[CQ-Contest] Room Reservation info for Dayton 2015 at the Crowne Plaza hotel in downtown Dayton

Ted Bryant w4nz at comcast.net
Fri Aug 1 19:09:22 EDT 2014

Same here, Pete.  So far no email confirmation.  I know I put my email
address on the form.

73, Ted W4NZ

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It looks like something may have gone wrong at the CP Dayton.  I filled out
the form, but never got a confirmation e-mail or number.

I don't know if I'm just unlucky or if this reflected a general failure.  I
remember the form well, because the person who composed it clearly didn't
know that it was for the Hamvention - it was called something else
ham-radio-related in the text. I figured that wouldn't screw things up, but
it looks like it may have.

Did others get the e-mails/confirmation numbers?  If not I guess we get to
join the scrum on August 4.

73, Pete N4ZR
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On 8/1/2014 12:59 PM, Tim Duffy K3LR wrote:
> *** Contest University USA 2015 will be held in Dayton - at the Crowne 
> Plaza
> - on Thursday May 14, 2015 ***
> If you stayed at the Crowne Plaza (CP) this past May (Dayton 2014) and 
> you filled out a Dayton CP 2015 reservation form (left under your door 
> on check-out day) and dropped it off at the registration desk, then 
> you should already have an email confirmation (with a confirmation 
> number) from the Crowne Plaza for your 2015 reservation. You do not 
> need to call or reconfirm on Monday, August 4 if you already have a 
> reservation for 2015 from the under the door reservation form.
> If you would like to make a reservation for Dayton 2015 - the 
> remaining Crowne Plaza rooms will be available for reservations 
> starting this coming Monday, August 4, at 9:00 AM EDT (eastern USA 
> time). I have negotiated the base room rate for the Contest Group Code 
> CON at $141.00 per night (single King or Double) for 2015. This is a $2.00
increase from the 2014 rate.
> The 2015 Dayton Hamvention week dates are:
> Wednesday May 13, 2015 CTU Registration Thursday May 14, 2015 CTU all 
> day and RTTY Contest Dinner Friday May 15, 2015 Hamvention, Top Band 
> Dinner + Spurious Emissions Band Saturday May 16, 2015 Hamvention and 
> Contest Dinner Sunday May 17, 2015 Hamvention
> The quickest way to get in the Crowne Plaza contest room block is via 
> the website below. Starting this coming Monday morning, August 4, 2014 
> at 9:00 AM eastern daylight time (1300 GMT) go to:
> http://contesthotel.com
> You must use the Contest Group Code CON when you make your reservation.
> This special Contest Group Code will not work if you try to use it 
> before
> 9:00 AM EDT on August 4, 2014 or after all of the rooms are sold out. 
> Your reservation can only be made starting after 9:00 AM EDT on 
> Monday, August 4 and only with the CON Group Code.
> You may also call the reservation line - use the special CON Group 
> Code - after 9:00 AM EDT on Monday August 4, 2014. 1-800-227-6963 or 
> 937-229-9853
> I expect the hotel will sell out very very quickly - so please plan 
> your reservation submission accordingly.
> Hope to see you in Dayton 2015!
> 73,
> Tim K3LR

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