[CQ-Contest] Detailed Line Scores

David Siddall hhamwv at gmail.com
Sun Aug 3 11:36:11 EDT 2014

3830 serves a useful purpose for the vast majority of contests that do not
timely publish all claimed scores.  Of course, significant numbers of
scores always are missing because the operators do not submit them.

I would point out, however, that CQ contests are an exception.  The
websites for each specific CQ contest (all of which are accessible from
cqww.com, upper righthand corner links) usually contain ALL claimed scores
within 30 days of the end of the contest, and of course final line scores
and complete records are on these sites after the final results are
published (and the claimed scores are deleted). The final line scores for
all CQ contests also always are available at
http://www.cq-amateur-radio.com/ after results are published.  So for CQ
contests, the usefulness of 3830's incomplete listing is during the couple
of weeks immediately following a contest before the complete claimed scores
are released.

BTW, the software used on cqww.com allows one to see the all-time scores in
each category back for some years.  For example, for CQWW CW, my effort at
VU2ABC 40 years ago (1974) in the single op high all band category ranks
19,920 out of the 30,073 scores submitted during the period 1974-2013 for
this category. Who knew?

73, Dave K3ZJ

On Fri, Jul 25, 2014 at 6:30 AM, <jpescatore at aol.com> wrote:

> Other than for Sprints and NAQPs, I've come to realize that 3830scores.com
> is really where I look for seeing how I did in a contest - going by claimed
> scores, at least. The only reason to look at the ARRL or CQ websites is for
> the UBN data, and CQ sends that out in an email. 3830scores is so much
> easier to use, makes it easy to compare scores, has more data, soapbox
> comments, etc.
> The down side of all this is the casual entrant who doesn't know about
> 3830 never actually sees their call and score unless they do go the
> websites, use a different interface for each contest, etc.Maybe that is
> something for the Contest University to get across - enter your score in
> 3830scores when you send your log into the contest sponsor.
> 73 John K3TN
> > CQ is no longer including contest line scores in the magazine (print or
> > Zinio) for any of their contests.  They do provide them from their web
> site.
> > www.cq-amateur-radio.com
> > Randy, K5ZD
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