: DR1A              Class: M/M HP
Call: DR5N              Class: M/2 HP
Call: E70A              Class: SOSB10 LP
Call: E73ESP            Class: SO(A)SB80 HP
Call: E73M              Class: SO(A)AB LP
Call: E74KM             Class: SOSB10 LP
Call: E74O              Class: SOSB80 QRP
Call: E77A              Class: SOSB10 HP
Call: E77C              Class: SOSB10 LP
Call: E7A               Class: M/S HP
Call: EA3CI             Class: SOSB40 HP
Call: EA3QP             Class: SO(A)SB10 LP
Call: EA4GEL            Class: SOAB LP
Call: EA5DFV            Class: SOAB HP
Call: EA5KA             Class: SO(A)AB HP
Call: EA5ON             Class: SO(A)SB15(TS) QRP
Call: EA7KB             Class: SOSB10 HP
Call: EA7OT             Class: SOAB HP
Call: EA8CNR            Class: SO(A)AB LP
Call: EA9LZ             Class: SO(A)SB15 HP
Call: EB3CW             Class: SOSB15 HP
Call: EC1DBO            Class: M/S HP
Call: EC2DX             Class: SO(A)AB HP
Call: EC5AN             Class: SO(A)SB20 HP
Call: ED1B              Class: M/S LP
Call: ED1R              Class: M/S HP
Call: ED3V              Class: SO(A)AB LP
Call: ED4T              Class: SOSB10 LP
Call: ED9K              Class: M/2 HP
Call: EE8E              Class: SOSB15 LP
Call: EF7X              Class: SOSB10 HP
Call: EF8O              Class: SOAB LP
Call: EF8U              Class: SO(A)AB LP
Call: EI3HDB            Class: SOAB LP
Call: EI4CF             Class: SO(A)SB10 LP
Call: EI7M              Class: M/S HP
Call: ES9C              Class: M/M HP
Call: EU1A              Class: SOAB HP
Call: EU1AA             Class: SO(A)SB160 LP
Call: EU1AZ             Class: SOSB40 HP
Call: EV1R              Class: SO(A)AB HP
Call: EW8DJ             Class: SO(A)SB80 HP
Call: F/E73CQ           Class: SOAB QRP
Call: F1IWH             Class: SOAB LP
Call: F1UVN             Class: SO(A)SB10 HP
Call: F4DPW             Class: SOAB LP
Call: F4GDI             Class: SOAB(TS) LP
Call: F4GTD             Class: SOSB10(R) HP
Call: F5VKT             Class: SO(A)SB10(TS) HP
Call: F8AEE             Class: SOAB(TS) LP
Call: F8AKS             Class: SOSB15 QRP
Call: F8CRS             Class: SO(A)AB(TS) HP
Call: FG1PP             Class: SOAB LP
Call: G2F               Class: SO(A)AB(TS) HP
Call: G4R               Class: M/S HP
Call: G8DX              Class: SO(A)SB10 HP
Call: G9V               Class: M/2 HP
Call: GM8SBH            Class: SO(A)AB(TS) HP
Call: GW4BLE            Class: SOAB HP
Call: GW9T              Class: SOSB10 HP
Call: HA1AG             Class: SOAB HP
Call: HA3DX             Class: SOSB40 HP
Call: HA5BSW            Class: SO(A)SB15 LP
Call: HA8LLK            Class: SOAB LP
Call: HB2T              Class: M/2 HP
Call: HB9AA             Class: SOSB15 LP
Call: HB9DDO            Class: SO(A)SB10 HP
Call: HB9FBS            Class: SO(A)SB80 HP
Call: HF1T              Class: SO(A)AB(TS) HP
Call: HG1A              Class: SO(A)SB15(TS) HP
Call: HG6V              Class: SO(A)SB20(TS) LP
Call: HG7T              Class: M/2 HP
Call: HG8R              Class: SOAB HP
Call: HI3CC             Class: M/S HP
Call: HI3TEJ            Class: SOSB20(TS) LP
Call: HK1NA             Class: SOSB15 HP
Call: HK1T              Class: SOSB40 HP
Call: HK1X              Class: SOSB10 HP
Call: HL1VAU            Class: SO(A)AB LP
Call: HL5YI             Class: SOSB15 HP
Call: HS4SSP            Class: M/S HP
Call: I2WIJ             Class: SO(A)AB(TS) HP
Call: IB1B              Class: SO(A)SB20(TS) HP
Call: IB9T              Class: M/2 HP
Call: IC8POF            Class: SO(A)SB15 HP
Call: II4K              Class: SOSB10 QRP
Call: II9P              Class: M/M HP
Call: IK0PHY            Class: SO(A)SB20(TS) HP
Call: IK2YCW            Class: SO(A)SB10 HP
Call: IO4W              Class: SO(A)SB15(TS) HP
Call: IO5O              Class: M/S HP
Call: IQ8UW             Class: M/2 HP
Call: IR4M              Class: M/S HP
Call: IR6T              Class: M/S HP
Call: IR9W              Class: SO(A)SB10 HP
Call: IT9DFI            Class: SOSB10 HP
Call: IT9SPB            Class: SO(A)SB15 HP
Call: IV3BCA            Class: SOAB LP
Call: IW2HAJ            Class: SO(A)AB HP
Call: IY1GMS            Class: M/S HP
Call: IZ3KKE            Class: SO(A)AB LP
Call: IZ3NVR            Class: SO(A)AB QRP
Call: IZ3SQW            Class: SO(A)AB(TS) HP
Call: J42T              Class: M/2 HP
Call: J43TR             Class: M/S HP
Call: JN3VQM            Class: SOSB15(TS) LP
Call: K0AD              Class: SO(A)AB LP
Call: K0AE              Class: SO(A)AB HP
Call: K0OO              Class: SOSB10 LP
Call: K0TT              Class: SOAB HP
Call: K0VXU             Class: SOSB15 HP
Call: K1DQV             Class: SOAB LP
Call: K1FJ              Class: SO(A)AB(TS) HP
Call: K1SD              Class: SO(A)AB LP
Call: K1SM              Class: SO(A)AB HP
Call: K2CYE             Class: SO(A)AB HP
Call: K2HN              Class: SOSB20 LP
Call: K2PS              Class: SOSB10 LP
Call: K2QB              Class: SOAB LP
Call: K3JT              Class: SOAB HP
Call: K3MD              Class: M/S HP
Call: K3NDM             Class: SOAB LP
Call: K3RMB             Class: SOAB LP
Call: K3ZO              Class: SOAB HP
Call: K4BAI             Class: SOAB(TS) HP
Call: K4DMR             Class: SOAB LP
Call: K4FTO             Class: SOAB LP
Call: K4TOJ             Class: M/S LP
Call: K5EWJ             Class: SOAB HP
Call: K5KU              Class: SOSB10 LP
Call: K6CSL             Class: SOAB LP
Call: K6DDJ             Class: SO(A)AB HP
Call: K6ELE             Class: SO(A)AB HP
Call: K6GHA             Class: SOAB LP
Call: K6JEB             Class: SO(A)AB HP
Call: K6MM              Class: SO(A)AB(TS) LP
Call: K6MMU             Class: SO(A)AB LP
Call: K6ND              Class: M/S HP
Call: K6RIM             Class: SO(A)AB HP
Call: K6SCA             Class: SOAB HP
Call: K6SRZ             Class: SO(A)AB HP
Call: K6TUJ             Class: SOAB(TS) LP
Call: K7BVT             Class: SOAB HP
Call: K7BX              Class: SO(A)SB10 LP
Call: K7EG              Class: SO(A)AB HP
Call: K7JQ              Class: SO(A)AB LP
Call: K7MY              Class: SOSB10 HP
Call: K7RB              Class: SO(A)AB(TS) HP
Call: K7RF              Class: SOSB10(TS) LP
Call: K7WP              Class: SO(A)SB10 LP
Call: K7ZO              Class: SO(A)SB40(TS) HP
Call: K7ZS              Class: SO(A)AB HP
Call: K8BL              Class: SO(A)AB(TS) LP
Call: K8PGJ             Class: SOAB LP
Call: K9CT              Class: M/M HP
Call: K9FY              Class: SOSB10 HP
Call: K9GY              Class: SO(A)AB LP
Call: K9JE              Class: SOAB LP
Call: K9NW              Class: SOAB HP
Call: KA1VMG            Class: SOAB LP
Call: KA3DRR            Class: SO(A)SB15 LP
Call: KA4OTB            Class: SOSB10 LP
Call: KA4SFD            Class: SO(A)AB HP
Call: KA6JLT            Class: SOAB LP
Call: KA9MOM            Class: SOAB(TS) LP
Call: KB0EO             Class: SO(A)AB HP
Call: KB2HSH            Class: SOSB10 QRP
Call: KB3LIX            Class: SOAB LP
Call: KB3WD             Class: SO(A)AB HP
Call: KB9NW             Class: SO(A)AB HP
Call: KC0DEB            Class: SO(A)SB15 LP
Call: KC0MO             Class: SOAB QRP
Call: KC1ME             Class: SOSB10 HP
Call: KC4HW             Class: SOAB HP
Call: KC9EOQ            Class: SOAB HP
Call: KC9UJS            Class: SOAB LP
Call: KD0FW             Class: SO(A)AB HP
Call: KD3HN             Class: SOAB LP
Call: KD3TB             Class: SO(A)AB HP
Call: KD4D              Class: M/2 HP
Call: KD4TVB            Class: SOSB10 LP
Call: KD5J              Class: SOAB LP
Call: KD7MSC            Class: SOSB10 HP
Call: KD9MS             Class: SOSB10 HP
Call: KE2VB             Class: SOAB HP
Call: KE5MMT            Class: SO(A)AB HP
Call: KE5OG             Class: SO(A)SB10 LP
Call: KF7DYX            Class: SOAB LP
Call: KG1E              Class: SOAB QRP
Call: KG4IGC            Class: SOAB LP
Call: KG9Z              Class: SOSB80 HP
Call: KH6ZM             Class: SOAB LP
Call: KI7Y              Class: SO(A)AB(TS) HP
Call: KJ4VTH            Class: SOAB LP
Call: KK4DZP            Class: SOSB20 HP
Call: KK5W              Class: M/2 LP
Call: KK6P              Class: SOAB LP
Call: KK6ZM             Class: SOAB(TS) HP
Call: KK7AC             Class: SOAB LP
Call: KL7RA             Class: M/M HP
Call: KM2O              Class: SOAB HP
Call: KM5VI             Class: SOAB(TS) HP
Call: KN3A              Class: SOAB LP
Call: KO3T              Class: SOAB(TS) LP
Call: KO7X              Class: M/S HP
Call: KP2DX             Class: SOSB20 LP
Call: KP4BD             Class: SOSB10 LP
Call: KP4EU             Class: SOSB20 LP
Call: KP4LE             Class: SOSB10(R) LP
Call: KP4ROS            Class: SOSB10(TS) LP
Call: KP4RV             Class: SOSB15 LP
Call: KQ6P              Class: SOAB LP
Call: KQ7W              Class: SOAB HP
Call: KR4F              Class: SO(A)AB HP
Call: KR6N              Class: SO(A)AB HP
Call: KR8T              Class: SOSB10(TS) HP
Call: KS1J              Class: SO(A)AB LP
Call: KS2G              Class: SO(A)AB(TS) LP
Call: KS3D              Class: SOAB LP
Call: KS4L              Class: SO(A)AB LP
Call: KS4X              Class: SOAB(TS) HP
Call: KS7AA             Class: SO(A)SB10 HP
Call: KS9K              Class: SOAB LP
Call: KT4ZB             Class: SO(A)AB(TS) LP
Call: KT5J              Class: SOAB HP
Call: KT6V              Class: M/M HP
Call: KT7E              Class: SOAB HP
Call: KT7G              Class: SO(A)AB HP
Call: KU2M              Class: SOSB15 HP
Call: KU7T              Class: M/S HP
Call: KV0Q              Class: SOSB10 QRP
Call: KV2M              Class: M/2 HP
Call: KV4QS/8           Class: SOSB40(R) LP
Call: KV6O              Class: SOAB HP
Call: KV7DX             Class: SO(A)AB(TS) HP
Call: KW7XX             Class: SO(A)AB HP
Call: KY7L              Class: SOAB LP
Call: KZ1M              Class: SO(A)AB LP
Call: KZ1W              Class: SOAB HP
Call: KZ5MM             Class: SOSB10 HP
Call: KZ7X              Class: SOSB10 HP
Call: L33M              Class: SO(A)AB LP
Call: L73D              Class: M/S HP
Call: LA1TPA            Class: SOAB QRP
Call: LA3S              Class: SOSB10 LP
Call: LI3HQ             Class: SOSB40(TS) LP
Call: LI5O              Class: M/2 HP
Call: LN7TTT            Class: SOAB LP
Call: LO5D              Class: SO(A)SB10 LP
Call: LP1H              Class: M/M HP
Call: LQ5H              Class: SOSB10 HP
Call: LT5X              Class: SOAB HP
Call: LT7F              Class: SO(A)SB10 LP
Call: LT7H              Class: SO(A)AB LP
Call: LU1FM             Class: SOAB LP
Call: LU1MPK            Class: SOSB10 LP
Call: LU5MT             Class: SOSB10 LP
Call: LU6DC             Class: SO(A)SB10 LP
Call: LU6XV             Class: SOSB10 HP
Call: LU7MCJ            Class: SOAB LP
Call: LU7MT             Class: SO(A)SB40(TS) HP
Call: LY4A              Class: M/2 HP
Call: LY5I              Class: SOSB40 LP
Call: LY7M              Class: SOSB160 HP
Call: LY7Z              Class: SO(A)AB(TS) HP
Call: LZ111RF           Class: SOAB HP
Call: LZ1GEN            Class: SO(A)SB20 HP
Call: LZ2HA             Class: SO(A)SB15 LP
Call: LZ3GH             Class: SOAB LP
Call: LZ3ZZ             Class: SO(A)AB(TS) HP
Call: LZ5K              Class: M/S HP
Call: LZ5X              Class: SO(A)SB20 HP
Call: LZ73TRC           Class: SOAB HP
Call: LZ9W              Class: M/M HP
Call: M0OSH             Class: SOSB15 HP
Call: M6NLB             Class: SO(A)AB(R) LP
Call: M8C               Class: M/S HP
Call: MS0OXE            Class: M/S HP
Call: MW0EDX            Class: SO(A)SB20(TS) LP
Call: N0MA              Class: M/2 HP
Call: N0ZFT             Class: SOAB LP
Call: N1DC              Class: SOAB LP
Call: N1TM              Class: SO(A)SB40 QRP
Call: N2BJ              Class: SO(A)AB HP
Call: N2FF              Class: SO(A)SB10 LP
Call: N2MUN             Class: SO(A)AB(TS) HP
Call: N2NC              Class: SOAB(TS) HP
Call: N2NS              Class: SO(A)SB10 HP
Call: N2SQW             Class: SO(A)AB LP
Call: N3ALN             Class: SOAB(TS) LP
Call: N3EN              Class: SO(A)AB LP
Call: N3KCJ             Class: SOAB LP
Call: N3QE              Class: SO(A)AB(TS) HP
Call: N3RR              Class: SO(A)AB HP
Call: N3UA              Class: SO(A)SB10 HP
Call: N3ZA              Class: SO(A)SB15 LP
Call: N3ZV              Class: SOAB HP
Call: N4CF              Class: SO(A)AB LP
Call: N4CW              Class: SOAB QRP
Call: N4DJ              Class: SOAB LP
Call: N4DTF             Class: SO(A)AB LP
Call: N4DU              Class: SO(A)SB15(TS) HP
Call: N4DW              Class: SO(A)AB LP
Call: N4KG              Class: SO(A)AB(TS) HP
Call: N4KH              Class: SOAB(TS) LP
Call: N4MM              Class: SO(A)AB HP
Call: N4NSS             Class: SOAB LP
Call: N4NX              Class: SOAB HP
Call: N4QX              Class: SOSB20 QRP
Call: N4TL              Class: SOAB LP
Call: N5DO              Class: SO(A)SB15 LP
Call: N5DTT             Class: SOSB10 LP
Call: N5PA              Class: SOSB10 LP
Call: N6ENO             Class: SOAB LP
Call: N6HE              Class: SO(A)AB HP
Call: N6HI              Class: SOSB10 QRP
Call: N6QQ              Class: SO(A)AB HP
Call: N6SS              Class: SO(A)AB HP
Call: N6YG              Class: SO(A)AB LP
Call: N6ZE              Class: SOAB(TS) LP
Call: N7BEF             Class: SOAB LP
Call: N7LR              Class: SOAB HP
Call: N7MZW             Class: SOAB(TS) LP
Call: N7RO              Class: SOAB HP
Call: N7RQ              Class: SOSB15 HP
Call: N7TEW             Class: SOAB LP
Call: N8BI              Class: M/2 HP
Call: N8EBN             Class: SOAB LP
Call: N8FYL             Class: SO(A)AB(TS) LP
Call: N8II              Class: SOSB10 LP
Call: N8SBE             Class: SOAB LP
Call: N9DFD             Class: SOAB LP
Call: N9GUN             Class: SO(A)AB HP
Call: N9NA              Class: SO(A)AB HP
Call: N9TGR             Class: SO(A)SB15 LP
Call: N9UA              Class: SO(A)AB LP
Call: N9VPV             Class: SO(A)AB LP
Call: NA1DX             Class: SO(A)AB QRP
Call: NA2U              Class: SO(A)AB HP
Call: NA4W              Class: SOSB10 HP
Call: NA8V              Class: SOAB LP
Call: NB3R              Class: SO(A)AB HP
Call: NB4M              Class: SOAB HP
Call: NC4KW             Class: M/2 HP
Call: NC6DX             Class: SOAB HP
Call: ND0C              Class: SOAB QRP
Call: NE3K              Class: SO(A)SB10 HP
Call: NE5LL             Class: SO(A)AB LP
Call: NE7D              Class: SOAB HP
Call: NE9U              Class: SOSB10 HP
Call: NF2RS             Class: SOAB LP
Call: NF2Z              Class: SOAB HP
Call: NF3C              Class: SO(A)AB HP
Call: NF4A              Class: SO(A)AB(TS) HP
Call: NF8M              Class: SOAB LP
Call: NG1R              Class: M/2 HP
Call: NH6P              Class: SOSB10(TS) HP
Call: NH7A              Class: SOAB HP
Call: NI3C              Class: SOAB QRP
Call: NI7R              Class: SOAB HP
Call: NK3Y              Class: SO(A)AB HP
Call: NK4I              Class: SOAB HP
Call: NN3L              Class: SO(A)AB LP
Call: NN4F              Class: SO(A)SB10 HP
Call: NN4RB             Class: SOAB LP
Call: NP2P              Class: SO(A)AB(TS) HP
Call: NQ4I              Class: M/M HP
Call: NQ5K              Class: SO(A)AB HP
Call: NR3X              Class: SO(A)AB HP
Call: NR5M              Class: SOAB LP
Call: NT3S              Class: SO(A)SB10 HP
Call: NV1N              Class: SOAB LP
Call: NV9L              Class: M/S HP
Call: NW0M              Class: SO(A)AB(TS) HP
Call: NW2K              Class: SOAB(TS) LP
Call: NW3H              Class: SO(A)SB20(TS) HP
Call: NX0I              Class: SO(A)AB LP
Call: NX1P              Class: SOSB15 HP
Call: NX4Y              Class: SO(A)AB HP
Call: NX5M              Class: M/M HP
Call: NX6T              Class: M/2 HP
Call: NX7TT             Class: SOSB10 LP
Call: NY6DX             Class: SO(A)AB LP
Call: NY6N              Class: SOSB10 HP
Call: OA4/XQ3SA         Class: SOSB40 HP
Call: OG6N              Class: SO(A)AB HP
Call: OH0JFP            Class: SOSB10 HP
Call: OH1TM             Class: SO(A)SB15(TS) HP
Call: OH2KM             Class: SOAB(TS) LP
Call: OH2PM             Class: SOSB15 HP
Call: OH5TS             Class: SOSB20 LP
Call: OH9A              Class: SO(A)SB10 HP
Call: OK1FC             Class: SOSB10 LP
Call: OK1KUW            Class: SOSB80 HP
Call: OK2BFN            Class: SO(A)SB80 LP
Call: OK2SFP            Class: SOAB HP
Call: OK4PA             Class: SO(A)SB10 HP
Call: OK8DD             Class: SOAB LP
Call: OL3R              Class: SO(A)AB HP
Call: OL4A              Class: M/2 HP
Call: OL5Y              Class: SO(A)AB(TS) HP
Call: OL9M              Class: SOSB10 LP
Call: OL9R              Class: SO(A)SB20(TS) LP
Call: OM0A              Class: SO(A)SB15 LP
Call: OM0WR             Class: SOSB80 HP
Call: OM2VL             Class: SOAB HP
Call: OM4MM             Class: SO(A)SB10 HP
Call: ON6NL             Class: SO(A)AB HP
Call: ON9CC             Class: SOSB10 HP
Call: OO7R              Class: SOAB LP
Call: P33W              Class: M/S HP
Call: P40W              Class: SOAB LP
Call: P43A              Class: SOSB15 HP
Call: P49Y              Class: SOAB HP
Call: PA4PS             Class: M/S HP
Call: PA9M              Class: SOSB40 HP
Call: PG6G              Class: M/2 HP
Call: PI4DX             Class: M/2 HP
Call: PJ2T              Class: M/2 HP
Call: PJ4DX             Class: SO(A)SB20(TS) HP
Call: PP1CZ             Class: SOSB10 HP
Call: PQ5B              Class: M/S HP
Call: PR1T              Class: M/S LP
Call: PR5B              Class: SOSB40 HP
Call: PR7AB             Class: SOAB LP
Call: PT2CM             Class: M/2 HP
Call: PU1MHZ            Class: SOSB10 LP
Call: PU4HUD            Class: SO(A)SB10 LP
Call: PV2P              Class: M/S HP
Call: PX2B              Class: SOSB20 HP
Call: PX2C              Class: SOAB HP
Call: PX5E              Class: SOSB10 HP
Call: PY1NX             Class: SO(A)AB LP
Call: PY2SBY            Class: SOAB LP
Call: PY5VC             Class: SO(A)AB HP
Call: PY8WW             Class: SOSB10 LP
Call: R22ALS            Class: SO(A)SB15 HP
Call: R5ACQ             Class: SO(A)SB15(TS) LP
Call: R7MM              Class: SO(A)AB LP
Call: R9RA              Class: SOSB80 LP
Call: RA22QF            Class: SOAB HP
Call: RA9AU             Class: SO(A)SB15 LP
Call: RA9Y              Class: SO(A)SB15 HP
Call: RD3VC             Class: SOSB10 QRP
Call: RD8D              Class: M/S LP
Call: RF9C              Class: SOSB40 LP
Call: RJ4P              Class: SO(A)AB(TS) HP
Call: RK0UT             Class: SOSB15 HP
Call: RK4FD             Class: SOAB HP
Call: RL3A              Class: SO(A)SB15 HP
Call: RM0W              Class: SO(A)SB10 LP
Call: RT0F              Class: M/2 HP
Call: RT3F              Class: SO(A)SB40 HP
Call: RT5Z              Class: SO(A)SB20 HP
Call: RU4AA             Class: SO(A)AB(TS) LP
Call: RV9UP             Class: SO(A)SB40 HP
Call: RW1A              Class: SOAB HP
Call: RW22QA            Class: SOAB HP
Call: S50A              Class: SOSB10 HP
Call: S50XX             Class: SOSB10 HP
Call: S51A              Class: M/2 HP
Call: S51CK             Class: SO(A)SB40(TS) HP
Call: S51F              Class: SOSB15 HP
Call: S52W              Class: SO(A)AB(TS) LP
Call: S52ZW             Class: M/2 HP
Call: S53F              Class: SO(A)SB160 LP
Call: S54ZZ             Class: SO(A)AB HP
Call: S55T              Class: SO(A)AB HP
Call: S567O             Class: SOSB80 LP
Call: S56A              Class: SO(A)SB10 LP
Call: S56M              Class: SO(A)SB15 HP
Call: S56P              Class: SOSB160 HP
Call: S57               Class: SOSB40 HP
Call: S57C              Class: SOSB15 HP
Call: S57O              Class: SOSB40 HP
Call: S58WW             Class: SO(A)AB(TS) HP
Call: SE0X              Class: M/2 HP
Call: SE3X              Class: SOAB LP
Call: SJ2W              Class: M/S HP
Call: SK3W              Class: M/M HP
Call: SK6AW             Class: M/2 HP
Call: SM3C              Class: SOAB(TS) HP
Call: SN2M              Class: SO(A)SB10 HP
Call: SN5V              Class: SOSB15 HP
Call: SN7O              Class: SOSB15 HP
Call: SN8B              Class: SO(A)SB10 HP
Call: SN8W              Class: SO(A)SB15 HP
Call: SO2O              Class: SOAB HP
Call: SO8W              Class: SO(A)AB LP
Call: SO9Q              Class: M/2 HP
Call: SO9T              Class: SO(A)SB10 HP
Call: SP4LVK            Class: SOSB15 QRP
Call: SP4SHD            Class: SOAB LP
Call: SP5XOV            Class: SOAB LP
Call: SP6YAQ            Class: SOAB LP
Call: SP8K              Class: SO(A)SB80 HP
Call: SP8R              Class: M/S HP
Call: SQ2WHH            Class: SOAB(TS) LP
Call: SQ8NZB            Class: SO(A)AB LP
Call: SV1HEM/3          Class: SOAB LP
Call: SX9C              Class: M/S HP
Call: T6RH              Class: SOAB LP
Call: TA1CR             Class: SO(A)SB20 HP
Call: TF3CY             Class: SOAB HP
Call: TM0T              Class: SOSB10 HP
Call: TM72C             Class: SOSB10(TS) LP
Call: TO4C              Class: SOAB HP
Call: UA0DM             Class: SO(A)SB10 LP
Call: UA0SR             Class: SO(A)AB HP
Call: UA2F              Class: SOSB10 HP
Call: UA4ATB            Class: SO(A)AB LP
Call: UA5B              Class: SOAB HP
Call: UA9AGX            Class: SO(A)AB(TS) LP
Call: UA9CDC            Class: SO(A)AB HP
Call: UA9R              Class: SOAB LP
Call: UN2E              Class: SO(A)SB20(TS) LP
Call: UP0L              Class: SOAB HP
Call: UP2L              Class: M/2 HP
Call: UR5IFB            Class: SO(A)SB15 LP
Call: US1I              Class: SO(A)SB40 HP
Call: UW1M              Class: SO(A)AB HP
Call: UW7LL             Class: SO(A)AB HP
Call: UZ2I              Class: SO(A)SB10 HP
Call: UZ2M              Class: M/S HP
Call: VA2EN             Class: M/S HP
Call: VA3CCO            Class: SOSB15 HP
Call: VA3GUY            Class: SOSB15 LP
Call: VA3YP             Class: SOSB10 HP
Call: VA5AA             Class: M/M HP
Call: VA7FC             Class: SO(A)SB10 HP
Call: VA7IR             Class: SO(A)AB(TS) QRP
Call: VA7RP             Class: SOAB LP
Call: VA7ST             Class: SOAB HP
Call: VB7R              Class: SOAB HP
Call: VC6R              Class: M/S HP
Call: VC7X              Class: SO(A)SB10(TS) LP
Call: VE3AJ             Class: SOSB10 LP
Call: VE3BR             Class: SOAB LP
Call: VE3CX             Class: SO(A)SB10 HP
Call: VE3DQN            Class: SOSB10 QRP
Call: VE3DZ             Class: SOAB(TS) HP
Call: VE3GFN            Class: SOAB LP
Call: VE3HG             Class: SOSB10(R) LP
Call: VE3IAE            Class: SO(A)AB(TS) LP
Call: VE3NB             Class: SOAB LP
Call: VE3OI             Class: SOAB HP
Call: VE3RZ             Class: SO(A)AB HP
Call: VE3TA             Class: SOAB HP
Call: VE3TU             Class: SO(A)SB15(TS) LP
Call: VE3TW             Class: SO(A)AB LP
Call: VE3VN             Class: SOAB QRP
Call: VE3XAT            Class: SO(A)AB LP
Call: VE4DRK            Class: SOAB LP
Call: VE4VT             Class: SOAB LP
Call: VE4YU             Class: SOAB LP
Call: VE6UM             Class: SOSB10 QRP
Call: VE7BC             Class: SOSB10(TS) LP
Call: VE7GL             Class: M/S HP
Call: VE7JT             Class: M/M HP
Call: VE7TJF            Class: SO(A)AB(TS) LP
Call: VE7XF             Class: SO(A)AB(TS) HP
Call: VE9HF             Class: SOAB HP
Call: VE9ML             Class: M/S LP
Call: VK2IM             Class: SO(A)SB10(TS) HP
Call: VK3TDX            Class: SOAB HP
Call: VK4KW             Class: M/2 HP
Call: VK4QH             Class: SO(A)SB10 HP
Call: VK6WX             Class: SO(A)SB10 HP
Call: VK8AA             Class: SOSB40 HP
Call: VO1DJT            Class: SOAB LP
Call: VO1KVT            Class: SOAB(TS) HP
Call: VO1TX             Class: SOAB LP
Call: VR2/IV3TAN        Class: SOSB10 LP
Call: VU2MUD            Class: SOAB LP
Call: VY2MGY/3          Class: SOSB40(TS) LP
Call: W0BH              Class: SOAB HP
Call: W0ETT             Class: SOSB15 LP
Call: W0MU              Class: SO(A)AB HP
Call: W0PAN             Class: SOSB10 LP
Call: W1DYJ             Class: SOSB40(TS) LP
Call: W1KQ              Class: SO(A)AB HP
Call: W1MD              Class: SO(A)AB(TS) HP
Call: W1MSN             Class: SOAB HP
Call: W1OHM             Class: SOSB20 HP
Call: W1PH              Class: SOAB(TS) HP
Call: W1WBB             Class: SO(A)SB10(TS) LP
Call: W1XX              Class: SOAB HP
Call: W2RR              Class: SOSB10 HP
Call: W2TF              Class: SOSB10 LP
Call: W2VM              Class: SO(A)AB LP
Call: W2YC              Class: SOAB HP
Call: W3FA              Class: SOAB LP
Call: W3FIZ             Class: SO(A)AB LP
Call: W3FV              Class: SO(A)AB HP
Call: W3KL              Class: SOAB HP
Call: W3LL              Class: SO(A)AB HP
Call: W3SFG             Class: SO(A)AB HP
Call: W3TZ              Class: SO(A)AB HP
Call: W4EE              Class: SO(A)AB LP
Call: W4JAM             Class: SO(A)AB HP
Call: W4KW              Class: SO(A)AB HP
Call: W4LWZ             Class: SOAB HP
Call: W4TTY             Class: SO(A)SB10 HP
Call: W5MRM             Class: SOAB LP
Call: W5WMU             Class: SOSB40 HP
Call: W6AWW             Class: SO(A)SB10 LP
Call: W6PK              Class: SO(A)AB HP
Call: W6QU              Class: SOAB QRP
Call: W6SFK             Class: SOAB HP
Call: W6SX              Class: SO(A)AB(TS) HP
Call: W6SZN             Class: SO(A)AB HP
Call: W6TK              Class: SO(A)AB(TS) HP
Call: W6VMT             Class: SOAB(TS) LP
Call: W6ZQ              Class: SOSB10 HP
Call: W7CAR             Class: SOSB10 HP
Call: W7GNP             Class: SOAB LP
Call: W7RTX             Class: SO(A)AB LP
Call: W7SLS             Class: SO(A)AB HP
Call: W7WHY             Class: SO(A)AB HP
Call: W8KTQ             Class: SOAB(TS) HP
Call: W8MJ              Class: SO(A)AB HP
Call: W9AV              Class: SOAB HP
Call: W9IIX             Class: SOAB(TS) HP
Call: W9PA              Class: SOAB(TS) LP
Call: W9SE              Class: SOSB10(TS) HP
Call: W9VQ              Class: SOAB LP
Call: WA1DRQ            Class: SO(A)AB HP
Call: WA2JQK            Class: SOAB LP
Call: WA2OAX            Class: SO(A)AB HP
Call: WA3A              Class: SOSB15 HP
Call: WA5FWC            Class: M/S HP
Call: WA6URY            Class: SOAB HP
Call: WA7PRC            Class: SOAB LP
Call: WA8HSB            Class: SO(A)AB QRP
Call: WB2ZAB            Class: SOAB HP
Call: WB4OMM            Class: SO(A)AB LP
Call: WB5TKI            Class: SOAB HP
Call: WB5WAJ            Class: SOAB(TS) HP
Call: WB6JJJ            Class: SO(A)AB HP
Call: WB8BZK            Class: SOAB LP
Call: WB8JUI            Class: SOSB10(TS) QRP
Call: WC6H              Class: M/2 HP
Call: WD5K              Class: SOAB(TS) HP
Call: WD5R              Class: SOSB15 HP
Call: WD8RYC            Class: SOAB LP
Call: WF0T              Class: SOSB15 QRP
Call: WF4W              Class: SOAB(TS) HP
Call: WG3J              Class: M/M HP
Call: WH7DX             Class: SO(A)AB HP
Call: WI4R              Class: SOAB LP
Call: WI7N              Class: SO(A)AB HP
Call: WK7S              Class: SOAB HP
Call: WL7E              Class: SOSB10 HP
Call: WN1GIV            Class: SOSB10(TS) HP
Call: WN2O              Class: M/S HP
Call: WN4AFP            Class: SOSB40(TS) LP
Call: WN6K              Class: SOAB LP
Call: WO4O              Class: SOAB LP
Call: WO7R              Class: SO(A)AB HP
Call: WP2Z              Class: M/2 HP
Call: WP3C              Class: SOAB LP
Call: WP3EF             Class: SOAB LP
Call: WP4DT             Class: SOAB LP
Call: WR3Z              Class: M/S HP
Call: WR9D              Class: SOSB10(TS) HP
Call: WS0WA             Class: SO(A)AB LP
Call: WS7L              Class: M/S HP
Call: WS7V              Class: SOAB LP
Call: WT1A              Class: SO(A)SB80(TS) LP
Call: WT9U              Class: SOAB HP
Call: WU6TT             Class: M/S HP
Call: WU6W              Class: SOAB HP
Call: WV1K              Class: M/S HP
Call: WW1USA            Class: SOSB15 LP
Call: WW4LL             Class: M/2 HP
Call: WX3B              Class: M/M HP
Call: WX4G              Class: SO(A)AB HP
Call: WZ4F              Class: SOAB HP
Call: WZ7ZR             Class: SOSB10 HP
Call: XE2AA             Class: SOSB10 LP
Call: XE2AU             Class: M/S LP
Call: XE2B              Class: SO(A)SB10 HP
Call: XE3N              Class: SOAB LP
Call: XP1A              Class: SO(A)SB15 HP
Call: XV4Y              Class: SO(A)AB(TS) LP
Call: XW0YJY            Class: SOAB LP
Call: YL7A              Class: SO(A)SB20 HP
Call: YO3FRI            Class: SO(A)AB LP
Call: YO3GOD            Class: SOSB15 HP
Call: YO3IMD            Class: SO(A)AB(R) LP
Call: YP3A              Class: SOSB15 HP
Call: YP7P              Class: SO(A)AB HP
Call: YP9W              Class: SO(A)AB HP
Call: YR5N              Class: M/S HP
Call: YS1YS             Class: SOSB10(TS) LP
Call: YT0Z              Class: SO(A)SB10 HP
Call: YT1A              Class: SOSB20 HP
Call: YT1BX             Class: SOSB15 LP
Call: YT2AAA            Class: SO(A)SB20(TS) LP
Call: YT4A              Class: SOSB80 HP
Call: YT6T              Class: M/S HP
Call: YT7M              Class: SO(A)SB10 LP
Call: YT7Z              Class: SOSB15 HP
Call: YT8WW             Class: SOSB15 HP
Call: YU0A              Class: SOSB80 LP
Call: YU1TY             Class: SOAB LP
Call: YU2A              Class: SO(A)SB40 LP
Call: YU5A              Class: SOSB15 HP
Call: YU5R              Class: M/2 HP
Call: YV4MT             Class: SOSB20(TS) LP
Call: YV4NN             Class: SO(A)SB10 HP
Call: YY2CAR            Class: SOSB40 LP
Call: ZM1A              Class: SO(A)SB10 HP
Call: ZM90DX            Class: SOAB HP
Call: ZV2K              Class: SO(A)SB10 HP
Call: ZV5WPX            Class: SO(A)SB10 LP
Call: ZY2B              Class: SOSB10 LP
Call: ZZ5T              Class: SOSB20 HP

Index of Calls organized by Class

Class: M/2 HP
         Call: 3G1B
         Call: C4A
         Call: CR3A
         Call: CW5W
         Call: DP6T
         Call: DP7D
         Call: DR5N
         Call: ED9K
         Call: G9V
         Call: HB2T
         Call: HG7T
         Call: IB9T
         Call: IQ8UW
         Call: J42T
         Call: KD4D
         Call: KV2M
         Call: LI5O
         Call: LY4A
         Call: N0MA
         Call: N8BI
         Call: NC4KW
         Call: NG1R
         Call: NX6T
         Call: OL4A
         Call: PG6G
         Call: PI4DX
         Call: PJ2T
         Call: PT2CM
         Call: RT0F
         Call: S51A
         Call: S52ZW
         Call: SE0X
         Call: SK6AW
         Call: SO9Q
         Call: UP2L
         Call: VK4KW
         Call: WC6H
         Call: WP2Z
         Call: WW4LL
         Call: YU5R

Class: M/2 LP
         Call: KK5W

Class: M/M HP
         Call: 9A1A
         Call: 9K2HN
         Call: AK6W
         Call: CE3CT
         Call: DR1A
         Call: ES9C
         Call: II9P
         Call: K9CT
         Call: KL7RA
         Call: KT6V
         Call: LP1H
         Call: LZ9W
         Call: NQ4I
         Call: NX5M
         Call: SK3W
         Call: VA5AA
         Call: VE7JT
         Call: WG3J
         Call: WX3B

Class: M/S HP
         Call: 5Z4T
         Call: 9A73P
         Call: 9A8M
         Call: CE1TT
         Call: CN2AA
         Call: CT9/R9DX
         Call: DL0UM
         Call: DM9K
         Call: E7A
         Call: EC1DBO
         Call: ED1R
         Call: EI7M
         Call: G4R
         Call: HI3CC
         Call: HS4SSP
         Call: IO5O
         Call: IR4M
         Call: IR6T
         Call: IY1GMS
         Call: J43TR
         Call: K3MD
         Call: K6ND
         Call: KO7X
         Call: KU7T
         Call: L73D
         Call: LZ5K
         Call: M8C
         Call: MS0OXE
         Call: NV9L
         Call: P33W
         Call: PA4PS
         Call: PQ5B
         Call: PV2P
         Call: SJ2W
         Call: SP8R
         Call: SX9C
         Call: UZ2M
         Call: VA2EN
         Call: VC6R
         Call: VE7GL
         Call: WA5FWC
         Call: WN2O
         Call: WR3Z
         Call: WS7L
         Call: WU6TT
         Call: WV1K
         Call: YR5N
         Call: YT6T

Class: M/S LP
         Call: 4V1JR
         Call: ED1B
         Call: K4TOJ
         Call: PR1T
         Call: RD8D
         Call: VE9ML
         Call: XE2AU

Class: SO(A)AB HP
         Call: 9L1A
         Call: AA3B
         Call: AB1OC
         Call: AB3CX
         Call: AG1RL
         Call: AI6V
         Call: AI6YL/7
         Call: AL9A
         Call: CQ3L
         Call: DK1MM
         Call: DK40ECH
         Call: EA5KA
         Call: EC2DX
         Call: EV1R
         Call: IW2HAJ
         Call: K0AE
         Call: K1SM
         Call: K2CYE
         Call: K6DDJ
         Call: K6ELE
         Call: K6JEB
         Call: K6RIM
         Call: K6SRZ
         Call: K7EG
         Call: K7ZS
         Call: KA4SFD
         Call: KB0EO
         Call: KB3WD
         Call: KB9NW
         Call: KD0FW
         Call: KD3TB
         Call: KE5MMT
         Call: KR4F
         Call: KR6N
         Call: KT7G
         Call: KW7XX
         Call: N2BJ
         Call: N3RR
         Call: N4MM
         Call: N6HE
         Call: N6QQ
         Call: N6SS
         Call: N9GUN
         Call: N9NA
         Call: NA2U
         Call: NB3R
         Call: NF3C
         Call: NK3Y
         Call: NQ5K
         Call: NR3X
         Call: NX4Y
         Call: OG6N
         Call: OL3R
         Call: ON6NL
         Call: PY5VC
         Call: S54ZZ
         Call: S55T
         Call: UA0SR
         Call: UA9CDC
         Call: UW1M
         Call: UW7LL
         Call: VE3RZ
         Call: W0MU
         Call: W1KQ
         Call: W3FV
         Call: W3LL
         Call: W3SFG
         Call: W3TZ
         Call: W4JAM
         Call: W4KW
         Call: W6PK
         Call: W6SZN
         Call: W7SLS
         Call: W7WHY
         Call: W8MJ
         Call: WA1DRQ
         Call: WA2OAX
         Call: WB6JJJ
         Call: WH7DX
         Call: WI7N
         Call: WO7R
         Call: WX4G
         Call: YP7P
         Call: YP9W

Class: SO(A)AB LP
         Call: AA3K
         Call: AB3RY
         Call: AC3SS
         Call: AF6GA
         Call: DF1LX
         Call: DF2SD
         Call: DK3A
         Call: DM8T
         Call: E73M
         Call: EA8CNR
         Call: ED3V
         Call: EF8U
         Call: HL1VAU
         Call: IZ3KKE
         Call: K0AD
         Call: K1SD
         Call: K6MMU
         Call: K7JQ
         Call: K9GY
         Call: KS1J
         Call: KS4L
         Call: KZ1M
         Call: L33M
         Call: LT7H
         Call: N2SQW
         Call: N3EN
         Call: N4CF
         Call: N4DTF
         Call: N4DW
         Call: N6YG
         Call: N9UA
         Call: N9VPV
         Call: NE5LL
         Call: NN3L
         Call: NX0I
         Call: NY6DX
         Call: PY1NX
         Call: R7MM
         Call: SO8W
         Call: SQ8NZB
         Call: UA4ATB
         Call: VE3TW
         Call: VE3XAT
         Call: W2VM
         Call: W3FIZ
         Call: W4EE
         Call: W7RTX
         Call: WB4OMM
         Call: WS0WA
         Call: YO3FRI

Class: SO(A)AB QRP
         Call: IZ3NVR
         Call: NA1DX
         Call: WA8HSB

Class: SO(A)AB(R) LP
         Call: AG6RB
         Call: M6NLB
         Call: YO3IMD

Class: SO(A)AB(TS) HP
         Call: 5B4AIF
         Call: AB2E
         Call: DD8SM
         Call: DJ6QT
         Call: F8CRS
         Call: G2F
         Call: GM8SBH
         Call: HF1T
         Call: I2WIJ
         Call: IZ3SQW
         Call: K1FJ
         Call: K7RB
         Call: KI7Y
         Call: KV7DX
         Call: LY7Z
         Call: LZ3ZZ
         Call: N2MUN
         Call: N3QE
         Call: N4KG
         Call: NF4A
         Call: NP2P
         Call: NW0M
         Call: OL5Y
         Call: RJ4P
         Call: S58WW
         Call: VE7XF
         Call: W1MD
         Call: W6SX
         Call: W6TK

Class: SO(A)AB(TS) LP
         Call: 9A3B
         Call: AD1C
         Call: DJ8OG
         Call: K6MM
         Call: K8BL
         Call: KS2G
         Call: KT4ZB
         Call: N8FYL
         Call: RU4AA
         Call: S52W
         Call: UA9AGX
         Call: VE3IAE
         Call: VE7TJF
         Call: XV4Y

Class: SO(A)AB(TS) QRP
         Call: AC8GX
         Call: VA7IR

Class: SO(A)SB10 HP
         Call: 9A5BWW
         Call: A61ZX
         Call: DL1NX
         Call: F1UVN
         Call: G8DX
         Call: HB9DDO
         Call: IK2YCW
         Call: IR9W
         Call: KS7AA
         Call: N2NS
         Call: N3UA
         Call: NE3K
         Call: NN4F
         Call: NT3S
         Call: OH9A
         Call: OK4PA
         Call: OM4MM
         Call: SN2M
         Call: SN8B
         Call: SO9T
         Call: UZ2I
         Call: VA7FC
         Call: VE3CX
         Call: VK4QH
         Call: VK6WX
         Call: W4TTY
         Call: XE2B
         Call: YT0Z
         Call: YV4NN
         Call: ZM1A
         Call: ZV2K

Class: SO(A)SB10 LP
         Call: AA4FU
         Call: EA3QP
         Call: EI4CF
         Call: K7BX
         Call: K7WP
         Call: KE5OG
         Call: LO5D
         Call: LT7F
         Call: LU6DC
         Call: N2FF
         Call: PU4HUD
         Call: RM0W
         Call: S56A
         Call: UA0DM
         Call: W6AWW
         Call: YT7M
         Call: ZV5WPX

Class: SO(A)SB10(TS) HP
         Call: F5VKT
         Call: VK2IM

Class: SO(A)SB10(TS) LP
         Call: VC7X
         Call: W1WBB

Class: SO(A)SB15 HP
         Call: EA9LZ
         Call: IC8POF
         Call: IT9SPB
         Call: R22ALS
         Call: RA9Y
         Call: RL3A
         Call: S56M
         Call: SN8W
         Call: XP1A

Class: SO(A)SB15 LP
         Call: AB5XZ
         Call: HA5BSW
         Call: KA3DRR
         Call: KC0DEB
         Call: LZ2HA
         Call: N3ZA
         Call: N5DO
         Call: N9TGR
         Call: OM0A
         Call: RA9AU
         Call: UR5IFB

Class: SO(A)SB15(TS) HP
         Call: HG1A
         Call: IO4W
         Call: N4DU
         Call: OH1TM

Class: SO(A)SB15(TS) LP
         Call: R5ACQ
         Call: VE3TU

Class: SO(A)SB15(TS) QRP
         Call: EA5ON

Class: SO(A)SB160 LP
         Call: EU1AA
         Call: S53F

Class: SO(A)SB20 HP
         Call: EC5AN
         Call: LZ1GEN
         Call: LZ5X
         Call: RT5Z
         Call: TA1CR
         Call: YL7A

Class: SO(A)SB20(TS) HP
         Call: IB1B
         Call: IK0PHY
         Call: NW3H
         Call: PJ4DX

Class: SO(A)SB20(TS) LP
         Call: CE3AA
         Call: HG6V
         Call: MW0EDX
         Call: OL9R
         Call: UN2E
         Call: YT2AAA

Class: SO(A)SB40 HP
         Call: 9A9R
         Call: RT3F
         Call: RV9UP
         Call: US1I

Class: SO(A)SB40 LP
         Call: YU2A

Class: SO(A)SB40 QRP
         Call: N1TM

Class: SO(A)SB40(TS) HP
         Call: K7ZO
         Call: LU7MT
         Call: S51CK

Class: SO(A)SB80 HP
         Call: E73ESP
         Call: EW8DJ
         Call: HB9FBS
         Call: SP8K

Class: SO(A)SB80 LP
         Call: OK2BFN

Class: SO(A)SB80(TS) LP
         Call: WT1A

Class: SOAB HP
         Call: 3V8BB
         Call: 4L0A
         Call: 8P5A
         Call: 9A5Y
         Call: 9K2WA
         Call: AD7J
         Call: AE7VA
         Call: AF6T
         Call: AI6II
         Call: AK1W
         Call: AL1G
         Call: CQ8X
         Call: DJ5MW
         Call: DK6XZ
         Call: DL/SP3LPG
         Call: DL4FAP
         Call: EA5DFV
         Call: EA7OT
         Call: EU1A
         Call: GW4BLE
         Call: HA1AG
         Call: HG8R
         Call: K0TT
         Call: K3JT
         Call: K3ZO
         Call: K5EWJ
         Call: K6SCA
         Call: K7BVT
         Call: K9NW
         Call: KC4HW
         Call: KC9EOQ
         Call: KE2VB
         Call: KM2O
         Call: KQ7W
         Call: KT5J
         Call: KT7E
         Call: KV6O
         Call: KZ1W
         Call: LT5X
         Call: LZ111RF
         Call: LZ73TRC
         Call: N3ZV
         Call: N4NX
         Call: N7LR
         Call: N7RO
         Call: NB4M
         Call: NC6DX
         Call: NE7D
         Call: NF2Z
         Call: NH7A
         Call: NI7R
         Call: NK4I
         Call: OK2SFP
         Call: OM2VL
         Call: P49Y
         Call: PX2C
         Call: RA22QF
         Call: RK4FD
         Call: RW1A
         Call: RW22QA
         Call: SO2O
         Call: TF3CY
         Call: TO4C
         Call: UA5B
         Call: UP0L
         Call: VA7ST
         Call: VB7R
         Call: VE3OI
         Call: VE3TA
         Call: VE9HF
         Call: VK3TDX
         Call: W0BH
         Call: W1MSN
         Call: W1XX
         Call: W2YC
         Call: W3KL
         Call: W4LWZ
         Call: W6SFK
         Call: W9AV
         Call: WA6URY
         Call: WB2ZAB
         Call: WB5TKI
         Call: WK7S
         Call: WT9U
         Call: WU6W
         Call: WZ4F
         Call: ZM90DX

Class: SOAB LP
         Call: AA2ZW
         Call: AA3S
         Call: AB4UG
         Call: AC0W
         Call: AD7JP
         Call: AG2AA
         Call: AI4UN
         Call: EA4GEL
         Call: EF8O
         Call: EI3HDB
         Call: F1IWH
         Call: F4DPW
         Call: FG1PP
         Call: HA8LLK
         Call: IV3BCA
         Call: K1DQV
         Call: K2QB
         Call: K3NDM
         Call: K3RMB
         Call: K4DMR
         Call: K4FTO
         Call: K6CSL
         Call: K6GHA
         Call: K8PGJ
         Call: K9JE
         Call: KA1VMG
         Call: KA6JLT
         Call: KB3LIX
         Call: KC9UJS
         Call: KD3HN
         Call: KD5J
         Call: KF7DYX
         Call: KG4IGC
         Call: KH6ZM
         Call: KJ4VTH
         Call: KK6P
         Call: KK7AC
         Call: KN3A
         Call: KQ6P
         Call: KS3D
         Call: KS9K
         Call: KY7L
         Call: LN7TTT
         Call: LU1FM
         Call: LU7MCJ
         Call: LZ3GH
         Call: N0ZFT
         Call: N1DC
         Call: N3KCJ
         Call: N4DJ
         Call: N4NSS
         Call: N4TL
         Call: N6ENO
         Call: N7BEF
         Call: N7TEW
         Call: N8EBN
         Call: N8SBE
         Call: N9DFD
         Call: NA8V
         Call: NF2RS
         Call: NF8M
         Call: NN4RB
         Call: NR5M
         Call: NV1N
         Call: OK8DD
         Call: OO7R
         Call: P40W
         Call: PR7AB
         Call: PY2SBY
         Call: SE3X
         Call: SP4SHD
         Call: SP5XOV
         Call: SP6YAQ
         Call: SV1HEM/3
         Call: T6RH
         Call: UA9R
         Call: VA7RP
         Call: VE3BR
         Call: VE3GFN
         Call: VE3NB
         Call: VE4DRK
         Call: VE4VT
         Call: VE4YU
         Call: VO1DJT
         Call: VO1TX
         Call: VU2MUD
         Call: W3FA
         Call: W5MRM
         Call: W7GNP
         Call: W9VQ
         Call: WA2JQK
         Call: WA7PRC
         Call: WB8BZK
         Call: WD8RYC
         Call: WI4R
         Call: WN6K
         Call: WO4O
         Call: WP3C
         Call: WP3EF
         Call: WP4DT
         Call: WS7V
         Call: XE3N
         Call: XW0YJY
         Call: YU1TY

         Call: F/E73CQ
         Call: KC0MO
         Call: KG1E
         Call: LA1TPA
         Call: N4CW
         Call: ND0C
         Call: NI3C
         Call: VE3VN
         Call: W6QU

Class: SOAB(TS) HP
         Call: AC4CA
         Call: AD5XD
         Call: AJ7T
         Call: K4BAI
         Call: KK6ZM
         Call: KM5VI
         Call: KS4X
         Call: N2NC
         Call: SM3C
         Call: VE3DZ
         Call: VO1KVT
         Call: W1PH
         Call: W8KTQ
         Call: W9IIX
         Call: WB5WAJ
         Call: WD5K
         Call: WF4W

Class: SOAB(TS) LP
         Call: AA6K
         Call: AE6YB
         Call: CS9/PD3EM
         Call: F4GDI
         Call: F8AEE
         Call: K6TUJ
         Call: KA9MOM
         Call: KO3T
         Call: N3ALN
         Call: N4KH
         Call: N6ZE
         Call: N7MZW
         Call: NW2K
         Call: OH2KM
         Call: SQ2WHH
         Call: W6VMT
         Call: W9PA

Class: SOSB10 HP
         Call: 4L8A
         Call: D4C
         Call: DA2C
         Call: E77A
         Call: EA7KB
         Call: EF7X
         Call: GW9T
         Call: HK1X
         Call: IT9DFI
         Call: K7MY
         Call: K9FY
         Call: KC1ME
         Call: KD7MSC
         Call: KD9MS
         Call: KZ5MM
         Call: KZ7X
         Call: LQ5H
         Call: LU6XV
         Call: NA4W
         Call: NE9U
         Call: NY6N
         Call: OH0JFP
         Call: ON9CC
         Call: PP1CZ
         Call: PX5E
         Call: S50A
         Call: S50XX
         Call: TM0T
         Call: UA2F
         Call: VA3YP
         Call: W2RR
         Call: W6ZQ
         Call: W7CAR
         Call: WL7E
         Call: WZ7ZR

Class: SOSB10 LP
         Call: 4K6FO
         Call: 8P2K
         Call: AD3PA
         Call: CA3LGJ
         Call: CA3MRD
         Call: DL3EBX
         Call: E70A
         Call: E74KM
         Call: E77C
         Call: ED4T
         Call: K0OO
         Call: K2PS
         Call: K5KU
         Call: KA4OTB
         Call: KD4TVB
         Call: KP4BD
         Call: LA3S
         Call: LU1MPK
         Call: LU5MT
         Call: N5DTT
         Call: N5PA
         Call: N8II
         Call: NX7TT
         Call: OK1FC
         Call: OL9M
         Call: PU1MHZ
         Call: PY8WW
         Call: VE3AJ
         Call: VR2/IV3TAN
         Call: W0PAN
         Call: W2TF
         Call: XE2AA
         Call: ZY2B

Class: SOSB10 QRP
         Call: 9A2VX
         Call: II4K
         Call: KB2HSH
         Call: KV0Q
         Call: N6HI
         Call: RD3VC
         Call: VE3DQN
         Call: VE6UM

Class: SOSB10(R) HP
         Call: F4GTD

Class: SOSB10(R) LP
         Call: AE7DW
         Call: KP4LE
         Call: VE3HG

Class: SOSB10(TS) HP
         Call: A65BD
         Call: KR8T
         Call: NH6P
         Call: W9SE
         Call: WN1GIV
         Call: WR9D

Class: SOSB10(TS) LP
         Call: K7RF
         Call: KP4ROS
         Call: TM72C
         Call: VE7BC
         Call: YS1YS

Class: SOSB10(TS) QRP
         Call: WB8JUI

Class: SOSB15 HP
         Call: 3Z5W
         Call: CR6T
         Call: EB3CW
         Call: HK1NA
         Call: HL5YI
         Call: K0VXU
         Call: KU2M
         Call: M0OSH
         Call: N7RQ
         Call: NX1P
         Call: OH2PM
         Call: P43A
         Call: RK0UT
         Call: S51F
         Call: S57C
         Call: SN5V
         Call: SN7O
         Call: VA3CCO
         Call: WA3A
         Call: WD5R
         Call: YO3GOD
         Call: YP3A
         Call: YT7Z
         Call: YT8WW
         Call: YU5A

Class: SOSB15 LP
         Call: AE7LD
         Call: EE8E
         Call: HB9AA
         Call: KP4RV
         Call: VA3GUY
         Call: W0ETT
         Call: WW1USA
         Call: YT1BX

Class: SOSB15 QRP
         Call: F8AKS
         Call: SP4LVK
         Call: WF0T

Class: SOSB15(R) HP
         Call: D44AC

Class: SOSB15(TS) LP
         Call: JN3VQM

Class: SOSB160 HP
         Call: LY7M
         Call: S56P

Class: SOSB20 HP
         Call: CS2C
         Call: KK4DZP
         Call: PX2B
         Call: W1OHM
         Call: YT1A
         Call: ZZ5T

Class: SOSB20 LP
         Call: K2HN
         Call: KP2DX
         Call: KP4EU
         Call: OH5TS

Class: SOSB20 QRP
         Call: N4QX

Class: SOSB20(TS) LP
         Call: HI3TEJ
         Call: YV4MT

Class: SOSB40 HP
         Call: EA3CI
         Call: EU1AZ
         Call: HA3DX
         Call: HK1T
         Call: OA4/XQ3SA
         Call: PA9M
         Call: PR5B
         Call: S57
         Call: S57O
         Call: VK8AA
         Call: W5WMU

Class: SOSB40 LP
         Call: LY5I
         Call: RF9C
         Call: YY2CAR

Class: SOSB40(R) LP
         Call: KV4QS/8

Class: SOSB40(TS) LP
         Call: LI3HQ
         Call: VY2MGY/3
         Call: W1DYJ
         Call: WN4AFP

Class: SOSB80 HP
         Call: 4M5W
         Call: KG9Z
         Call: OK1KUW
         Call: OM0WR
         Call: YT4A

Class: SOSB80 LP
         Call: R9RA
         Call: S567O
         Call: YU0A

Class: SOSB80 QRP
         Call: E74O

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