[CQ-Contest] 7QP, eastern WA Counties

Michael Dinkelman mwdink at clearwire.net
Sun Apr 27 21:59:31 EDT 2014

Hello All

Next weekend is the 7th District QSO
Party, Barring any unforeseen issues, I will
attempt to activate the following counties.

N7WA/m (in order of activation) starting at 1300 UTC. I'll be a
single op this run so most of these will be stationary at
county lines (using CW). I may attempt some SSB while
mobile between counties but I am not going to hit it hard.
Schedules are welcome for non-contest Q's if there is a
county below you are in dire need of.

Washington State:
Yakima County
Benton County
Franklin County
Walla Walla
uncertain but possible Asotin County
uncertain but possible Okanagon County
uncertain but possible Ferry County
Grant County
Douglas County
Chelan County

the ability to get into the "uncertain" counties will depend on
how the trip progresses. I'll be a single op this year
so I won't be able to contest in motion.

dink, n7wa

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